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Chapter 844: Banquet

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Our discussions regarding the magitek schematics proceeded without a hitch. Or rather, with so many important dignitaries present, it had better proceed without a hitch.

Magitek armors that could reach the level of an overlord were rare treasures; only my Wyrm was capable of such a feat at this moment.

It wasn’t just a matter of the materials being rare either. One would require the expertise and designs to do so.

That was precisely why Andassis could never become a gargantuan kingdom, capable of overwhelming the combined forces of eleven kingdoms. And even if its king tried, the rest of the kingdoms would catch wind of his ambitions and band together immediately. Through blood and fire, they would pry the magitek schematics from his cold, lifeless hands.

Even putting aside the question of forming a coalition army, they could just form an assassin squad of overlords to invade Andassis.

After three months of negotiations, the second generation of magitek knights was handed over to the various pockets of the delegates. Naturally, Andassis was well-compensated in riches and power.

An especially noteworthy delegate who purchased these schematics was our dear neighbor, the kingdom of Ertalon. Despite their empty coffers, they had to scrounge up enough wealth to purchase these schematics, lest they get consumed by the other kingdoms who did.

As for why it took three months of negotiating… Well, that was because we were almost done working on the perfected, third-generation magitek knights. If all went according to plan, these new knights would undergo field testing, and be ready for production. Three months was the time we needed to do so.

Thus, after three months, we were already a generation ahead while the rest of the kingdoms were still clamoring over the second-generation… all thanks to our one and only Ferti’nier.

Andassis the Seventh actually only wanted to sell the finished products at first, but those delegates weren’t fools; they shot down that dream of his in an instant.

There was simply no replacing the safety and price of building these warmachines yourself.

Because of the extended nature of this trip to the capital, I had handed over authority of the territory prior to leaving to Ansom. Not only was he my trusted adjutant, he was the perfect candidate for accepting this role, background-wise. He had royal blood in his family, and was an important member in a knight corp. Meaning he would never betray the kingdom.

Just like how my territory was chosen to be the heartland of magitek development because Amori, the head of the development facilities, was a loyal member of the royal family as well.

Thanks to these two checks in place, I couldn’t monopolize the magitek development so easily. Not without arousing suspicion, as I would have to sideline Meister Amori. Not that I had any intention of doing so in the first place.

As if a mere duchy was even worth a second glance. Lest one forgot, I was the Divine Child of the dark elves. Their might combined was definitely stronger than Andasiss, rivaling that of a major empire.

Controlling such a powerhouse would naturally make me more influential than some mere human duke, right? Now, if such a lofty position meant nothing to me, why would a duchy even enter my eyesights?

Thus did I leave my territory in the capable hands of Ansom, hopefully as a sign to the king that I had no interest in the land in the first place. And if all went well, he would trust me more, making my job in the future a lot easier.

Not that I couldn’t just get Redleaf to strong-arm Andassis into helping me, but he wouldn’t be very happy about that and might just stab me in the back. The best way to secure his cooperation would be to show him the merits, and just be nice to him, honestly.

With the delegates sent home, Andassis the Seventh immediately threw a celebratory banquet. And who could blame him? He was leading his kingdom down the path of prosperity. For a kingdom, the expansion of one’s territory was a great deed, one that would surely be celebrated in the annals of history. Assuming the kingdom survives the passage of time…

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Amidst the cheerful songs of the bards, our night banquet started. All throughout the night, the mood of revelry permeated the air. Gallons of wine were downed by drunken nobles. Exquisitely-dressed noblewomen danced the night away with potential suitors. Overall, a great night for everyone.

Countless noblemen tried to ask me out for a dance, only to be flatly rebuffed. Including a certain prince who was sulking in a corner with a glass of wine.

As a side-effect, His Highness’s failure sent a clear message to the other noblemen who still had their wits about them.

“O His Highness is such a poor thing…” Doris tossed him a look, but quickly looked in another direction and gulped.

It was now 8:55 pm, according to my electronic AI.

I should leave, this banquet is such a bother. Why am I even here?

“Doris, maybe we should go, I’m tired.”

Ever since I returned to the palace, Doris became my personal maidservant again… or maybe watcher.

That last bit was exaggerated, but she wasn’t a person I would reveal my deepest secrets to either.

I could tell she wasn’t a scheming girl. The fact she could even survive in the palace was only because she used to be the maidservant of Sersan.

“Mhm, for some rest? I understand, Lady Mo Na.” She muttered absentmindedly.

“Doris, if you wish to stay, I’m okay with that, but I plan on returning to my room.”

It was then that I noticed she was looking at a nearby table, stacked full of artistically designed cakes and tarts.

“Oh… not at all.” She immediately withdrew her gaze swiftly.


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