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Chapter 411: I Curse You Two to be Siblings Forever!

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

“Jez, come over here.”

Even though my tone was a little harsh when I said that, it wasn’t because I was jealous -definitely not that…

“Master…” Still revelling in the bliss of the legendary head pat, she opened her eyes upon hearing my call then gingerly eyed the handsome Dark Elf. A second later, she came to a decision; she smiled apologetically at him then trotted over to sit by me.

My eyebrows jumped a little and I barely managed to control the smirk on my face: a complete victory.

It could be said that my presence was previously unknown until that very second. From the moment he stepped in, he only had eyes for Jezsere and no one else… Truly unforgivable! If there’s anyone I can’t stand, it’s these kinds of jock characters; they are basically the natural born enemy of us shut-ins. Now’s the time to snuff out that blasted sense of superiority of his and teach him the meaning of respect!

“You are…”

The handsome Dark Elf abruptly stopped talking right as he started. His eyes went wide and his normal icy expression was immediately replaced with an unmistakable sense of disbelief.

Hmph, I bet you didn’t expect that, did you? I’m a noble Fallen Angel. I bet you haven’t seen one, have you? Well, now you have, but there’s no need to thank your big brother over here, he’s just being his legendary self.

Even though I managed to suppress that Dark Elf pretty boy for a second with my natural born aura of dominance, I still had to verify what sort of relationship he had with Jezsere. Why did she betray me for him? I thought we agreed to be together forever?!

Hmph. I hope you two lovebirds end up as a pair of siblings. Assuming the both of you are even lovebirds…

I straightened my face and addressed Jezsere, “Who is this Dark Elf?”

Clearly my cold expression had worked on her as she dared not answer for a good two seconds. “… he is Jezsere’s older brother.”

“Older brother? By blood?”

“That’s right.” Jezsere nodded her head furiously. “Master, do you not like Jezsere’s brother?”

“…” And here I was thinking where the heck did this pretty boy suddenly pop out from… so he’s just her brother…

“Brother, this my master, Mo Ke.” While I was still in the midst of being shell shocked, Jezsere began introducing us to each other. “Master, this is Jezsere’s older brother.”

“Master?” The moment he heard her say the word master, the handsome Dark Elf immediately furrowed his brows. “Jez, what is all this master business about?”

“Master is master.” Because I was still bound up by spider silk, I could only sit there and allow Jezsere to hug me as she explained the situation. “Master is the best, master promised Jezsere that master would protect her forever!”

Hear that? How about you just hand your sister over to me, I’ll look after her from now on. As for you… who even needs a brother anymore? Just go lie in that corner over there with the rest of the outdated trash.

Normally, one would expect that handsome Dark Elf to be furious upon learning that Jezsere had suddenly become my property. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if he even wanted to rip me to shreds right now. Yet when had reality ever followed my scenario? Upon hearing her say that, the handsome Dark Elf simply answered ‘Oh’, and that was it.

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Wait, is that how a brother should be acting? Your younger sister was just sold to me and she’s even here counting that sum of money right now. That callousness towards your own sister… you’ll be single for your entire life! Also, don’t ask me what the connection is between the two.

In front of Reyage, Jezsere seemed to be a lot livelier. Just from that alone, one could see how much she relied on this older brother of hers -she even talked a lot more now.

“By the way, what are you doing here, brother?”

“I saw that you weren’t in your room, so I came over to check.” While his words might have sounded cold, his eyes were anything but. The look he gave her right now practically radiated with warmth and tenderness. “I had to go out for a little while. Next time, don’t run about when I’m not there.”

Hearing him worry and scold her at the same time, Jezsere couldn’t help but pout a little as she leaned in on my shoulders, “But master wanted to see Jezsere.”

Ah… I just want to hug her and bring her home with me right now!

Even though that was clearly an excuse on her part, Reyage still nodded his head and then posed a strange question, “this Master Mo Ke… is he the one?”

“That’s right.” Jezsere beamed from ear to ear. “Master’s the best, Master is going to protect Jezsere forever!”

“Then it’s fine.” Reyage turned towards me then. Even if he didn’t say it, I could see a maelstrom of emotions running through his crimson eyes right now. All that was left was how he planned on addressing this situation.

