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Chapter 756: Epilogue (2)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

“Wow, that’s really practical!” Qiaoqiao blinked her eyes in wonder, before spurting another question. “Big brother, how much does that crystal cost?”

“Together with that purification feature, 55000 points.” I scratched my head a little. “Pricey, but it’s worth every point spent.”

“55000? That’s five top-grade bloodlines!” Qiaoqiao stuck out her tongue, clearly agreeing that it was a pricey purchase.

“Well, that’s how good things are.” I shrugged my shoulders in resignation. “Honestly, it’s not that bad. After all, it’s going to form the defenses for our entire base. I’m actually relieved that it’s so expensive.”

“I guess you’re right…” Qiaoqiao gave it some thought before agreeing as well. “Cheap goods are never quality goods.”

“Exactly. Oh and why are Lixiang and Sis so quiet all of a sudden?” Having had an amicable chat with Qiaoqiao for some time now, I suddenly realised that the room seemed oddly quiet.

Hearing me ask that, the two girls in question immediately glared at me ruefully. “Wasn’t it Ke who told us to shut up?”

“…ah… I did, didn’t I?” It was then that I finally remembered what I did, especially under Bitong’s withering glare.


“Even though your Highness is always right, this one feels your Highness went overboard just now.”

Even Lixiang is taking pot shots at me now… yikes…

“I’m sorry… I just wanted to stop you two from fighting with each other…” I was just about to apologise when I suddenly heard a ding in my head.

“Be advised, valued host, the system has just detected a large number of foreign incursions into Gaia from another world. The war of worlds has officially started, and the laws of this universe will only get more distorted as this collision worsens. A fusion will occur in the future… in the meantime, please focus on increasing your strength as much as possible, otherwise Gaia will become a hunting ground for these otherworldly invaders.”

“What did you say?!” I blurted out. “What do you mean a war of worlds?”

“Ke? What war of worlds?”

“Your Highness, do you mean to say that there will be more monsters invading from other dimensions?”

“Big brother… don’t shout into Qiaoqiao’s ears…”

My sudden outburst greatly startled the girls, who were anxiously seeking an answer from me. Even though Lixiang had always been a little delusional, it was precisely such settings where she seemed unusually calm and accepting. Just from that name alone, she managed to guess the rough situation.

“War of the worlds…” I scratched my head out of frustration, turning my otherwise flowing head of purple hair into a messy bush. “Simply put, Gaia is being invaded by creatures from another dimension. If we do not chase them away in time… let alone Gaia, the entire system might be in danger…”

An apocalypse facing the entire human species…

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Prepared as they were, even the girls weren’t ready to accept a conflict at the scale of an entire species. Stunned silence filled the room.

“Only our valued host can save this world now. Survive, then become the saviour of the entire human race. Become strong, only then can you save this planet!”

I know what I have to do… but I’m still too weak… System, do you have an idea of how many monsters are invading our world?

The monsters in Southern Plains were already problematic enough. If every invader had the ability to recreate another ‘Southern Plains’, then we were just done for.

“Don’t worry, this first batch is a scouting team. Even without our valued host, the Federation army should be able to handle them. However, this team is nothing but a precursor to the larger invasion. Hopefully, our valued host will be able to leave Southern Plains before that happens.”

I want to leave as well, but we still need to rescue the survivors, and find out who the mastermind is.

“This distortion is on the level of the entire planet, the mastermind behind Southern Plains should come out soon.”

I hope so… I just pray that I have the strength to fight them…

——————–Change of scene——————

Ever since she was shoved into the dimensional array by Mo Na, and after a period of deep sleep, that might or might not have been an instant, Jeerah finally awoke.

Back when Mo Ke and the undead demigod Karlston came through the dimensional rift into Gaia, their descent sent shockwaves through the area, to say the least. The mighty Devil King Idol was rendered inoperational, while Karlston was left with nothing but a shred of his soul…

In comparison, Jeerah was hale and hearty… completely fine, as if she was the main protagonist of this story…

That was the difference between a properly prepared ritual and a haphazard one. At the very least, a dimensional array would guarantee the safety of its occupants… most of the time…

Right this very instant, Jeerah was laying on her back, breathing in and out deeply, her voluminous jugs rising and falling against a backdrop of equally tall mountains. Her beautiful, slender legs were on full display. Her innate Lust Demon fragrance wafted through the air, attracting all manner of lifeforms to her… Even if her red skin identified as something entirely non-human, that did not stop her from looking absolutely stunning.

A backpacking man just so happened to be passing by the prone devil, and he quickly noticed her unconscious form. Not very difficult, given her bright red skin.

“Cosplay? Even the skin’s red… Now that’s dedication.” The backpacker carefully walked up to her and shook her shoulders. “Lady? Lady? Are you all right?”

The young man’s first impression of Jeerah was that she was just some ordinary lady. Beautiful, but ordinary. She was probably roleplaying some character. After all, modern technology allowed one to change their skin color easily. Tacking on a horn and some wings weren’t rare either. That was why his first thought was that she was cosplaying, and not some invader from another world.

Thanks to the outside stimulus, Jeerah quickly regained consciousness. “Hmm… have I arrived at last? Human?” (Devil)

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