Chapter 345: An Unavoidable Situation

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

There exist a large number of restrictions on the method by which Occultists summon Devils. Several examples include the amount of mana required, a sacrifice of some sort, and a medium, lacking which will result in a variance in the end result. Without the exact medium required for that particular Devil, it’s not possible to perform a named summoning -the end result will display a large degree of randomness. Under normal circumstances, the strength of the summoned Devil is connected to the Occultist’s own strength and the sacrifice offered. Simply put, the more powerful the Occultist is, and the more powerful the sacrifice is, the higher the level of the Devil summoned.

—-From Those Who Summon Demons

Our first encounter with the Warhorses came a lot earlier than I had expected. In fact, we found them not too far away from our doorstep, blocking the path forward with their large blackish red bodies. In that instant, I couldn’t help but wonder if the Warhorses somehow managed to get wind of my plans beforehand.

Naturally, that wasn’t possible…

The exact location we encountered them was 250 km south of the capital. There were basically no patrolling golems here, but that wasn’t the point. The point was that there was a large group of low level Devils huddling in fear between us and the Warhorses.

I doubt there was even any doubt at this point that there was a teleportation point nearby.

Noticing our army looming ominously over the horizon, not only were those cowering Devils stunned, the over hundred strong herd of Warhorses were at a loss as well. Not knowing our intentions, they galloped into a defensive formation right away.

Sandwiched between both our armies were roughly three hundred low level Devils. Roughly sweeping over their army, I found that the lowest level amongst them was a Large Imp, and the highest was just a Four-stars Flame Demon Child. Under the determined pursuit of the Warhorses, these low level Devils could only run. Unfortunately for them, there was no way their Devil legs could ever compare to that of a Warhorse…

Encountering more Devils along with the Warhorses wasn’t that much of a surprise to me -it was Warhorse territory after all. Besides, there were definitely more teleportation points in existence other than the ones I found in the capital. In all likelihood, there were a bunch of roving low level Devil bands roaming about Purgatory right now…

What truly surprised me was that the one leading these Warhorses was actually a familiar per…horse…

“Mama, isn’t that the Warsomething elder?”

Mo Na preferred soul perception in general, being a Necromancer and all. With her heightened sense, she quickly realised that the Warhorse in charge was our old friend, Warwraith.

It was with her reminder that I realised that their leader seemed rather familiar. To begin with, all Warhorses looked the same to me, why would I ever find one familiar looking?

“Honorable Lord Fallen Angel, please save us…”

Most likely because they sensed that I was a Devil like them, the low level Devils decided to take a gamble after a mere moment of hesitation. They unabashedly pleaded for help, and without even waiting for me to answer, came rushing to our side. Pushy though that was, I was planning to recruit them anyway.

Better that they just come over on their own, saves me the trouble of convincing them…

“Let them come over.”

Before the golems had the chance to flatten the incoming Devils, I gave the order for them to make way. The fastest amongst them swiftly dove into the protective zone created by the golems, ignoring the overwhelming aura the golems emitted. Based on how fast the first Devil came in, it wouldn’t be long before the rest were safe.

Thus from that moment on, they basically became my subordinates.

With the Devils taking shelter with us, the Warhorses naturally had no intention of keeping quiet either. Perhaps it was because of my evolution into a Fallen Angel, the elder, Warwraith, didn’t immediately recognize me as his “old friend”. He was the first of the Warhorses to come charging at me. As he galloped, he made sure to yell out orders simultaneously. “Catch them, don’t let them escape!”

By now, there was only about one hundred meters between us and the Warhorses. Yet such a distance was nothing to a Warhorse. If left to their devices, half of the escaping Devils would most likely end up dead. I had personally experienced their speed before so I knew that a mere hundred meters was nothing but a gallop away to these horses.

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I immediately gave the order for ten Winged Abyssal Golems and one hundred Abyssal Golems to halt the Warhorse charge.

“Stop them, but don’t kill them.”

Though the golems weren’t the most agile of soldiers, they could still dash at a decent speed as long as they didn’t have to change direction. By the time the first Warhorse caught up to a Devil, my golems had arrived as well.

First of his herd to charge, Warwraith cloaked himself in a shroud of flames as he rammed into one of the Winged Abyssal Golems. Hard met with hard as the two elite warriors clashed headon in a battle of strength. The end result was, as I had fully expected, Warwraith being sent flying away…

Seeing a horse the size of a mini truck being knocked into the air was a rather amusing one. Yet as long as my order held true, the golems would never inflict lethal damage. Naturally, if the Warhorse in question was just too weak then that was really just his fault.

A mature Warhorse would at least reach the level of Four-stars. Under normal circumstances, Warhorses in their developmental Three-stars stage would follow a herd out on a practise hunt. And the herd led by Warwraith right now so happened to have a number of Three-stars. While these developing Warhorses still possessed an impressive level of physical strength, they were nothing before the might of my golems. Even their Six-starred elder was swatted away like a fly by my golem, let alone these Three-star babies.

On the other hand, my forces were at least at the level of Six-stars. However, it had to be said that my golems, being inanimate objects, weren’t too good at following orders. Even if I told them to go easy on the Warhorses, it wasn’t entirely possible for them to judge how much force could be used.

With such a huge disparity in strength, and a lack of control on one side, it was only a matter of time before an accident happened.

Thus in our first clash with the Warhorses, the golems pummelled every single Warhorse, Warwraith included. Unfortunately, there were a few unlucky horses who would never stand up ever again…

‘Oops… I think they went a little overboard…’

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