“I’ll leave my sister in your care, Sir Mo Ke.”

Eh? Why does he sound like an uncle handing off his niece right now? Don’t tell me I’ve really become such a ladykiller in such a short while? Not only have I conquered a cute sister-like character, I even captured her brother as well.

My confusion didn’t last very long as a discordant voice suddenly broke this heartwarming scene. “Lady Jezsere, Sir Reyage, I’m afraid Sir Mo Ke might not be able to help you for long.”

“Why not?”

As I had expected, with Reyage by her side, Jezsere had gotten a lot bolder, even to the extent of questioning that Dark Elven Warrior. Yet before the female warrior could even glare at her, she began to deflate by herself. “Err… I mean… has Master gotten into some kind of trouble?”

Of course, I have. And it’s a big one too! Haven’t you two realised that I’m bound up right now?!

Reyage immediately stared down that female warrior. Even though he hadn’t said a word yet, it was clear he wanted an explanation too.

The Dark Elven Warrior herself must have felt some pressure on her as she instead lowered her head slightly and began to explain. “Lady Jezsere and Sir Reyage must have known by now that Sir Mo Ke was summoned over by the medium our lady brought back a year ago… The clan leader has recognised Sir Mo Ke’s strength… so she intends to sacrifice Sir Mo Ke to the Spider Queen.”

“Sacrifice?!” Even the normally icy Reyage was stunned by this sudden revelation. “Are you sure about that? Not every Devil is worthy of being offered up as a sacrifice.”

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The Dark Elven Warrior looked right into the eyes of a vehement Reyage and confidently said, “It is the will of the clan leader.”

“Our mother…”

Hearing that it was the Matriarch’s decision, Reyage fell silent.

“Why the Master?” Just because Reyage had been cowed didn’t mean that Jezsere was going to automatically accept this. Upon hearing that I was in danger, this normally timid girl immediately bit back. “My esteemed mother promised that she would hand Master over to me once the summoning is done! Otherwise… otherwise Jezsere would have never…”

The Dark Elven Warrior was startled for a second. This was probably the first she had ever seen Jezsere reacting so strongly, but she still chose not to explain why, instead repeating what she said just now. “This is the will of the clan leader.”

sob… Master.”

Jezsere’s strong side promptly caved in, barely lasting a second before she broke down in tears again. Seeing her so upset, I couldn’t help but get upset as well. This girl was just too cute, I really couldn’t bear to see her cry.

In truth, I had a way of escaping, but with my jailor just right beside me, I couldn’t exactly tell her how either. With no other choice, I began comforting her again.

“Alright, alright. Your master will be fine so be good, Jezsere. Don’t cry. Your master promises that everything will be alright!”

Hearing that, Jezsere finally lifted up her teary eyes to stare at me, arms still wrapped around me as tightly as before. At this distance, I could even see her lips trembling right now. “Master… is that true?”

“It’s true.” Seeing her so worried for me, I unknowingly reached out to give her a light peck on her forehead. “Don’t worry, if I’m lying, you can be the master instead.”

“Ah. Master’s so mean, sneaking a kiss like that.”

She immediately blushed upon saying that. With how much her rosy cheeks contrasted her white skin and how she suddenly jumped behind Reyage to seek shelter, I could have sworn that I was dealing with a tiny white rabbit here.

Oopsie, I seemed to have gone overboard there… not that it matters since they all see me as a female. Sometimes, this ambiguous gender of mine is rather useful, I should really make use of it more often.

Suddenly, I was struck with a feeling that the body I was in right now wasn’t all that bad after all.

Of course, that was just a momentary thought. There was no way I was spending the rest of my life with my pee pee on vacation, absolutely not. No matter the cost, I am restoring my manhood!

Just as I was busy daydreaming, my cell door was opened once more. The remaining three Dark Elven Warriors who were guarding Paliseth not too long ago took this opportunity to enter the room.

“The clan leader has ordered that the esteemed Fallen Angel be brought to the ceremony location right away.”

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“Hold on!” Before I could even react, Reyage had already taken the initiative to speak out. All I saw was that he pulled Jezsere behind him then quickly stood in front of me and Jezsere. He coldly swept his eyes over the four female warriors and exclaimed, “I won’t allow you all to touch her!”

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