Chapter 346: An Official Declaration of Intent

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Even when holding back their power, a golem still had the strength of a Six-stars. It only stood to reason that a Three-stars Warhorse would come out short in a direct clash with a golem.

The majority of the Warhorses only ended up with a bit of injuries, the worst off were two particular Three-star Warhorses who actually rammed head first into the fist of my golems. I won’t describe that scene in detail…gory, to say the least…

“Hellhounds, a little Lust Demon, and a Fallen Angel?! Putting aside those Devils, when did a Fallen Angel appear in Sable Radiance…”

Warwraith tumbled about on the ground for a good long while before finally springing back up. The moment he recovered, he smartly retreated a few paces, at the same time signalling to the other horses to follow his cue.

“Yo, Warwraith, it’s been a while.”

His decision was logical as I had expected. I knew that he wouldn’t be foolish enough to try and attack me simply because of appearances. From the first time I met, I knew that he was a horse who mostly put the interests of his race before anything else.

Yet just because he was calm now, didn’t mean he would be calm forever. The moment he laid eyes on those two Warhorses who had their brains turned into mush, his body burned with mana. Regardless of the reason, their charge just now had resulted in the death of two juniors.

As a horse who treasured those of the younger generation, the loss of these two Warhorses instantly turned his eyes red with fury. However, even in his angered state, he knew clearly how wide the strength disparity was between the two of us. Thus, he smartly chose to control his anger.

“Fallen Angel, I don’t remember us ever having met.”

His eyes still held a hint of vengeance within them, but my vast strength made it such that he had no choice but to hide that boiling desire.

“Oh? Don’t you find them all a little familiar?” I pointed towards Sinmosa and her family before unhooking Mo Na from my neck just as she was about to wrap her arms around me. I gave her a little tap on her forehead before turning back to the now visibly shocked Warwraith. “How about that Grand Elder Shade of yours, is he doing well? If I’m not mistaken, he should have mentioned not to mess with me.”

“You…it’s you… that Lust Demon?!” Warwraith wasn’t old enough to be suffering from dementia yet; the moment I said that, he immediately recalled who I was. It was just that I had undergone such a huge change that he momentarily forgot who I was. The fact that someone was able to completely change his bloodline was news to him. “How did you become a Fallen Angel? Weren’t you a Lust Demon?!”

“That’s a long story, if you wish to hear about it… Well, I won’t tell you.” I cracked a little joke; it wasn’t like his face could get any blacker. And I wouldn’t have cared either. “Have you guys seen a teleportation zone anywhere?”

“I have no reason to tell you that.”

“It’s fine, I still have someone else I can ask.”

Warwraith was quick to refuse me. Upon realising that I wasn’t going to kill them, he immediately said, “We’ll be off then. I will take it that this little argument never happened…”

Having said that, he didn’t leave immediately. Instead, he eyed me uncertainly. He knew very well that I called the shots here, not him. While I might not be able to stop all of them, they definitely won’t be leaving here in one piece if I truly willed it.

The golems were slow, but they weren’t that slow that they couldn’t grab a Warhorse or two.

“If you want to leave, you may do so. But there’s something I wish to tell you…”

Warwraith’s ears twitched at that. He immediately took up a wary stance, ready for whatever I might have in mind.

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“And what is that?”

“I want a horn from a Nightmare Steed.”

“…” Warwraith was merely stunned for a second before he burst out, “Impossible!”

“Whether it’s impossible or not isn’t decided by you. Tell that Grand Elder of yours, if it’s possible, I would prefer not to use force.”

“…” Warwraith glared daggers at me. If looks could kill, he would have chopped me into pieces a million times over.

This pointless glaring continued for over ten seconds. To me, his furious staring was nothing more than the griping of a sore loser. Still, that didn’t mean it wasn’t annoying. As punishment, I broke into a grin and said so in a taunting voice, “3…2…”

If he still dared to glare at me once I counted to 0, I would teach him a lesson. However, before I got the chance to do so, he cleverly chose to retreat from my taunting gaze.

“We’re leaving…”

“Hold on.”

“What else do you want?” Warwraith whipped his head around, his eyes practically spewing fire as he yelled, “Can’t you just spit it all out in one sentence?!”

“Don’t get so worked up. I just wanted to remind you that you left something behind.” I pointed at the corpses of the two Warhorses before lightly smiling. “If you just leave them there, their souls will probably start crying.”

Because I still hadn’t had time to sweep up the battlefield, those two corpses still had their souls attached. If Warwraith didn’t bring them back, they would most likely end up as nourishment for my army.

Sometimes, pure hatred wasn’t all that was needed to forge a sharpened sword. Warwraith grinded his teeth mercilessly against each other. His chest heaved with each breath he took and the air he exhaled seemed to singe their very surroundings. Unfortunately, his display of anger meant nothing to me.

“Bring them along…we’re leaving…”

No matter how angry he was, Warwraith, as he was now, had no qualifications to stand up to me. He knew that better than anyone else. That was why retreat was his best option. His only option.

A bunch of Warhorses trotted up to the two dead Warhorses. One of them bit down on the corpse and heaved it up onto his comrade’s back. That’s a rather interesting way to carry a corpse…I wonder if it will drop when they start galloping…

Upon retrieving the last corpse, Warwraith turned around and eyed me one last time. I had to admit, those bloodshot eyes were rather scary. Still, I merely scoffed at him and mouthed the word sayonara.

Naturally, Warwraith had absolutely no clue as to what I just said, but I was sure he understood what I intended from my eyes.

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