Chapter 759: Epilogue (5)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

“Don’t you guys find that ghost a little strange? She seemed highly intelligent -almost human. And she seemed to have a clear motive for coming here.”

Normal ghosts did not possess much intelligence. They couldn’t even string together a sentence, and their faces were highly distorted.

That lady ghost was not only smart, she was pretty as well. Meaning… she was a unique specimen? And she was sent here as a messenger? Perhaps the mastermind of Southern Plains had something to do with her visit?

“No worries, the more the merrier!” Blessed with a four-digit point income for once, Qiaoqiao waved her little hands about in excitement. Then, with an almost dismissive tone, she said, “Qiaoqiao is just begging for more of them to come!”

“Yes. Worth a lot of points… easy to kill… a very amiable sort of ghost.” Bitong seemed to be in agreement as well, judging by her waving those stacks of talismans about. “I don’t mind another one, too.”

“Bag of points, that’s what she is.”

Hey! Don’t objectify the boss like that!

To be honest, I wasn’t afraid of that lady ghost either. I was more concerned about the master she served. Taking care of that human, or ghost, soon would be for the better. However, my opinion was that an ordinary person couldn’t be the master of a boss-like ghost. Was he or she the mastermind?

Just when that thought crossed my mind, an incident occured…

First, a massive earthquake engulfed the ground, as if something was clawing its way through the earth right this instant. Then came a booming sensation, as if a giant was lumbering towards us.

Gaia itself seemed to quake in the wake of this frightening turn of events. The girls immediately sought shelter beneath any fixed table or chair they could find.

The shaking continued for a while more, yet with each tremor, their strength seemed to subside. Even the booming was getting softer.

This couldn’t be a natural earthquake!

Ten seconds later, I couldn’t resist checking the outside of our room. A notification popped up from Floater. “I’m outside, are you guys okay?”

“We’re fine, I’ll get the door.” I looked around as I said that, the girls nodded back in response, at which point I ran over to open the door.

There she was, in her customised exosuit, yet she did not seem to want to step in.

“Floater, do you know what happened just now?”

Given that she was in her exosuit, she was most likely on patrol duty, thus she probably had more information than us.

“That giant fellow started moving, but it headed outwards instead.”

“Which giant?” I immediately realised who she was referring to the moment I said that. “You mean that giant skeleton?”

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“That’s right, it just suddenly started moving on its own.” Floater stated coolly. “Ouyang Huiren is on site handling that monster as we speak. Sima Junmo was on his break, but I’m sure he saw it…”

“Lady Mo Ke, are you alright? Don’t worry, I’m here to protect you!” Speaking of the devil, Sima Junmo’s anxious voice came racing through my comms channel at that moment. “You guys, gather the survivors, get ready to evacuate at a moment’s notice.”

Not long after, Sima Junmo rode up to our room in his exosuit. By that point, Floater and I had already agreed upon a plan.

She would look after the girls on my behalf while I hunted down that undead creature.

“I’m fine…” For some reason or another, I couldn’t help but get exasperated whenever I saw that man. “I’m going to have a look outside the inn. Sima, I need you to stay behind to take command. Have everyone gathered up, we might have to leave this place.”

“But, lady Mo Ke, your safety…”

“Is something you need not be concerned about. Just look after the others, you’re the only one I can rely on to do this now.”

In order to shake off this little burden, I had no choice but to prop him up a little. Even so, I wasn’t exactly lying when I said that. After all, Floater was too silent. Bitong and the girls were just ordinary girls with no experience of command. Sima Junmo was, at the very least, an officer in the army. He was actually the most suited here.

“Absolutely, leave this to me!” My offhand praise seemed to have worked unexpectedly well. He slapped his chest, and gave me a goosebump-worthy smile.

“… then I’ll leave everyone to you.”

With the command structure settled, I wasted no time in taking to the air, just in time to catch the distant silhouette of that giant’s back. I could vaguely make out three exosuits stuck on its back.

I did not hesitate in diving towards the target. Hopefully, the mystery of why it was reanimated would reveal itself.

Behind me, I could hear Sima barking out orders. “You three, go gather the survivors over there. We need to get this done as soon as possible… I want the supplies packed up as well…”

At my full speed, I quickly caught up to the giant. The identity of those three exosuits turned out to be Ouyang Huiren and his two subordinates. They were currently on the ground, battling a bunch of undead monsters, most of whom were zombies, some skeletal scorpids thrown in the mix from time to time, as they continued tailing the giant.

The monsters in Southern Plains had grown more varied. Even the ordinary zombies started to evolve, becoming sturdier and stronger. Thankfully, they were still dense as bricks.

Landing atop a giant tree, I pulled out my Flame Whip and lashed at a swathe of those monsters. Like a hot knife through butter, I easily bifurcated a group of them. Their wounds even caught fire in the process, turning them into ashes within seconds.

A few lashes later, the zombies were finally cleaned out in a twenty meter radius. Even those scorpids did not escape a fiery demise.

One of the benefits of my newly expanded SP pool was that every spell I used was now more powerful. Even my normal Fireballs could raze a building.

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In a heated battle with an evolved zombie a mere second ago, Ouyang Huiren still hadn’t come around to the fact that his opponents were all cut in half.

“Lady Mo Ke, I knew you would come.”

“With all this ruckus, I had to.”

I turned to look at the giant who was still lumbering forward. Its true height came up to a staggering 50 meters. Despite that, I did not feel a shred of fear. “Did it try to attack you guys? Or rather, did you guys try to attack it?”

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