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Chapter 769: An Explanation?

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Since the day this she-devil made herself known to me, nay, even before that, I had always been made to play to her whims. Her slyness made her unpredictable. The only constant was that when she winked, someone was going to get scammed.

Now, this scheming she-devil said she wanted to replenish herself. With what? Souls? But I did not want to start a massacre, that was my red line.

I never condoned killing people, not good people, anway.

That was something I made abundantly clear, right now, before she could even make any unreasonable demands of me.

“No killing, no killing. We are good people, after all. Why would we kill people?”


That was all the response she was getting. She knew I wasn’t going to bite this time, thus she changed tact entirely.

“Ah, but little brother, do you know how much your big sis has suffered all for your safety? Do you know how hard it is to pierce through that tiny crack in the dimensional barriers? I bet you do not, all you know is to faint. Faint. And faint. What else are you even good for…”

Well, it’s not like my uselessness is anything new, my dear big sis.


Same as before. However, I had to admit that I was a little caught off-guard by her airing her grievances like that. And her grievances weren’t without merit.

BUT! It’s not like she wasn’t trying to stir up a storm. I knew her better than anyone else -that was the kind of devil she was.

In fact, me fainting probably helped her… seeing as she couldn’t actually beat me in a battle for control over my body. If it wasn’t for that, I would be relegated to being a mere spectator in my own body by now.

Just like… Hold on… why is my pee pee missing again?

Don’t tell me just because I was in a different world, I was a man, but now that I’m back in this world, my little elephant trunk is gone?

That can’t be right, I’ve never heard of a dimensional rift performing a gender swap.

It must be Ferti’nier’s doing!

All right, come clean.

This time, I was very clear I wasn’t going anywhere till I got my answers,

“Well… the truth is… your big sis just repossessed your little toy, that’s all.”

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Repossessed? So it was her!


“Because you happened to meet a human prince when you fell down from that tree.”

Huh? Speak clearly.

“If you had encountered a princess instead, your big sis would have left it there. Get it?”

Get… it… so you’re playing to his tastes…

Basically… this was the gist of my current situation.

Because of Karlston’s spell, the dimensional barriers tore open, and I was exiled to the void between dimensions.

Being a demigod living within the Chaos Crystal, she was able to survive this dimensional travel. That was also how she managed to transport me safe and sound, twice, without preparation, as she penetrated…

Thus, she brought me back to the Western Human Realms.

In her own words, the situation was so abrupt that she couldn’t find the opportunity to drag Karlston down with us.

My first entry into the Western Human Realms was what the dear prince remembered…

As for their warm welcome, that was just par for the course for a lust demon.

Initially, Ferti’nier did not retract my pee pee, keeping it in its complete state. The tipping point was when the Prince mistook me for a girl, and with that in mind, had his maid, Doris, give me a bath…

It was at that exact moment that I became a “girl”… apparently that was to better make use of my natural advantages.

How absolutely kind of her…

But there wasn’t much choice except to take her words, for now…

So that’s why Prince Sersan looked at me with such pity… because Ferti’nier had my pee pee taken away, thus I really did not have anything down there… To Doris, I couldn’t be any more of a woman… and she dutifully told Sersan. It all makes sense now.

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I guess this is for my self-protection again…

I swear… sometimes it feels like things are proceeding so fast I can’t keep up… like a speeding train… choo choo…

And is it really all right for me to be travelling through worlds like this?

The situation in Southern Plains hasn’t been resolved yet and I’m already back here… I’m happy about it, but I have people I care about over there…

“Don’t worry, that side will be fine for now. Even though Karlston isn’t completely dead, he shouldn’t have the ability to stir up more trouble. We should handle our current situation first.”

What do you mean?

“Little brother, don’t tell me you wish to stay here forever? To become his consort? Your big sis doesn’t mind helping you. It’s just making a hole, after all…”

No thank you! I’m still a man, so I’ll have to pass on being a consort.

But if what you’ve said is true, and Karlston isn’t an issue for now, then I guess the first priority would be to search for my companions.

My daughter should still be in Purgatory. But Nicole’s situation is a little special… Looking for her would be problematic, however, yet I can’t just give up either.

Hmm… I wouldn’t mind dropping by Plateau Village if things turn out well. Ancarin, Regine, and their daughters are all there…

And Jezsere too. I wonder if our resident tsundere, Aishael, has finished building up her settlement. Or that fanatical Zurnalin who is always out to bear my child, is she okay?

Since I have Ferti’nier’s help this time, I might even be able to take some time off to visit Abaddon to find Numilia and the others…

There’s really so much to do, huh.

“One step at a time. One step at a time. Before all that, however, let’s talk about your big sis.”

You? What’s up?

“Your big sis is hungry.”

What do you mean “hungry”? Haven’t I been feeding you always?

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All those “points”… all that faith, where did you stash them all?

“Into the void, of course. You really think traversing the void is so simple? Those are two separate worlds!”

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I hate this novel.



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