Chapter 768: I’m Not a Girl

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

“Honorable Andassis the Seventh…”

“Please, my fair lady…” The man interrupted me before I could continue. “There’s no need to stand on ceremony here, you may call me Kasinsan, that is my name. It is my wish that we interact more as friends, let not such petty things as social standing come between us.”

He kept going on without a care, finally ending with a smile and a wink… I won’t lie… that was a very charming smile, and probably would have won over any girl, but I’m not one…


Really… I’m at a loss for words right now. But he’s still my savior, after a fashion. Even if I’m not planning to repay him, I shouldn’t go overboard either.

But he’s really getting on my nerves… he’s just so pushy… so pompous… Anyway, there’s just so many parts about him I want to criticize.

“Right, my fair lady, may I have the honor of knowing your name? I believe a steadfast friendship begins with an introduction.”

I knew he had completely mistaken my gender, that couldn’t be more obvious at this point. Yet I could have just kept quiet, arguably that would be more advantageous to me, but I decided to speak up. “Actually… I’m not a girl at all, there’s been a mistake here…”


For the briefest of moments, I could see a hint of pity flash across the prince’s eyes. The king, however, chuckled, but even that was quickly hidden so as not to offend.

“My lady, you jest.” The king straightened his face. “We are all good men here, no one will try to harm you.”

“That’s not what I mean… I just…”

He probably thought I was hiding my gender to protect myself… but I really was just a man…

“Father, perhaps it would be better if we leave the lady to rest now. She just awoke from a spell of dizziness, feeling wary is only to be expected. I feel a little time for everyone would be best, we can reconvene again when she’s calmer.”

“Hmm, then we will continue tomorrow morning.” The king nodded my way before turning around to leave. However, he only took a couple of steps when he turned around and said, “This is my palace, you may rest easy and recuperate.”

“Yes, no one here will hurt you. I promise, my lady.” The prince basically said something in the same vein as his father before leaving as well.

The remaining followers all did a cursory round of introductions before bidding farewell not long after.

The heck was that? What’s with those strange looks they gave me? They clearly thought I was out of it, and do I really look so pitiful?

And he didn’t even give me time to explain myself fully… Bah…

Yet just when I thought it was all over, the prince stopped at the doorway, turned around, then said with longing in his voice, “Doris, I’ll leave her care in your hands, I will return tomorrow.”

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“Yes, Your Highness.” The lady who I first encountered when I woke up curtsied in response.

Now that my visitors were well and truly gone, Doris, the maidservant, turned to face me. “Milady, is there anything Doris can help you with?”

“Nothing, for now.” I subconsciously reached to scratch my hair in frustration.

“Milady has been unconscious for a day, perhaps Doris can get some refreshments?”

“No, I’m fine.” I shook my head firmly. “I’m not hungry.”

“But milady hasn’t eaten for so long…”

“I’m not hungry, thank you. I just wish to be alone right now.”

“Milady, are you alright?”

More like am I sane… Of course, I am.

“I’m fine, you may leave.”

“In that case, Doris will take her leave… may you have a good rest.”

Under my withering gaze, even Doris knew that her continued presence would only serve to worsen my mood, thus she left without a fuss.

A short while later…

Doris came into the room once more bearing a platter of fruits and desserts, except she was decidedly stealthy about it… and that was when she saw it…

I was currently in the midst of inspecting my body… inspecting, in the literal sense of the word… Thankfully, I hadn’t taken off my pants yet…

“My–apologies! I forgot to knock…” In a panicked flurry, she slammed the platter of fruits down onto the nearest table, then without even looking, fled without ever closing the door…

“My–apologies! I forgot to close the door…”

Then with an equally loud bang, she slammed the door shut… I guess she did close the door…

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But more importantly… I really was just inspecting my body… And even more important than that… why is it missing?!


Get out here this instant!

Why is my pee pee missing again? I demand an explanation! Do you know how much grief this is causing me, as a man. I’m better off dead, if I have to live life without it!

“Yahoo~~ Little brother, I see you’re awake, at last. And here your big sis was, thinking she could get a few more winks of sleep.”

As always, her silky smooth voice echoed melodically in my head. Caressed in its warm embrace, it was akin to bathing in the warmest of hot springs in the coldest of winters. Thank the stars… she’s still here…

“As if. Do you know how much your big sis had to suffer just to get us all back here?”

Hmm? Are you okay?

“At least you have the decency to ask. Don’t worry, your big sis is fine, just a little weakened. A round of nourishment and your big sis will be right as rain.”

The moment I heard her say that, I immediately went on high alert. Knowing what kind of devil she was, that was just a precursor to her demands.

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