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Chapter 399: A Proposal? I Refuse!

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

My name is Three-timing Bast— No, my name is Mo Ke, and I have just been summoned from Purgatory to a new, foreign environment.

The darkness before me stretched upwards a good hundred meters or so into a rocky cave ceiling that somehow made me feel more claustrophobic due to the sheer eeriness it gave off. In front of me was a stalagmite structure that was embedded with purple crystals which emitted a soft glow in all directions. As the light slowly spread out throughout the cave, it just gave the area a more haunted feel than if it had just been pitch blackness.

Right in front of me were a bunch of humanoids with red eyes, silvery white hair and skin as white as a ghost. Seeing their pointy ears and eyes filled with an ominous abundance of desire, I knew I had landed myself in a rather extraordinary situation…

“Purple wings!”

Exclaimed a female seated on top of a distant bejewelled throne. She wore a revealing black long dress that barely covered her ample bosom. Her elegant features shone with a dainty whiteness that seemed to give her skin a translucent, almost ethereal quality to it. Her silvery hair was tied up behind her head, while her red eyes shone like the reddest of rubies. No matter how one looked, this icy beauty was no ordinary person.

Her eyes were wide with obvious shock, but they also held an unmistakable passion within them, the kind of passion that threatened to swallow me within a second if I was not careful…

“Ummm… if you don’t mind me asking…where am I exactly? Who is my summoner?”

Most of the time, a summoning ritual had a designated summoner, like that Occultist who summoned me forcefully roughly two years ago. Strangely, I couldn’t feel who the current summoner was. Or perhaps there wasn’t a designated summoner to begin with?

“Don’t worry, my dear little brother, you’re already at the level of an Overlord. Unless the person who summoned you is a Demigod, they can’t force a summoning pact on you.”

I had to say, it was at times like this that I really felt I could depend on Ferti’nier. The moment that question popped into my head, she was already there with an answer waiting.

‘Well, since you opened your mouth to tell me this, I assume you know who these ghostly pale humanoids are then.’

“Little brother, have you heard of the Dark Elves?”

‘Dark Elves… that’s right! I remember now. Roscar once told me that Dark Elves were of this character… and here I was thinking that they all had charcoal black hair. But didn’t he also say that they were all extremely evil, cruel, chaotic, vindictive, selfish… essentially any negative adjective you could think of could be applied to them aptly.’

‘But how did I end up in Dark Elf territory and what should I do next? They won’t just have their way with me and then kill me, right?’

Unfortunately, that last question went unanswered. After answering that first question, Ferti’nier went completely silent, no matter how many times I tried to call for her.

Blast it… she’s back to popcorn mode again. I swear, can’t she just be a little more reliable…looks like it’s up to me again.

“Summoner? That would be me then.” The icy queen of a Dark Elf sauntered down from her throne and right up to me. With a gentle flick of her long, slender fingers, she hooked my lower chin upwards and brazenly appraised me. I could instantly see the coldness from her eyes fade in that moment. Instead, they burned with an intense fire that almost made me melt on the spot.

“It’s you?” I titled my head away to avoid her burning gaze then shyly smiled. “I don’t feel any sort of pact between us…”

“That’s because I haven’t signed a pact with you. Before that, however…”

She seductively winked at me, then leaned in so close I could feel the heat of her breath on me…

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“I’m sorry, but we just met. Isn’t it a little hasty for that…”

“Hahaha… you’re so boring.”

The Dark Elven beauty was not to be deterred by my words. She continued leaning in ever closer in a bid to enact what would surely bring a brilliant red blush to my cheeks. Seeing that the situation was only going to get worse by the second, I immediately slided backwards a decent distance away.

“How about we get down to proper business instead?” Having evaded her brazen embrace, I warily eyed her and maintained a safe distance from her. “What did you summon me for?”

“Of course, it’s to ask for your help with a certain matter.” She stuck her tongue out, licked her pale lips then sent me a flying kiss. “But that’s before I met you. Now that I have, I think we have something much more important to do first…”

“Something much more important?”

Hearing that, my eyebrows instinctively twitched. She’s clearly planning something inappropriate right now -just look at her acting like a harlot towards me! The problem is I don’t want to have anything between us, not to mention that I can’t right now…

“That’s right. I suddenly have this urge to get married… and the target is you.” At that, she coyly blushed. “It’s all your fault for being so beautiful, even I can’t help but be moved.”

