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Chapter 410: Where’s the Promised Loli?

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Solar not resisting Paliseth was one matter, but whether or not he had any feelings for her was another matter entirely. After all, who could say how he as a Wood Elf felt.

Having been posed such an abrupt question, Jezsere thought about it for a second before answering, “I only remember that my father left because of Aunty Yavanna.”

Yavanna? Now that’s a new name.

Once she said that, her brows furrowed together in thought. From the looks of things, she couldn’t recall what happened too clearly, meaning I had no choice but to turn my eyes towards the Dark Elven Warrior once more.

As expected, our big sister did not let us down. Her brows knitted together in disgust, as if she had just recalled a memory that upsetted her. Even so, she still continued, “Yavanna was a Wood Elf…”

Yavanna was a female Wood Elf and was the childhood friend of Solar. Even after she found out about Solar’s disappearance, she steadfastly believed that he was alive somewhere. Because of that, she never stopped looking for him. But whether she knew it or not then, the forces she had to face were the Thirteen Great Clans of the Dark Elves. These Great Clans all had their own subterranean city under them while Yavanna was just a lone Elf. Coupled with the fact that the Dark Elves hated the Wood Elves, it took her sixty over years before she managed to find out that Solar was ambushed by the Shadowhunter Clan.

Even though she knew that should just give up on finding Solar, her infatuated heart refused to give up, praying that some miracle would happen and that he was still alive.

Most slaves who ended in the colosseum rarely lasted past five years, in fact, most just died after one year. If there was ever a person who could survive for sixty years in that hellish environment… well, no one would believe that such a person could exist.

Perhaps for Yavanna, she had already given up on Solar surviving, but it was this desire to find out the truth that drove her existence. This persistence finally culminated in her disguising herself to infiltrate the Shadowhunter Clan with the help of a magical tool.

By that time, Solar had already begun to get accustomed to life with the Dark Elves due to his marriage with Paliseth. That was also why she mostly left him to his devices, meaning he was a free Wood Elf for the most part.

It was under such a situation that Yavanna stumbled upon Solar… From that point on, the story was pretty straightforward. Yavanna tried to make contact with Solar but was accidentally discovered by Paliseth and ended up being hunted down. In order to rescue Yavanna, Solar chose to defy Paliseth, in the process bringing along his two children as he escaped…

He’s basically a knight in shining armor at this point! Mister Solar, sir, can I have your autograph please?

For some unknown reason, Paliseth chose not to hunt them down, letting her children and husband escape back to the territory of the Wood Elves.

“So Jez once lived with the Wood Elves?”

With regards to this adorable little bunny, I was more than curious about her backstory. It turned out that she wasn’t just a mixblood of a Dark Elf and a Wood Elf, she had even spent time with the Wood Elves during her childhood -no wonder she was so timid! I swear, those watery eyes just make me want to bully her even more. Of course, that’s only for me. No one else can touch her.


Seeing that I was planning to delve deeper into her past, Jezsere meekly called out to me, her lips quivering, her eyes watering.

“What’s the matter?”

At first, I was puzzled as to why she would react so strongly to this subject; it was soon after that I learnt the reason why. All those years ago, Solar brought his two little deadweights along with him back to the home of the Wood Elves -that alone was proof that he loved them. And the fact that Paliseth chose not to hunt them down was proof that she let them go on purpose.

If the story had progressed down this path, Jezsere should have spent the rest of her life with Solar, but based on what I just learned, it seemed like not only did Jezsere return, so did her brother. One could only imagine how complicated this whole situation must have been then…

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Firstly, there was the issue of why they would even want to leave… Solar’s character was definitely not in doubt so that meant it was Yavanna the stepmother character in this story?

“Jez, was it that Aunty Yavanna who bullied you guys?”

“No, Aunty Yavanna had always treated us well…”

Jezsere bit down on her lips and said no more at that point. It was the Dark Elven Warrior who ended up finishing her sentence for her. “Lady Jezsere and Sir Reyage are Dark Elves, as you know, our relationship with the Wood Elves have always been…”

I get it. The two races have always been at loggerheads with each other. If two Dark Elven brats suddenly turned up on their doorstep, those Wood Elves probably won’t take too well to them. Given Yavanna’s relationship with Solar, she might not have abused them, but the other Wood Elven brats clearly didn’t have this consideration to hold them back… and let’s be honest here: which race did not have its fair share of brats. I bet all you people went through your own middle schooler phase at one point in life…

When it came to kids, was there any parent who wouldn’t instinctively side with their own kids, especially when the other party was a bunch of dirty Dark Elves?

In other words, Jezsere’s timidness was in large part due to the environment she grew up in, and also because Solar failed to protect her sufficiently. Hmph, even a diehard fan like me can’t defend Solar on this point.

Now that I knew what kind of childhood she had, I couldn’t help but want to treasure her even more now. Even with my body tied up like a spider dumpling, I still tried my best to comfort her with my chin. “Don’t worry, you have your master to protect you from now on, I will never let anyone bully you again.”

“Master…” Jezsere meekly called out to me, then leaned in to give me a hug. Her distinctive fragrance immediately bombarded my senses… it was the kind of soft mellowness that made you never want to let her go again. Furthermore, the way she sought comfort was just as intoxicating.

Yet just as I was enjoying this tender moment with Jezsere, a decidedly unharmonious voice interrupted us. “I’m afraid you won’t be able to protect Lady Jezsere for long, because the clan leader is already making preparations for the ceremony.”

“Hah.” I eyed the unfriendly female warrior but said no more.

Hmph, my Jezsere is still the best Dark Elf out there. That loli body is not only easy to push to the ground… hold on, what am I forgetting here?

If I’m not mistaken, big sis storyteller over there mentioned that their father was captured over ninety years ago and was undefeated for fifty years. If I were to add in the rest of the years between that and Jezsere’s birth, her age would work out to be… over thirty?!

I immediately turned to look at Jezsere -she looks to be only about fifteen… Holy jeebus, why haven’t I noticed all this while that my math teacher is actually my PE teacher… this is just earth shattering… where’s my promised loli that I can easily push to the ground?

Wait, that last part is still true at least.

Either way, the gossip session was over. But since Ferti’nier guaranteed that I had the ability to leave whenever I wanted, I wasn’t all that worried either. It was at that moment that the cell’s metal door opened up and a handsome looking Dark Elven male walked in.

Silver hair and red eyes aside, this newcomer had the lean body of a model that every Elf was basically required to have at this point. Then there was that handsome face that left one in despair… he might as well just walk around with a sign on his face that said winner…

It wasn’t just me who had noticed this newcomer either. Still hugging me mere moments ago, Jezsere immediately perked up and ran up to the handsome Dark Elf, clutching onto his left arm in the process.

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The handsome Dark Elf nodded his head at the beaming Jezsere then reached out with his free arm to gently ruffle her head, earning himself a look of closed-eye joy from Jezsere.

Is that the fabled Head Pat?!

In truth, in order to pull off the legendary head pat, one had to consider their target as well. If the target liked you, they would wash their hair till it was sparkly clean for you to ruffle. If not… ahem, it’s not pretty.

Seeing a handsome Dark Elf pull off such an effective head pat on Jezsere, I suddenly had this stinging feeling in my eyes. That’s enough! My poor eyes can’t take this level of abuse anymore! How dare you display your affection in public?! Just watch, I’ll call my gang of single men to come teach you a lesson!

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