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Chapter 760: Epilogue (6)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

“No, the situation then was too shocking to allow that. Against such a massive foe, we did not even think that escaping was possible…” Despite how cowardly he must have sounded when saying that, Ouyang Huiren dutifully reported the details as he experienced them. “My head went blank. I was worried it was going to flatten me like a pancake… It was even in the process of raising its hands when it suddenly stopped…”

“Hmm… I see… The three of you can head back first, leave this area to me.” Seeing as he had already given me all the information he had, I decided now was the time to have them return first. “Sima Junmo is busy gathering up the survivors, but given how the monsters have been acting up recently, I’m worried he can’t handle them. I need you all to help him.”

“But how do you plan on dealing with that giant? We can at least assist you while we are here.”

“There’s no need for that. There’s nothing you can do against a massive opponent like that.”

Even though it was a little hurtful of me to say that, I knew Ouyang Huiren wasn’t one to give up so easily unless I did so.

Faced with the harsh reality of his own helplessness, he fell silent, but still took my advice in the end.

“I got it… we will head back first then… but be careful,” he turned around one last time to say. “If the situation is looking bad, just run.”

“Mhm.” I nodded. “I will.”

Having sent away the trio, I flew off towards the giant skeleton.

Because of my bloodline, my night vision was exceptional, allowing me to spot a distant figure standing atop the giant.

Don’t tell that hoodlum is alive again? But the size doesn’t fit.

The night winds blew past the lone figure atop the giant. From the scant few glimpses, I could tell that this person was skinny, to the point of being bony.

In order to uncover the truth behind this conundrum, I accelerated my flight.

The giant seemed to have noticed my approach as well. It sped up, its thunderous footsteps now shaking the very land it trod on. A great number of zombies ended up being squashed by the giant; even the surrounding buildings were not spared from its destructive influence.

With each step it took, a small pit would be left in its wake. One could only imagine the force behind its steps!

But why does it seem like it’s trying to avoid me?

I couldn’t figure out why the giant would act in such a manner, thus I did the only thing I could do: speed up like a flash of purple!

At the end of the day, that giant wasn’t made for speed. No matter how much it tried to flee, the distance between continued to grow smaller. Our little game of catch continued for another twenty seconds or so before the other party finally realised that they couldn’t shake my pursuit. Thus, they just decided to stop.

I took this opportunity to circle around to the front of the giant, floating at the same level as that figure on top of the giant’s head.

With just ten meters separating the two of us, I could now see… a skeleton? A skeleton wearing a black robe!

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“I never expected for us to meet under such circumstances…” The skeleton’s jaws cracked open, and despite there not being any vocal chords to be seen, it started talking.

How unscientific! But very fantasy-esque!

Given that even angel bloodlines were being sold now, I naturally wasn’t too shocked by a talking, black-robed skeleton. However, its familiarity with me struck me as odd -did it know me?

My brows knitted together in alarm. “Who are you?”

I had no recollection whatsoever of this skeleton. Perhaps it was someone I knew before losing my memory?

“You don’t recognise me?” The skeleton seemed shocked by my reaction.

“Should I? I don’t remember you at all. Are you part of that mysterious cult who kidnapped me for human experimentation?”

“… even though I have no idea what you just said, I think I know what’s happened to you.” The black-robed skeleton smiled strangely. “Heheheh… you’ve lost your memories, haven’t you?”


Was I that obvious?

“While I doubt you’ve been kidnapped for experimentation, losing your memory is very possible. After all, you forced your way through those dimensional barriers -paying a price is only to be expected.” It eyed me from top to bottom for a good while, then in a sudden burst of vigor, declared, “Since you’ve lost your memory, I can see why your aura has weakened as well. In that case, this can’t be a trap and it’s time for some payback! For every ounce of suffering you’ve inflicted on me, including the recently deceased Verni, I will return them to you twofold!”

From its words alone, I managed to glean a fair amount of information. Assuming everything it said was true, of course…

It knew me before I lost my memory. I had crossed something known as a “dimensional barrier”, resulting in me losing my memories as a price.

It mentioned, “Verni”, that should be the name of that lady ghost who the girls destroyed. In that case, it must have sensed her death and rushed here to exact revenge.

Before it could do so, it sensed my presence, and assumed this was some sort of trap, so it rode away on that giant skeleton.

But if it was truly afraid of me, why didn’t it just run away? I doubt I would have noticed it. Why activate that giant skeleton?

The most logical explanation would be that it was planning to destroy the inn with that skeleton, and that was when it noticed me…

Judging from its attitude, I must have given it a good thrashing… meaning the “me” who still had memories…

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What an awkward reunion…

But it still could have just abandoned the giant skeleton and ran. I wouldn’t have noticed it.

Well… if there’s something you don’t know, you just gotta ask -that’s how I’ve always been.

“You must have noticed me after activating that giant skeleton. But if you’ve already decided to flee, why didn’t you just abandon the skeleton and run off?”

Hearing that, the skeleton was visibly stunned. Even without any flesh, I could tell it was hiding a sense of awkwardness. “I’ve… forgotten…”


And here I was… assuming that this skeleton dressed in an ominously black set of robes actually had a grand conspiracy…

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