“Marrrriaaggee… cough… I refuse!” I’m not such a casual person at all, never ever. And all that talk about marriage? I think I’ll pass, I’m not so thirsty that I will just hump the first humanoid female I see.

“Why do you reject me… this body of mine hasn’t even experienced its first marriage yet…” Hearing me reject her so vehemently must have had an immense impact on her as the next moment I could see tears beginning to form in her eyes. “Don’t you like me?”

I looked at her once more, my head throbbing a little from the sheer irony of this situation. She was beautiful. So beautiful that any man would go soft in the legs upon seeing her. Too bad, I didn’t go soft for her. And while I might not get hard for her… No, no, no… and while I might have any way to get hard for her right now… I could still safely say that I would never choose a Dark Elf.

I would rather marry a Devil than marry a Dark Elf. In terms of cunniness, the two were a match for each other. But at the very least, I was counted as a noble blood amongst the Devils, meaning they either submitted to me or tried to take me by force. Not that anyone had ever succeeded up till now. Those that tried were already dead.

The Dark Elves were different. They were cruel and merciless. My bloodlines counted for nothing amongst them. What was loyalty even? Something edible?

There was no way I would ever marry a Dark Elf. Especially that particular Dark Elf. I might as well carve the word stupid on my face if I were to do that. And not just the usual kind of stupid either.

“Lady, we just met, alright? Isn’t it a little too fast for marriage or what not?! Besides, I’m not interested in you, so if there’s nothing else, I’m off.”

“You want to leave? That won’t do, I’ve already made up my mind about this.”

Seeing her so dead set on me from the very beginning, a thought suddenly occurred to me. Something that I had completely taken for granted till now. “About that… what do you think my gender is?”

“Even though you’re a girl, a very cute girl, but love is noble. Love can conquer everything: race, age and even gender! No one can stop love, not even you!:

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“…” I get it now, she’s swinging for the same team as well.

“So let’s get married, gorgeous.”


Since words were clearly not going to work, that only left fighting as an option. Even though I still couldn’t figure out how strong this lady was, I couldn’t feel the pressure of an Overlord from her. There was the possibility that she was hiding her strength, but even so, she shouldn’t be an Overlord. As long as I employed the Devil King Idol, I should still be able to carve a path out.

“You won’t listen to reason, then don’t blame me for being rough.” The beautiful Dark Elf didn’t immediately launch herself at me after saying that. Instead, she returned to her throne then turned to the four female Dark Elves on her left and right. “Be gentle with my baby.”

“Understood, clan leader.”

The four still-as-a-statue Dark Elves immediately launched into action upon receiving the order. They acted in perfect unison and with alarming speed that only grew faster by the second till they finally reached me. They were armed with all manner of weaponry: daggers, long swords, shields, etc. But they chose not to use any of them; they were probably afraid of harming me if they did so.

I had to admit though, these Dark Elves were all very beautiful. These four warriors were all blessed with the perfect curves for a female. Even their tight leather armors weren’t enough to keep down the mountains that were their bosoms… especially when they jiggled…blast it… the physics is too strong for my eyes…

Faced with the oppressive might of these four elites, I made the swift decision to take to the air immediately. As I did so, I did not forget to rain down a blanket of feathers at them. These mana feathers rained down on them like arrows, causing them to even panic a little, most likely because they had never faced such an all-encompassing attack before.

Yet I didn’t think that such an attack was enough to take care of all of them. Even if it left them startled for a second, these four elites were definitely at the top of their class for their Star level. In just the blink of an eye, they came up with the perfect way to counter this wide-area spell. The four of them came close to each other, back against the other, then extended their arms outwards forming a perfect half-dome that shielded them in an instant.

This spell of mine was great for its overwhelming numbers, but if there was a weakness to be had, it would be that its strength wasn’t high. Even a simple mana barrier could block a feather’s attack. That was why the moment that dome was erected, my mana feathers were basically useless.

But that was within my expectations as well. After all, these four warriors were all standing besides that clan leader of theirs. That meant they weren’t just your ordinary Dark Elves. I calmly redirected the mana feathers to avoid ramming into the dome, preventing them from being wasted on such a fruitless endeavour. By doing so, the mana feathers began to fall outside of the dome, slowly forming a ring of feathers around these unsuspecting Dark Elves…

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