Chapter 770: A Conversation with Ferti’nier (1)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Ferti’nier’s protestations gave me a start -she was right!

Well, what do we do then?

“That’s a question for you to answer, my dear little brother.”

What? So you’re okay with me just dictating the terms?

“But of course. Since the day we were bound together, has it not been you who has decided where we go? Your big sis is just the kind old grandpa doing her job assisting you, that’s all.”

I mean… if you’re going to put it that way, big sis… I just didn’t expect you to treat me so well…

“You are my favourite little brother, after all.”

Since I’m your little brother, about that pee pee…

“If you don’t mind being exposed, your big sis is more than ready to return it to you. But if that prince and his father were to ever find out you lied to them… heheheh…”

I… I didn’t mean to. And even if my identity is exposed, they were the ones who didn’t believe me when I told them I was a guy! That’s not my fault!

“There are many things in this world that can’t be explained with logic. Just like how a drunkard bumps into a person, but not only does he not apologise, he even tries to stab the guy and gets stabbed to death by his own knife instead. Somehow the blame gets laid on the person defending himself instead by some self-righteous moron. See, there are plenty of examples of people acting without regard for others and the facts.”

I knew what she was referring to, it was a famous case on Gaia about how a drunk driver turned off his self-driving on purpose and almost knocked a pedestrian down. The driver and the pedestrian ended up in an argument, at which point the driver got so mad he pulled a knife. Unfortunately, his grip wasn’t tight enough due to his inebriated state. The knife ended up being snatched away, and the fight ended with the driver being stabbed to death.

But… that wasn’t the main story now.

How do I leave this kingdom, was the question of the day. I still planned on visiting my daughter in Purgatory, and if possible, visit the girls near Plateau Village. Jezsere, too… Maybe Nicole… so many people I had to see.

“Oh, our little brother wishes to return to Sable Radiance, correct?”

Mhm, I want to look for Mo Na. Sis, you have a plan?

“Well that won’t do at all. Have you forgotten about Lucifer’s seal? We have no way to enter freely.”

I remember, but I thought we didn’t have any trouble last time?

“That’s because you were summoned while inside Sable Radiance. It’s easy to leave that place, hard to enter. Even if your big sis has a dimensional marker there, it doesn’t change the fact that the seal was created by the clone of Lucifer, and your big sis hasn’t reached the stage where she can do as she pleases.”

But… When are we able to return then?

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“When the seal comes undone.”


“When the time for the final battle arrives, the seal will undo itself.”

So, I have to wait till then to see my daughter? But isn’t one of the prerequisites for the Apocalypse the destruction of Gaia?

“Not at all. From the moment we got swept away into that dimensional rift, Lucifer should have sensed what was going on in Gaia. Given that the Undead have proved unreliable, there’s a high chance he might push forward the plans for the Apocalypse.”

Huh. So he’s just going to go at it alone? Hold on… how does he know about the situation on Gaia? Don’t tell me…

“Have you finally realised? That’s right. Ever since you fused with that feather, you are basically His flesh and blood. Because of that, every move you make is under His watchful eyes. Why else would the Spider Queen suddenly show favour to you? She sensed the link between you and Him.”

The plot thickens… in fact, my whole life is rife with plots…


“Worry not, your big sis has managed to learn a great deal about the laws of the world while on Gaia. If nothing goes wrong, a few more years on Gaia and your big sis should be able to ascend to divinity. That is why your big sis pulled a little trick while we were in the dimensional void. She hid you away from His eyes. He might even still think that you are stuck in the void somewhere.”

That’s a relief… Honestly, I don’t think there’s anyone who enjoys being watched 24/7, barring perverts. But if I can’t go back to Sable Radiance, I guess I’ll start with finding Ancarin, then we can talk about the Apocalypse. Hopefully, I will be on the Human side.

The Western Human Realms was home not just to humans, there were other races as well. The Nature Elves. The Dark Elves. The Dwarves. The Halflings.. And a whole bunch of other races like the Beastmen.

Those Dark Elves, especially, were basically stuck on the same boat as I was. As for the Nature Elves, I liked them too, pretty faces, and all that…

That was why I had to do something for this world, if not for them then for Nicole!

“Speaking of the Apocalypse, your big sis has an interesting proposition.”

What kind?

“The Apocalypse restricts actual divinities from participating, meaning demigods are the highest combat strength possible. In order to survive this massive tidal wave, our side has to have the goods to deliver. And that’s where your big sis got an idea. We will need a lot of resources… but you see, since we are already in this kingdom, and that king and his son won’t let you leave, why not use them?”

Use them? How?

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I had to admit, “using” someone still did not sit well with me, even as a devil. I wanted to be the good guy, though, “good guy” as a devil was a little confusing…

“It’s not really “using” them. Little brother, have you already forgotten where you just came from?”

Gaia, of course, it’s not like I lost my memories.

“That’s right. And what strikes you deepest about your time there?”


No… More like science, or rather, exosuits and mobile armors!

If we can bring those two technologies back here, then our odds in the upcoming battle will improve significantly!

Even if those weapons are easily damaged by magicks, we just have to alter the designs to better fit our fantasy setting. The odds of victory would surely tilt in our favour then!

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I hate this novel.



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