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Chapter 810: Epilogue (4)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Some of the troops had already begun deserting their posts by the time we arrived in the fort. As they frantically fled, they clashed with their reinforcing comrades who were just as frantic in rushing to the battlefield. Chaos ensued, and no amount of executions or punishments were able to stem this slowly growing tide of hopelessness…

In contrast, the enemies weren’t in a hurry to chase down the deserters. Rather, they were meticulously taking up positions along the remaining wall sections.

True to the name as the “Iron Wall of Andassis”, the soldiers manning the surviving sections of the wall were still holding strong, in part due to the fort’s impressive history, and in part due to the General’s own charisma.

The title of “Iron Wall” wasn’t just given in vain. Every brick of this fort had seen wars where the numbers dwarfed this current assault. Yet the fort stayed strong throughout. In some sense, the walls were a symbol to the soldiers that manned it. Thus when the wall fell for the western defenders, their morale crumbled along with it. With how sudden the whole attack was, there was no way for any of them to prepare for the mental shock. Thus the western section swiftly spiraled out of control.

From the very beginning, they weren’t even on equal grounds with their enemies. Without a wall to hold the enemy back, there wasn’t even a chance of victory. Those who tried to resist were cut down without mercy.

In a normal army of the Western Human Realms, a soldier would roughly be a one-star. A section leader of ten would be a two-star. Yet the soldiers invading this breach were all at the minimum a two-star.

The enemy had only focused on the northern section of the fort thus far, giving the illusion that their main encampment and forces were in the north. Naturally, Cleoz knew that wasn’t an indication that the enemy would never attack from other walls. He had even stationed some experts on the other three walls as a precaution. Even so, the worst came to pass, and his precautions proved insufficient.

After all, what were a few experts to do in the face of an army?

It was clear now that the northern assault was actually a front and cover for the assault on the west. With this ambush, they were hoping to breach the fort and take down their enemies swiftly!

Our arrival was more than timely in that case. Not that this was all planned… the General simply decided to throw whatever he had at the wall to buy time for reinforcements. He wasn’t expecting us to do much in this situation; we were the newcomer knight order perfect as sacrificial pawns.

Unbeknownst to our dear general, our numbers might have been small, but we were more powerful than any old six-star warrior!

Not that any of those brats could actually beat a six-star warrior in a one-on-one battle…

There was still some distance towards our target, but I could already see that the owner of the remaining western walls had changed. Wherever I looked, I could see the insignia of the Ertalon kingdom emblazoned on the soldiers. With the occupation of this section, the enemy was starting to shift their main forces towards the breach.

In contrast, the reinforcements from our side had difficulty even approaching the area thanks to the deserters causing chaos.

“I’ve heard that this fort is quite sturdy,” I suddenly asked the soldier beside me. “I’m sure the walls are still sturdy enough even with that breach, but what about the inner section of the fort?”

“It should be just as sturdy…” the soldier answered without much certainty. “Other than this instance, the fort had never suffered such severe damage.”

“That’s good then.” I summoned Wyrm to my side and began commanding my new subordinates. “Prepare the mana cannons. The target: the enemy at the breach.”

After eight days of training, while the kids might still have difficulty pulling off some complex maneuvers, coordinated attacks were no problem at all.

A series of clicks rang out around me as their shoulder plates opened up to reveal the deadly weapon within. The air around started to heat up as mana began to coalesce.

“Engage carpet bombing… Fire the first volley!”

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Having gone through some modifications, the mana cannons on the magitek knights had been infused with Fire elements. Sphere after sphere of fiery mana blasted out of their cannons at an impressive rate of two fireballs per second. The entire barrage lasted a whole ten seconds before they finally stopped!

The unending rain of fire took to the skies in a parabolic arc towards the area where the troops fought each other in a deadly charge. The battle was at its peak right now, thus when the Ertalonese soldiers finally noticed the heat above them… it was too late.

The poor soldiers raised their heads only to find death staring back in the form of a dazzling fire storm from the heavens. Countless fireballs rained down upon them like a deadly fireworks display, exploding the moment they came into contact with something…

This entire attack used the most basic of controls for the magitek knight. Something even these kids could pull off after eight days of training. I made sure to teach them the operations of their mana cannons, allowing them to pull this attack flawlessly.

With how dense the bombing was, there was maximum coverage over the target area, all the while ensure that none of the fireballs impacted each other. A huge swathe of soldiers were wiped out in this first volley. Anyone that wasn’t a three-star had been burnt to a crisp…



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