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Chapter 376: Restrictions

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

The new world possesses little in the way of humans who are strong physically. For the time being, there has been no way of determining if Fighter’s Aura exists in this world… The laws of this world are unusual. There is no mana, but there is a strange energy that we aren’t able to analyze for now… Only the skeletons are able to make it through the dimensional rift right now, but they are weak and the humans of this world possess a weapon capable of wiping out large quantities of skeletons… We’re currently trying to bring zombies through the rift… We beseech your Highness, please send more reinforcements while the rift is being widened for the zombies…

—Log from an invader of the new world

“That cat?” The moment I said that, I realised how unnecessary my question was. For a Cerberus at his level, the only cat he would ever refer to had to be the Overlord of those kitties.

The clan head gave me a bemused look. “If I’m not wrong, you should have just come from their territory. How was it? I hope that little cat didn’t cause you too many problems.”

“It’s alright, I still managed to get what I wanted in the end.” Speaking of my goals, I suddenly remembered what were my motives for coming here in the first place. His oppressive aura had caused me to lose the initiative but it was time for me to retake it.

Lifting my head, I stared right into the eyes of the clan head’s center head. I focused on him for a moment then finally spoke up. “To be honest, I made this trip in the hopes that I could get your clan’s assistance. I need a horn from a Nightmare Steed but I doubt they will hand it over easily. My golems are strong but their weakness is obvious…”

“So how do you want us to assist you?”

“My forces can handle the brunt of the fighting. What I need is for your clan to restrain them, preventing them from retreating and forcing them to fight me head-on.”

“You’re confident you can beat them head-on?”

“It’s not confidence, I know for a fact that they won’t be a problem…” Even though I wasn’t just boasting, I still couldn’t help but hesitate a little at that point as I gazed into his eyes. “Assuming their Overlord doesn’t come out to cause trouble.”

“I doubt their Overlord would dare.” To my slight surprise, he was the one to broach this topic first. “An exalted personage made his presence known to us recently. His holiness forbade me from interfering, though he never told me why. Having seen you now, the reason has become clear to me.”

“That’s right, I did in fact receive the care of that exalted person. He gave me the mission of conquering Sable Radiance, and even said that the other Overlords won’t interfere while I did so…”

‘Blast it, I just knew that Overlord cat was trying to take me for a ride. I should have pressed him for more… Well, that isn’t entirely true. If that cat is really out to get me, I can’t say for certain that he won’t do it at the expense of himself.’

“It’s not just me. Every Overlord in Sable Radiance should have felt his exalted presence too. Logically speaking, none of them should hinder you, but we can’t rule out the possibility that some of them might just be mad enough to try.” At that, the clan head paused for a second then threw me another bemused look.

“I remember Sidarth mentioning not long ago that he bumped into a rather interesting fellow. According to him, you were a Lust Demon back then. To think you’ve actually changed into a Fallen Angel… In all my long years, I’ve never seen another Devil evolve into a Fallen Angel, not even in the records of my clan. Normally, most Devils would only evolve into one of the five Original Sins: Wrath, Lust, Envy, Gluttony and Greed. Normally, most Devils would also only possess one of the Five Original Sins. As for you… I feel the presence of three Sins within you. Truly remarkable.”

My first instinct was to deny my own uniqueness, but after careful consideration, I realised that there was no need to hide this fact either. There was no point to such petty trickery, and the fact of the matter was that an Overlord deserved this level of basic respect.

“My situation is rather special…”

“Indeed. Ever since you’ve arrived, there has been a steady stream of other Devils appearing as well. I was just wondering if you had unlocked some kind of magical array? Or perhaps something else?” He gave me an inquisitive look, one that almost gave me the impression that I was under some sort of microscope as he swept his eyes over me.

“Their appearance does in fact have something to do with me. Long story short, I was born for this very…purpose…” Having said that, I couldn’t help but feel a weighty sensation on me. Now that I thought about it, it felt like my entire life was entwined in some massive web, and that no matter what I tried, that web would always force me along the route it wanted.

Lucifer was basically the creator of Devils, and in contrast, I was just a nobody. Yet even someone insignificant like me was now employed in his schemes… Truly, one could never say what fate had in store for you.

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In fact, I was beginning to wonder if my reincarnation into this world was also part of some conspiracy. If it was, what could I use to resist their schemes? The same weapons which they themselves gave me? What a joke, I should just stick to my role, that would be a lot safer.

“Oh right, are there any Demigods in Sable Radiance?”

It had to be said that this subject of who was the strongest in Sable Radiance was still of interest to me. If all the Overlords were restricted by Lucifer’s words, then it would stand to reason that anyone above their tier would as well. Based on what I’ve seen so far, there should have been a Devil King in the past. However, that was merely my conjecture, it was still more prudent to ask someone in the know.

“You mean a Devil King?” He immediately shook his heads. “It’s impossible for a Devil King to exist in Sable Radiance. At the very least, it’s impossible now.”


“Because this entire region had restrictions placed on it by that exalted presence.”


“That’s right, restrictions. The laws of this place have been restricted.” At that, the clan head sighed. “Before his exalted might, we are nothing but ants…”

“I do not understand…”

I simply couldn’t wrap my head around why Lucifer’s clone would want to restrict the laws of this region. Even though the clan head of the Hellhounds never said so explicitly, I could tell that these restrictions prevented them from ever becoming a Devil King…

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