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Chapter 758: Epilogue (4)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Having finished putting on the robes for Karlston, the wraith, Verni sank to one knee, lowering her beautiful but ethereal head. “Congratulations on completing your seclusion, master.”

Karlston nodded his head in satisfaction at the wraith’s subservience. “What is the situation outside?” He asked casually.

“A number of mutated humans have begun appearing, armed with a variety of strange powers. The strongest amongst them have even managed to slay a skeletal coatl.” Verni recounted some of the events of Southern Plains in a nonchalant manner. “If the Master wishes, I will personally capture her and offer up her soul to you, master.”

Even though Karlston was nothing but bones, Verni could still pick up the slight trace of interest her master expressed when she mentioned that human. His eye flames flickered. “Do it, but I want her alive. She has caught my attention. Not just her, I want all the mutated humans brought to me, I plan on doing some research.”

“Understood, master.”

Verni answered before immediately leaving the underground room. Karlston whipped around, and with a wave of his hands, summoned forth a bony throne, right out of the pool of blood.

Seated atop his throne, bony hands tapping on an equally bony armrest, he seemed to ponder in silence, or perhaps he was merely killing time. “Survivors of a world’s distortion… how amusing… click click click…”

In his current state, Karlston was merely at the peak of the Overlord realm. As for why he hadn’t returned to his former realm, yet, that was because a demigod wasn’t just a state of power. It was an evolution of life itself. For an undead, they had to strengthen their being.

A demigod was, in the crudest of definitions, a divinity that hadn’t obtained the authority of a god, but still possessed the body of one. The most basic requirement for such a body was to be immortal.

Technically, demigods weren’t actually immortal, but they had no issue living for thousands of years. For an undead like Karlston, his bony body was severely lacking in fortitude.

The base of his current body was a former human researcher. Naturally, such an ordinary body did not possess the potential to ascend to godhood. In order to truly return to his former glory, Karlston still had a long way to go.

In order to regain his power in the shortest time possible, Karlston’s first command was for Verni to capture those mutated humans. They were the fortunate souls who had survived the distortion of the world’s laws. Blessed with superhuman strength, they were the perfect nutrients for his body!

Unfortunately for the loyal Verni, she ended up picking Mo Ke as her first target, all in a bid to impress her master…

—————Change of scene—————

The time was eleven in the night. I was in the midst of a heated discussion with the system about this upcoming war of worlds. That was when one of the talismans on the wall suddenly lit up in flames.

Stuck in a state of bored reverie, Qiaoqiao was the first to notice the blazing flames on the wall. “Big brother!” She yelled while pointing at the talisman, “There’s a monster trying to enter through the walls!”

These talismans reacted whenever any ethereal creature entered its range. They were both a defensive tool, and a means of warning.

However, the situation facing us now was different than before. A slender, pearly white arm pierced through the wall, then with an almost seductive grace, peeled off the lit talisman, before tossing it on the floor with casual disregard.

A ghost that wasn’t afraid of fire?! That has to be a boss!

“Come with me, my master wishes to see you.”

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A beautiful lady ghost, dressed in a typical secretary garb, passed through the wall. In her hand was a predominantly grey umbrella that seemed to waver between the corporeal and incorporeal state. She coolly sashayed towards us.

However, Lixiang did not even give her the chance to speak further before tossing out a bunch of talismans at her. These talismans were known as the Holy Light talismans. They were specifically made to counter the undead, but they were significantly more expensive; 30 points a pop. Lixiang tossed out ten such talismans in one go.

Against their sacred energies, ordinary spirits stood no chance at all. But this ghost was no ordinary spirit. To her, such attacks were nothing but parlor tricks. She slowly held out her umbrella to swat the ball of talismans… then tragedy struck. Like a hot knife through butter, the talismans burned through her umbrella, slamming right into her ethereal arm. Her wails filled the room as her arm began to dissipate…

Hah, that’s what you get for trying to show off, you silly ghost!

A little late to the party, Bitong and Qiaoqiao threw out their own wad of talismans as well.

The ghostly secretary still hadn’t recovered from the damage of the first wad when the next two came slamming into her as well…

“Ahhhh…” The lady wailed horrifically, as if she was undergoing the cruelest of tortures. For a ghost, being bathed in holy light was the equivalent of using medieval Manchurian torture techniques on a human.

What’s Manchurian, anyway?

I quickly shook my head free of that strange term, only to find that the ghostly secretary was already rolling on the ground helplessly, bound together by a bunch of talismans.

Man… that’s at least 1000 points stuck on her right now. A consumable at that price range has to be scary, especially when it’s made to counter you.

The ghostly secretary desperately tried to shake off the talismans on her… but she failed, and that was the end of her…

In a mere dozen seconds, she had turned to ethereal dust in the air. All she had accomplished was to utter the words, “Come with me, my master wishes to see you.”

I almost feel sorry for this boss. How should I put this… her death feels almost empty.

“I got 1000 points from that, what about you?” Bitong said as she blinked her eyes in surprise.

“1000,” Lixiang replied.

“Qiaoqiao got 1000 as well. I think she’s a boss, let’s find more of her in the future.”

Looking at her reveling in the I-struck-it-rich mood, I suddenly felt the need to remind them of one thing: overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer.

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