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Chapter 398: Epilogue (Final)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

As walking blood banks for Vampires, Blood Ghouls were often selected from amongst ordinary humans because they were easier to raise.

Nearly all Blood Ghouls could be found amongst the various missing persons’ list from every city. The value of a Blood Ghoul depended on an array of factors not limited to appearance, blood quality, health, purity and etc. Purity referred to whether the subject was a virgin or not.

Under normal circumstances, a young man or woman with a healthy body would usually possess blood of a high quality, especially when they were virgins. Beautiful female virgins in particular were seen as a delicacy by the Vampires, even more so if they were strong as well. For those reasons above, the majority of Blood Ghouls tended to be relatively beautiful teenage girls.

Blood Ghouls could be separated into three tiers. First, an Inferior Blood Ghoul meant that his blood quality was bad. Most of the time, such a Blood Ghoul would be left to die after his first offering. Even if such a Blood Ghoul somehow managed to survive the first offering, it would be difficult for them to survive the second because of recovery issues.

B-grade Blood Ghouls fared slightly better. Their blood quality tended to be of a higher quality, which meant that they usually received some form of reward after their first offering. This reward mostly came in the form of recovery medicines that allowed them to replenish their blood and health in preparation for the next offering.

Finally, there were the A-grade Blood Ghouls. Blood Ghouls of this tier boasted the highest quality blood and were usually picked from the most beautiful of boys or girls. Such Blood Ghouls were often treated as Vampires-to-be. If their master ever wanted an offspring, they would be the first candidates for such a position.


Looking at that disgusting Blood Ghoul preparing to charge at a still adorably oblivious Nenenth who was waving happily at her, was it any wonder that Nicole was practically on her toes right now with worry. Yet all she could do from here was yell loudly, “Neneth, be careful!”

“Eh?” Nenenth paused for a second. Shouldn’t her sister be happy to see her right now? Why was she asking her to be careful? This adorably dense girl wasn’t like a normal person in how her brain worked. The moment her one-track mind realised that Nicole was here, she had completely forgotten about the fact that she was still in an exam…

“Look, sister Nicole, Neneth has become strong as well!~~” She still couldn’t figure out why her sister told her to be careful, but that clearly wasn’t going to stop her from being her adorably stupid self. She continued waving her left hand at Nicole, but with her right, she began spinning her door-sized sword around in a flourish. “Look. Neneth is so strong now!~~”

Just as she began spinning her sword around, that Blood Ghoul just so happened to charge right at her and… tragedy happened. That B-grade Blood Ghoul was sent flying away like a poor cockroach. With not much space in the ring to begin with, the cockroach-turned-cannonball smashed into the walls of the arena, leaving a human-shaped hole in the wall…

“Hmmm? Did I hit something just now?” Neneth gave her right hand a confused look. Not noticing any apparent crack or scratch on it, her brows couldn’t help but furrow in confusion. “Perhaps Neneth was too overwhelmed by happiness and began hallucinating?”

“…” Faced with a level of denseness that had exceeded logic, even the frigid goddess that she was couldn’t help but get a headache as she thought to herself, how old is this child even…

Even Aques Lumen couldn’t help but chuckle a little as he said, “I told you so, didn’t I? In terms of strength alone, she’s definitely at the top of her class. As for her weaknesses…”

“They couldn’t be any clearer.” Nicole rubbed her temples a little at that point. “The only thing about her that can graduate is her strength. But if that’s the case, she shouldn’t be a Demon Hunter.”

“It’s not that simple. Yes, she might be strong. But that isn’t enough for me to let her graduate…”

He left his sentence hanging at that point because the fight below was still ongoing.

Even though that Blood Ghoul had been accidentally smacked to death by her sword, that didn’t mean that the test was over either.

“Sister Nicole. Neneth can finally meet you… Neneth misses you so badly…”

Neneth happily walked in the directions of Nicole, still oblivious to the fact that she was taking an exam right now. Yet she had barely taken a few steps when she kicked a mysterious object that almost caused her to trip. Thankfully, her reflexes were above average as well. With a quick grip of both hands on her giant sword and a stab, she halted her momentum right in the nick of time.

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But what did I just trip on just now? And what was that weird sensation when I stabbed my sword into the ground? Meh. Doesn’t matter. Nothing’s more important than sister Nicole!


Neneth broke into a silly grin then continued skipping along, giant sword resting above her head, its tip conspicuously dripping with an unknown black substance that she was somehow still oblivious to.

“See that?” Aques Lumen maintained a smile on his face as he turned towards Nicole.

