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Chapter 733: The Tragedy of Yamabe Takuma

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

After a great deal of planning, I finally got Yamabe to eat his shaved ice alone while I quickly took a detour to the washroom.

Obviously a man, my first instinct was to head towards the male washroom, but I was instead intercepted by a wave of that waitress, beckoning me towards the female washroom instead.

Hmm… a grown man like me shouldn’t really be stepping into the female washroom, but if she doesn’t mind… who am I to complain? Besides, I had to use the female toilet back when I worked at the cafe as well. And in the first place, I’m not actually trying to use the toilet… so I don’t need to feel embarrassed at all.

The moment I walked up the door, the waitress yanked me into the washroom. She then stuck her head out to give the area a quick look before letting loose a sigh of relief.

“Hello, let me introduce myself. I’m Chiyo Hanataba, a worker here. I know you aren’t in league with Yamabe, so I’m hoping you can help us out…”

Without waiting for me to reply, she immediately began explaining the situation to me. In short, she wanted me to save the fourteen female survivors trapped in this cafe.

As she kept explaining, her voice only got more excited and harried. Finally, just when it looked like she was about to choke herself, I interrupted her. “Hello, I’m Mo Ke, I’m sure you have a lot to say to me, but first you need to slow down, I will be sure to listen to every word.”

“Right, my bad… So where do I start…”

Now that she had calmed down significantly, I was able to catch a lot more details than before. For example, what was the deal with Yamabe Takuma…

Yesterday, when the zombie outbreak just happened, countless guests turned into mindless zombies in a flash and began biting others.

Back then, Yamabe and his parents were having a break in the cafe. They were your typical family: a mother and a father along with a kid.

Just like the outside, the situation in the cafe was chaotic, with zombies running amok biting others.

It was worth noting now that Yamabe Takuma’s parents were all martial arts instructors. Even though they weren’t SP-powered ancient martial arts users, they were significantly stronger than normal folk.

The heroic actions of the Yamabes were the very reason why the cafe managed to survive the initial chaos. Simply put, they saved the survivors by cleaning up the zombies in Starry Infatuation. Just like that, Yamabe Takuma’s father, Yamabe Narita, naturally became the leader of the survivors. Yet when it all seemed quiet, tragedy struck in the form of a female survivor suddenly turning into a zombie, biting those around her.

Once more, the cafe was thrown into chaos.

Yamabe Narita was a smart man. After a brief discussion amongst the survivors, he soon found out that all the zombies had one thing in common: they had all drunk that serum.

In an ideal world, this was an easy problem to solve. Just isolate those who had drunk the accursed serum to ensure the safety of the other survivors. Unfortunately, not everyone would openly admit to drinking that serum. More importantly, Yamabe Takuma had drunk that serum himself, and he had even been spotted doing so by another survivor.

The moment when Yamabe Takuma was outed by that survivor, the cafe fell silent like cold water had been dumped on everyone. But that was merely the calm before the storm. One of the male survivors was the first to suggest locking Yamabe Takuma up, and that got the ball rolling. First came the murmurs, then questions. Finally, everyone was openly pushing for Yamabe Narita to be a role model for everyone… meaning he had to isolate his son.

After a round of deliberation, he ended up locking his son into the isolation room, for the sake of the greater good. Even if he didn’t want to, he had to lock his son up for observation.

His mother vehemently protested the decision, but she ultimately relented under her husband’s firm persuasion.

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However, that sequence of events was seen in a different light for the boy in question…

He did not protest the decision at all, merely accepting his impending doom with stoic silence as he was herded into the isolation room.

There was nothing more loathsome, more disgusting, than the look on those survivors’ faces right now. Those ungrateful wretches had been saved by his family not too long ago… and what was even more unforgivable was that his parents were actually their accomplices!

Betrayed by everyone, the boy started changing from that moment on. Yet he dared not reveal his emotions. After all, he was just a kid who happened to have learnt some martial arts.

At the same time, a young couple was also escorted into the room with him.

In the beginning, the three of them got on well. But after half an hour or so, the couple transformed into zombies and began attacking their former roommate.

Still wallowing in the pain of being betrayed, his condition was less than ideal as he fought the two of them. Yet in spite of the wounds they inflicted on him, he still did not zombify… because he had evolved…

Thanks to his supernatural abilities, he was about to break out of the isolation room, at which point he did not hesitate to kill all the male survivors in the cafe, along with his parents for aiding them.

Roughly around this time, the rescue squad from the nearby police station arrived… The rest was history… he used his powers to put them to sleep before creating that throne…

Shortly after that, I received the mission request from Aunty Xinqing and was dispatched here…

“Betrayed by his parents huh… no wonder I couldn’t see a trace of sadness in him when he said they were dead…”

While his backstory was tragic, such matters were never black and white, especially not in a situation where even their basic safety wasn’t guaranteed. Besides, it was a fact that he had drunk that serum, it was just that he lucked out and avoided becoming a zombie… Unfortunately, with the advent of his powers, he had lost the innocence youth afforded him…

“Sigh… the fickleness of love… whoops, not love…”

Eh? System lady, what the heck are you interjecting yourself for?

“This system is just lamenting the harshness of life. It’s nothing. Our valued host can continue with his playing while the system just does the watching.”

The heck? Then what the heck did you come out for!

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