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Chapter 845: An Invitation from the King

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

“It’s a little rowdy here, and I do not fancy such an atmosphere. Maybe I will watch a couple of movies back in my room.”

“Movies?!” Doris’s eyes immediately swiveled back to face me. “I’ll go, I’ll go!”

Looking at how sparkling her eyes were as she bounced on her feet, I couldn’t help but chuckle at her adorable but silly reaction. “Then how about you go grab some of that food over there, we can have some snacks back in the room.”

“Mhm, I’ll get right on it!”

Already eyeing those exquisite desserts to begin with, Doris dashed to the table as fast as her frilly maidservant dress would allow her… It was almost a shame that such an innocent girl ended up in the palace… I wonder how Sersan views her…

Clearly, the prince took great care of her, else she wouldn’t have been so cheerful.

In fact, he took care of her a little too well… Maybe he’s a little defective down there? No matter how I look at her, Doris is an innocent girl, in more ways than one.

Doris took ten minutes to pack up the snacks she wanted. But just as we walked out of the banquet hall, we bumped into a mature lady who seemed to have been waiting for us.

His Majesty’s personal maidservant, Missiger.

She bowed towards me, and before I could even ask, she said, “Lady Mo Na, His Majesty wishes to discuss some matters with you.”

“His Majesty does?”

At this time? What is that old fart trying to pull here? If he’s so free, go train yourself, or something, I don’t know.

“Yes, His Majesty wishes to have a chat with Lady Mo Na, that’s all.”

“Is that so… All right then.”

As a part of this kingdom, and living within its palace, some degree of deference to its king was still required.

In all honesty, this request was quite unusual for the king. He would often come find me, but rarely did he ask for me to meet him. However, I was certain of his good will, thus I did not question the request either.

“Doris, how about you bring the snacks back to the room first, I will be right back once His Majesty’s business is over.”

“But…” Doris meekly looked my way while still clutching that platter of desserts. “Lady Mo Na, are you sure you will be able to find your way back without me guiding you?”

“I… will be fine… probably…”

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“You need not concern yourself over that, I will personally escort Lady Mo Na back, once His Majesty has finished his business.”

Missiger practically glared at the girl, eliciting a start from the poor maid.

“I… I’ll be off then…”

Having said that, she sprinted off like a frightened deer.

“What an adorable child.”

“Yeah… Doris is quite lovable.”

“But she’s stupid.”


Geez, lady, did she offend you or something…

Missiger led the way ahead with me following behind her solemnly. Due to how awkward this all felt, we ended up not saying a word to each other throughout.

Arriving before the grand entryway of Andassis the Seventh’s personal chambers, I was greeted by a burly armored person. Andassis the Seventh’s personal bodyguard, Baku.

I casually greeted the grizzled soldier. Baku nodded towards me and MIssiger, then opened the door for us to enter.

Whenever the king was in his personal room, he would always be attended to by Missiger. Seeing as she was the one escorting me here, he was alone when we arrived.

Eyes closed and dressed in his royal pajamas, our footsteps naturally roused the man like thunderous drums. From his vantage point, he could easily spy the entryway.

In this lighting, he seemed a little old, but he still had a charming smile.

“Lady Mo Na. You’ve arrived, I see. Come, have a seat.” He pointed at the chair across the table in front of him.

“My thanks, Your Majesty.”

Even though everyone was already acquainted with each other here, some basic decorum was still needed.

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“Some juice?”

“Yes please.”

Because Andasseans had a culture of drinking overly-sweetened drinks, I often ordered plain juice.

“Then I will have some as well.”

Missiger nodded and left to prepare the juice.

“So. What does Your Majesty wish to discuss?” I cut right to the chase.

“Hahaha, Lady Mo Na is always such a forthright person.”

The king chuckled, having already expected this sort of behavior from our previous encounters. “My uncle has sent word that the third generation is almost ready for production, and that there is even talk of a new line of magitek knights?”


While the topic sounded business-like, I could tell he was merely making idle chat. After all, he could have simply asked Amori for a report. In other words, he wanted to chat with me alone.

But since he asked, I could only answer.

The third generation of magitek knights incorporated a brand-new gliding feature. The first and second generation of magitek knights technically had propulsion systems, but that merely allowed them to jump higher.

This new generation was the brainchild of Ferti’nier. Her main concerns were optimizing the older designs; improving the magic arrays to improve basic functions like weight, defense, speed, and etc.

To the humans of the Western Human Realms, even the smallest innovation was groundbreaking.

During one of my discussions with Amori, I mentioned my idea of an air force, composed of magitek knights that could fly. The magitek skyknights.

The skyknights would have to be an entirely separate line of magitek knights. The focus would be on reducing the weight of the machine while not compromising its defenses too much. Each of them would need weight-reducing arrays, along with an engine for propulsion and flight.


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