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Chapter 734: Vocal Psychokinesis

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Just about when the two of us were done discussing, Yamabe Takuma came knocking on our door. Literally.

“Goddess, are you in there? Goddess?”

His voice sounded anxious. His knocking only grew quicker as the seconds passed. While they weren’t obnoxiously loud, they were rapid.

“I’m here…” I answered with false annoyance as I quickly exchanged a look with Chiyo Hanataba, who gave me a distraught look in return. “What are you even doing outside the girl’s washroom? Don’t tell me you’re into that kind of stuff?”

“No, no. I’m not a pervert… I was just worried about my Goddess… It’s been a while since you left so I was getting worried…” His voice dropped off a little at the end like a child who had been wronged. “Goddess, are you done? Let’s go back and have our shaved ice.”

“Don’t let him know that I was talking to you, please…” Chiyo begged me with her hands clasped together. The boy outside must have had a truly terrifying effect on the girls for her to act this way. I still had more questions for her, but first I had to find a reason to satisfy Yamabe.

“Just one second, I’m feeling a little unwell right now. I’m not so sure about that shaved ice either.”

“You’re unwell? Do you need me to find some medicine?”

“It’s fine… It’s just those days of the month again…”

What am I even saying…

“Oh. That’s true, being a girl is inconvenient at times… And shaved ice isn’t too good for the body. I’ll get the waitresses to prepare something hot then. Don’t worry, I’ll be waiting for you outside, my Goddess. No matter how long it takes.”

Yamabe left a few more words of concern before finally leaving satisfied.

“Phew… he’s gone…” I immediately heard Chiyo let out a sigh of relief.

“So what did Yamabe Takuma do other than purging the cafe of his parents and the males? Did he do anything to you?”

“No. He hasn’t done anything to us… but the aura he gives off… it’s like he’s not human anymore…” Chiyo looked as if she was trying to figure out how to describe the boy, but for some reason or another, nothing came to mind. Finally, she shook her head and said, “I’m not sure how to explain it, but he’s just scary…”

On that point, we could agree upon. Taking control of a giant underground theme park alone was not something a normal evolved human could do.

Even I was only able to slay those zombies, not stack them up like a giant tower of cards.

“Do you have any idea what his powers are?”

“They are… strange… whatever he says seems to become reality.” Just like before, she couldn’t figure out the words to describe his powers, so she started recounting what happened instead. “Back when Yamabe walked out of the isolation room, he ordered that the door be open, and the door just swung open. He said he wanted all the men, his parents, and any girl who wasn’t pretty enough to leave the cafe and kill each other, they just followed his orders without questions…”


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Opening up a locked door means his speech is able to influence physical objects. Having those survivors kill each other shows he is able to influence them on a mental level…

So he’s basically able to turn his words into reality then?

With that kind of power, I bet I can become an emperor, then open up a massive harem, and then…

“Young people these days should ground themselves in reality and stop dreaming about the skies…”

Fine. I know they aren’t possible, but a man can dream.

By the way, what’s up with that power of his? How is he able to translate his words into actual reality?

“That ability is known as Vocal Psychokinesis, the use of words to affect reality.”

No way…

“Don’t look down on words, they have a power of their own.”

But there’s a ton of people talking everyday. Just in terms of cursing alone, you can probably find millions who have cursed someone in a single day. I don’t see those people dropping dead… are you sure you aren’t just pulling my leg here?

“Valued host, do you not chant when activating Lion’s Majesty? That chant is a form of vocal psychokinesis as well. Magic requires a variety of chants, those chants are actually all variations of vocal psychokinesis. And ordinary people are able to employ vocal psychokinesis as well, except those instances are often written off as the person being a jinx.”

What the heck… is that how you’re explaining this?

But I guess it does make sense. There are those who somehow bring about misfortune just by speaking. So what you’re saying is that those “jinxes” are actually activating a form of vocal psychokinesis unconsciously?

“Our valued host isn’t wrong in saying that, but often those jinxes are just plain unlucky, given that ordinary people do not possess a sufficiently strong level of psychic power.”

Then how are we going to deal with this kid? The more I learn about him, the more suspicious he gets. Even if he’s really a fan of mine, I need a way to guard against him as a precaution.

What truly worried me was that I might get unknowingly hypnotised…

“Our valued host is right again, but do not worry, your system has generously decided to strengthen your bloodline. After this strengthening, our valued host will have the ability to resist psychic compulsions.”

For free? System lady, you’re the best.

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But a system lady that isn’t trying to fleece me of points makes me wonder if this is even the same system lady I know…

“Don’t be so hasty there. Free is impossible, not in your lifetime. The strengthening is just a loan, it still has to be paid back with half your future earnings.”

What a scam…

“Scam? Your system was kind enough not to charge you interest. Try approaching any bank and see if they would give you a loan without interest.”

I… Fine, our system lady is right, as usual. I’ll take the loan, it’s not like there isn’t a mountain of zombies nearby just waiting to be harvested. I bet I can earn a hundred thousand points just by burning this entire park.

“Seems like our valued host has finally understood the real meaning of coming to this park.”

That’s right, only the whales can get strong…

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