“Mhm.” Nicole nodded her head then answered in a soft voice, “On her path was a Shadow Ghost lying in wait to ambush her. Because of its natural talent for hiding, most people wouldn’t notice it. It was just about to deal her a lethal blow, but when it reached out to do so, she suddenly lost her balance and nearly fell… resulting in her using her giant sword to prop herself up, piercing that Shadow Ghost’s head in the process…”

Having said that, even Nicole couldn’t find the words to describe the situation any further. How much of a coincidence was this?!

A moment of silence for the poor Shadow Ghost who lost his life due to bad luck.

“For a Demon Hunter, merely being strong isn’t enough. Other than martial prowess, a Demon Hunter has to be proficient in other fields as well, because there are opponents that strength alone cannot handle. That is why we exclude students who are strong but aren’t too bright from the beginning… but Neneth is different. Yes, she’s not too bright. Yes, her strength is her only redeeming point and shouldn’t ordinarily qualify as a Demon Hunter. But she has a talent that the vast majority do not have!” Aques Lumen then paused and smiled knowingly at Nicole. “The talent of dumb luck!”

“Dumb luck?”

“That’s right, dumb luck. There are those who would also consider her the favored child of Lady Luck…” As he said that, Aques Lumen pointed towards the approaching Neneth with a hint of envy in his eyes. “I’m sure you’ve seen it already but that Blood Ghoul and Shadow Ghost weren’t even able to land a scratch on her. In fact, they weren’t even worth her attention. Such an ability that allows you to turn misfortune into fortune is truly enviable…”


Nicole was left speechless.

“If you have no objections, I’ll leave this child in your care.”


Nicole wanted to object but Aques Lumen immediately cut her off with a reply that changed her mind immediately. “Don’t worry, I’m sure that child won’t be a burden to you. Besides, don’t you want to have a taste of having your misfortune turned into fortune as well?”

The ability to turn misfortune into fortune, huh… Nicole thought to herself then came to a decision.


——-Scene Change——–

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The Heavenly Gates of Sin, a floating island at the peak of Abaddon.

Yi Yi stood defiantly before the entrance of the Heavenly Gates. Blocking her way was a young man who was handsome to the point where he left others in despair. He had a pair of luxurious looking purple wings unique to the Fallen Angels. His purple hair flowed down his back like a beautiful waterfall, cutting a stark contrast against his black robes embroidered with gold threads. Even if he had on a warm smile right now, that bit of warmth wasn’t enough to cover up the sheer pride radiating from his very bones.

“Yi Yi, where do you think you’re going?”

“Father, Yi Yi wishes to visit the Western Human Realms.”

“What for?”

“To find Mo Ke.” She coldly replied.


Just the thought that his precious daughter had, without his knowledge whatsoever, found herself a so-called fiancee was enough to leave Ancerl fuming for days on end. In fact, he nearly experienced a mental collapse the day he found out. The daughter I worked so hard to raise is gone, just like that?

I can bear with that engagement of theirs. After all, I just have to wait for that brat to die and everything will be back to normal. It’s not like our ancestor’s mission is that easy to complete to begin with. But how the heck did that brat actually finish the mission… Actually, isn’t he kind of competent then… but what about my plan to monopolise my daughter’s love… cough ahem… I mean my 100% genuine love and concern for my daughter. No. There will be no marriage, reason or not, there will be no marriage.


“Because you’re still young.”

“Yi Yi is already 78 years old.”

“An ordinary 78 year old human would already be dead now.”

Even though she was right in saying that, in Fallen Angel years, 78 wasn’t even an adult yet.

“You want to go out? Fine. But only once you’re 100.”

“That’s too long.”

“It’s just 22 years. It will pass by in the blink of an eye.”

“But Mo Ke has an additional engagement now, Yi Yi wants to know why.”

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“Another engagement…” What the heck? It’s one thing signing an engagement with my daughter, but that brat actually dares to cheat on her?! Twice! I swear I’m going to kill him! Once he is dead, Yi Yi will be mine alone, hahahahah… cough… I mean I just love my daughter!

With that in mind, Ancerl looked Yi Yi right in the eyes and said, “How about your father kill him for you?”


“Then stay in your home, and don’t come out till you’re 100.”

“…” Yi Yi thought about it for a second then complied with her father.

As Ancerl watched his daughter slowly disappear into the distance, he suddenly had a thought: how about I kill that brat right now? Hold on, wasn’t he supposed to be in Sable Radiance? What is he doing in the Western Human Realms then?

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