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Chapter 809: Epilogue (3)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Earthshatter was a spell of cataclysmic power. In order to mask its signature, Ertalon had to prepare extensively in advance. A massive barrier had to be erected to hide the spellcasting; they had to relentlessly assault the northern wall in order to draw attention away; the spellcaster even had to use his Territory…

All that was just to prevent Cleoz from noticing the spell till it was too late. At the level of an overlord, there was no telling if he would have noticed the mana signatures of a forbidden spell while they were casting it.

Such spells were serious business that, once interrupted, could threaten the life of its caster.

The Territory of that hierophant had the ability known as Dimensional Severance. It was able to separate a section of space from another, turning it into an independent area. However, such a separation was limited by the fact that dimensional space tended to self-mend over time. Once this ability ceased to function, that separated zone would automatically return to its original position.

Dimensional Severance was used to separate the western section of the wall for Earthshatter to work its magic. And thanks to the barrier they deployed, no one on the outside noticed this.

As a spell, Earthshatter had a radius of ten kilometers. However, Dimensional Severance only carved out a hundred meters of space. The original effect of the spell was thus heavily compressed and magnified in that small section. The instant it struck the wall, its reinforced defenses crumbled into nothingness like a house of cards. But thanks to that barrier they deployed, no one even noticed that something was up.

To the defenders of the wall itself, the entire process played out like a silent film -inexplicable and beyond the realm of common sense… Truly, magic never ceased to amaze!

To those soldiers that weren’t even stationed at the wall, they did not even know what had happened till the roar of the enemies filled their ears.

———– Change of Scene————–

I had just teleported over to the fort when a white-robed mage, roughly twenty years of age, introduced himself as a messenger and handed down a curt command to hold the line.

They want us to defend this breach to the death?

The messenger was looking me straight in the eyes when he relayed that message. A little rude, but there was no time to fuss over such small matters when there was an army overwhelming the breach.

However, his insolence was soon wiped off his face when the rest of our Corp arrived.

Other than me, every other member of the Corp came riding their magitek knights. Just to accomplish this massive teleportation, Andassis the Seventh had to spend a fortune on the teleportation array. To bring about such a feat, an equally massive amount of energy was required. That was the law of conservation at work in the real world…

By the time all of their three meter tall magitek knights came rumbling out of the teleportation circle, the young messenger mage was so shocked that he had fallen on his butt, quaking in his boots like a frightened animal…

The mage pointed shakingly at the neatly lined up rows of magitek knights and asked in an incredulous voice, “Commander Mo Na, are these the members of your knight order?”

“That’s right,” I nodded.

“The support staff should arrive shortly, but our combatants are all here. Please lead the way to the battlefield.” I curtly stated, clearly annoyed with the man.

The young messenger mage seemed to have picked up on my foul mood as well. “Do not worry. The General only wishes that Commander Mo Na hold the line for a while, His Excellency will arrive with reinforcements before long.”

“In that case, he needs to be quick, otherwise there will be nothing left for him to do.”

“His Excellency will do his best.”

Despite the fact I had just been handed down what was tantamount to a suicide mission, I did not show any further dissatisfaction. I knew what was at stake here, but that didn’t stop me from rating the General poorly as a first impression.

Honestly, this sudden turn of events suited me just fine. The magitek knights were here to beat back the invasion and protect the kingdom. Thus the outcome would have been the same either way. It was just the way we were treated that rubbed me the wrong way. But now wasn’t the time for such petty matters. If we did not help now, this section would most likely fall before the General arrived.

Besides, wasn’t this just what we wanted? A fight of armies. Those kids might not be very experienced, being that this was their first battle, but in firepower alone, they were six-stars, without a doubt!

Seeing that I had accepted the order, the messenger mage waved to a soldier. “You, soldier, get over here and lead Commander Mo Na to the western wall.”

“Yes, sir!” he barked without hesitation before turning to me, “Sir, if you will follow me…”

The battle situation ended up a lot worse than I had initially imagined. My first reaction was of one utmost shock.

When I heard that the wall had been breached, I had assumed that the enemy blew a hole in the wall. But the reality was that a whole hundred meters section of the wall was just gone. Like it had never existed in the first place. If there was any indication that such a structure even existed, it would be ground-up rubble gathered in a pile where the wall once stood.

Countless well-armed soldiers stormed out of an underground tunnel dug outside the wall, like an army of ants leaving its nest to search for food. From a glance, the weakest amongst them was at least a two-star.

With such elite troops leading the charge, and no wall to hold them back, the defenders of this section quickly lost their foothold.



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