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Chapter 757: Epilogue (3)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Thanks to the backpacker’s vigorous shaking, Jeerah managed to wake up prematurely. Her dimension crossing had impacted her consciousness somewhat, slowing it down along with her reflexes.

Seeing her awaken, the backpacker breathed a sigh of relief. “You’re awake. Miss, what are you doing cosplaying in the middle of the mountains? Where are your companions?”

“Human, who gave you the permission to lay your filthy hands on me? Remove it, right this instant! (Devil)” Always a stickler about her own cleanliness, Jeerah flew into a rage when she found an unknown human’s hand on her shoulders. Her first thought was to burn the human, but the crossing had caused her magic to fail. It was at that point that Jeerah noticed the fundamental differences between the two worlds.

Unable to punish the man, she could only swallow her boiling anger as she stared daggers at him. “Despicable human, remove your hands!”

“Miss? What language are you using? My translator can’t seem to match it.”

Electronic AIs all came with their own translators built-in. However, Jeerah’s Devil language clearly wasn’t going to appear in the databases of Gaia. And even if it did, it wouldn’t be available to the ordinary citizen.

“Damn, it’s still not working? Forget it, I’ll just find somewhere safe first, maybe I can get more clues on Master’s whereabouts there.” Jeerah’s only concern was to locate Mo Ke and bring him back to Purgatory, then if possible, have him teach that brat, Mo Na, a lesson. Definitely wasn’t going to happen, but a devil could dream, couldn’t she?

She looked intently into the backpacker’s eyes, before mysteriously stating, “It’s about time.”

“Miss? You can speak our language now? Hmm… what an enchanting aroma… it’s getting stronger too…” The backpacker took a big whiff of the fragrance coming off Jeerah. His eyes started to glaze over, and his speech began to slur. “You’re… so beautiful…”

Even though Jeerah couldn’t understand what he was saying, his intentions were clear. Reaching into his mind, she commanded him, “From now on, I’m your master. Your mission is to bring me somewhere safe. I need time to acclimatise to this strange environment.”

“Understood, master.”

—————Change of scene—————–

At the same time as Mo Ke was explaining to his squabbling harem about otherworldly invaders, countless cracks began to form above the skies of Gaia. However, not every one of them exhibited some strange phenomenon. From a third of these rifts, a foreboding pillar of bone appeared. They did not descend, but rather, they merely popped into existence.

Each of these pillars were several hundreds of meters tall, with a width of over a hundred meters. From a distance, they seemed like cylinders connecting Gaia and the heavens. The surface of these cylinders were marked with strange carvings, but upon closer inspection, they were actually made of bones, ghostly faces, and all manner of unholy constructs.

When the Federation discovered these unknown cylinders, the Federation, having just suffered a massive loss of face from a string of recent hiccups, mobilised with an alacrity most other planets could only dream of. Within thirty minutes, an investigation team was already on-site.

These cylindrical bone pillars were actually a totem created by the Undead just for this dimensional war. Its functions were many, more importantly, it acted as a beacon for their dimensional travel, almost like a GPS.

Unlike a GPS, however, these bone pillars were also dimensional gates. Furthermore, they came built-in with defenses of their own. After all, this was an invasion they were planning. They couldn’t very well send a bunch of defenseless gates over and expect their opponents not to attack.

Yet to transport these pillars over was no easy task. Had it not been for the undead demigod, Karlston, stirring up a storm in Southern Plains, distorting the laws of this world in the process, there was no way these bone totems in the shape of a pillar could even traverse the dimensions.

Twice, the Undead had tried to send pillars over, and both ended in failure. And even during this attempt, only 365 of the 1000 they sent over even made it across. But when compared to the utter failure of the previous two attempts, this was a miraculous result.

Since Karlston began converting Southern Plains into an undead city, the worlds of the law were slowly changing. These were fundamental changes that weren’t as simple as two dimensions being joined together. The environment of the Western Human Realms operated on magic and elements in the air. When this collided with the world of Gaia, this mix of magic and spiritual energy (SP) started to fuse with each other, in the same way a chemical reaction would.

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Being at the epicenter of this change, a number of otherwise normal humans began to develop abilities, like that hoodlum and Yamabe Takuma.

This new invasion by the Undead could be said to have torn apart the last dimensional barrier of this world. The two worlds were now colliding at full force, and what was next would be… rebirth…

One beneficiary of this momentous change was Karlston himself. Still in seclusion, his progress had sped up significantly. Being able to alter the laws of the world now, he began absorbing the magic within the blood pool at speeds even he did not anticipate.

Not long after, a human-shaped form slowly rose from the blood pool. When Karlston finally stepped out of the crimson liquid, he had discarded any semblance of his human self. His body had transformed into a skeleton, one with a power infinitely close to a demigod’s!

For someone like Karlston, who was more used to being an undead, a human body was an unforgivable weakness. It had to eat three meals a day, go to the toilet, and what was even worse, it had to sleep!

The loss of a third of a day was practically a waste of life! Absolutely unforgivable!

He could have been doing all sorts of productive research. Magical tools. Necromancy. More research… Essentially, the human body was weak.

As if taking a leisurely stroll on the beach, he sauntered on the bloody surface, at which point the wraith, Verni, came up and laid a black robe on him.

Now, with black robe equipped, he was finally distinguishable from an ordinary skeleton.

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