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Chapter 377: An Agreement Reached

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Regardless of whether or not I understood the reasoning behind the restriction, what mattered was whether I could change the current situation.

In the eyes of the Hellhounds’ clan head, I was just such a person.

“Based on all the Devils streaming into Sable Radiance, the seal on this region should have been loosened. All this…because of you, if I’m not mistaken.”

Ever since I appeared, there had been a great deal of changes in Sable Radiance. For him to reach this answer was only to be expected. In some ways, he might have seen me as a Messiah.

“That was me.” There was no need to hide this from him. There was no reason to, nor was there any benefit either.

“So your main goal is to cause trouble for those Warhorses?”

“That’s right.”

“And those insane cats agreed to help you?”

“They did say they will help me.” Even though I wasn’t sure how reliable they were, they did actually promise to help me; I was even allowed to freely recruit any cat who wanted to join me. Their reliability was still an issue, but the fact that they allowed me to do so was a recognition of my status. Our relationship was technically one of cooperation: they helped me with the Warhorses while I promised to never harass them. Because there was no formal pact signed, this was more of a gentleman’s agreement.

“In that case, you can count us in as well.” The clan head looked me in the eyes before stating his approval. “To be honest with you, our clan has always had disagreements with the Warhorses, this might just be an opportune chance to tilt the scales in our favor permanently.”

While he might have said, I could roughly tell that that wasn’t his only reason for helping. It was the slim chance of perhaps being able to evolve.

The clan head was well ahead in his years. Unless something was to change now, his lifespan would most likely expire soon. The only way to extend his life would be to evolve into a demigod. Before my arrival, there were no Devils of the demigod tier because Lucifer’s clone, for some unfathomable reason, decided to restrict their evolution while in this region. The seal on Sable Radiance was basically a dead seal, at least till I arrived…

The clan head might have not said so explicitly, but he probably thought of me as some bigshot’s ******* son or something. He might have even thought that this entire Sable Radiance seal was prepared just for me… Well, all that didn’t matter. What mattered was that the situation worked in my favor.

Having concluded our discussion, and having come to his own conclusion about my special situation, the clan head not only agreed to help, he also allowed me to recruit the Hellhounds as well. In fact, he even threw out one more casual proposition. “My lady, have you ever considered finding a mate from our clan? Our males are famously loyal to their mates. In terms of family, they…”

“Sorry, I’m a guy.” My face immediately blackened.

“Then our females are also…”

“I have someone in mind already.”

“Devils have never been a stickler about having only one mate, so we don’t mind as well…”

‘Even if you don’t mind, I do!”

“Sigh, such a pity…if only Sinmosa wasn’t a pair with Sasani…”

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‘Wait! So you were planning to match me with Sinmosa?! Why the fur do I have to marry a black dog? And why me?!’

“And even if I were to choose a dog, I would choose Violet Snow! They might both be dogs, but Violet Snow’s habit of only eating souls suits me more… Hold on, why am I even thinking about this?’

‘Be calm, be calm.’

I firmly refused his offer. Even if he was an Overlord, there was no way I would allow him to have a say in my future marriage. ‘Hmph, you think you can stick your nose into my business just because you’re an Overlord? Dream on!’

As part of our agreement, the clan head agreed to send a large force of Hellhound warriors to aid me in my conquest. Because I still had to coordinate with the Purgatory Shadowcats, we couldn’t leave directly for the Warhorses. Instead, we agreed upon a future meeting point, then having done so, the clan head had Sidarth lead me out of the nest. It was still a head spinning mess of a journey, but for some reason, it felt significantly faster than before.

By the time I returned to the entrance of their clan’s nest, Sinmosa was still there, surrounded by a large bunch of male dogs. In front of her was a decidedly unamused Sasani who glared at any Hellhound who even dared take a step forward. Unfortunately, these dogs all had hides thicker than the other -his glare was basically useless.

Standing a safe distance away, Mo Na was happily watching the scene unfold while hugging onto Cinderel, as if she was some kind of teenage girl watching a romance movie. Jeerah was basically in the same state as well. In short, none of them noticed when Sidarth and I approached them.

“Woof woof!” Sasani howled before forcefully shoving a few of the dogs who tried to approach his wife. Unfortunately, his opponents weren’t exactly pushovers either. They howled just as menacingly back at him like a declaration of war.

“Fight. Fight. Whoever wins, gets the bride!”

As expected of my little chaos incarnate, even with Cinderel snugly in her arms, she didn’t forget to sow discord in this world. With a pump of her tiny fist and a yell of her taunting voice, she turned a simple disagreement into an all-out war for marriage.

Jeerah was gleefully giggling at the side. Clearly, she was just as delighted by the drama as Mo Na. Sinmosa wanted to stop the fight, but for some reason, she chose not to act; perhaps there were some rules governing matters of mating.

Only little Cinderel was left entirely out of the loop as she innocently watched her father argue with a bunch of dogs she didn’t know. In all likelihood, she was probably wondering to herself why her father was even fighting with them.

However, it wasn’t just Mo Na who was egging on this fight. The rest of the Hellhounds were busy cheering on with their piercing howls as if they were just aching for a bloodbath to happen.

“You lot had better behave!” With a fight just about to break out, Sidarth hurriedly rushed forward to put a stop to the argument.

Hearing that, Sasani and another Cerberus begrudgingly stepped away from each other. Before turning around however, they made sure to give each other one last death stare as if they were saying to each other: I dare you not to go home right away, we’ll meet in the field at the back of the school!

Naturally, now that Sidarth was here, there was no way they could ever fight, because there was something more important awaiting them. For example, fighting the Warhorses…

“Mama!” Mo Na came barrelling into my arms as if she hadn’t seen me for an entire year. With a little flap of her wings, she brought herself up to my level and began rubbing against my face. “What took you so long?!”

I gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead then proceeded to ruffle Cinderel’s furry little head. “I’ve only been away for a short while and you already miss your papa?”

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“Mo Na misses her Mama!” Mo Na stretched her neck to give me a return kiss then brought Cinderel up to my face. “Cinderel says she wants a kiss too.”

“Hahaha, Cinderel… that’s enough licking… hahaha…”

Having played with the two little scamps for a while longer, I then said farewell to Sidarth. “I’ll head on over to the Purgatory Shadowcats first to rally their army. You guys make your preparations as well, we’ll meet in one month.”

Our goal was to score a decisive victory against the Warhorses right away. To do that, we would need a lot of soldiers, and that meant that the preparation time was long as well.

“Got it.” Sidarth nodded non-commitantly, clearly in the mood to see us off.”

“Jeerah, Sinmosa, Sasani. It’s time to go.”

“Uncle, we’re off.”

Having acknowledged my call, Sinmosa quietly walked up to her uncle and said her farewell. The old dog looked tenderly into her eyes, but seeing as the rest of the clan was present and he had an image to keep up, he merely told her to stay safe before scolding Sasani.

Faced with this last round of scolding, Sasani had no choice but to keep his dog heads lowered, even as he spotted a grinning Neaderke watching from the sides. It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that his doggy self was about to explode right now, but too bad for him, Sidarth was his elder, so he had to suck it up. Thus with tears in his eyes, Sasani bade farewell to Sidarth as well.

‘I just hope that Sidarth doesn’t get the wrong idea there…’

“Sigh… I never knew that Sasani actually missed his uncle that much. Every time we say our goodbyes, he always cries so badly… such a good kid.” Hearing those last words drift off into the distance, I swore I saw all three of Sasani’s doggy heads almost vomit in disgust.

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