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Chapter 732: I Have a Bold Idea

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

“I will give that to you, disrespectful intruders should be punished.” However, the fact that he treated this entire theme park as his own home left me speechless. But there was another matter that puzzled me as well. “According to the information I got, those SAT members managed to send out a message but were quickly cut off. Was that your doing as well?”

“That was me. I originally planned to lure more people down here for my grand plan!” Yamabe Takuma threw a wink at that point, bringing goosebumps to my skin out of sheer disgust.

“A grand plan? What plan?” I anxiously asked the boy, forcefully suppressing the disgust in me. “What are you trying to do?”

“I was planning to lure more people down here and capture them. Once that number gets to a point where the Federation can’t ignore me, I would then make my demands.” Yamabe threw me a lascivious smile at that point. “I’m sure they won’t reject my demands. As for what that demand is…”

“So what do you want?”

Don’t just leave me hanging like that!

Seeing that I was at the edge of my seat already, Yamabe finally decided to spell it out for me. “My request would be for them to deliver the Goddess to my doorstep.”


Looking at my wide-eyed, slack-jawed face, he couldn’t but smile even wider in triumph. “Hahaha, that’s right. My plan was to stock up on hostages till I could openly demand that they send the Goddess to me!”

“… Is that really necessary?”

“Well, what’s a boy to do?~ I thought my Goddess was still in Phoenix city when I thought of that plan. Who would’ve known that the Goddess was actually right here at my doorstep. What a coincidence.”

Hey, don’t try to act cute on me! It doesn’t work if you aren’t a girl! Will it kill you not to be so cringy?

“So you’re saying all this was just to meet me?”

“That’s right, but since the Goddess is here, there’s no need for me to negotiate with the Federation anymore.”

Speechless… absolutely speechless. Especially that damned smug look on his… And here I was thinking that he had some grand scheme, and I was just some small pawn on that chessboard… but the brat’s just a moron… Hopeless… You better enjoy that shaved ice, because you ain’t getting another chance in the future.

In the midst of me roasting his intelligence, the red-haired waitress came out of the kitchen bearing a bowl, roughly thirty centimeters in diameter, and walked up to us. The bowl was stacked with a mountain of shaved ice, covered in an assorted colorful topping.

It actually looked delicious. With how the world had gone to hell after the zombie outbreak, I never would have expected to be served such a luxurious treat. It almost felt like we were in a different dimension from the hellscape outside.

She daintily placed down the extra-large bowl of shaved ice, then bowed and left.

“Goddess, your order of shaved ice is here.”

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I had to admit, her timing was impeccable, seeing as I had run into the awkward problem of not knowing how to continue this conversation. In all likelihood, she had been watching us from the sidelines, waiting for the opportune moment to serve the food. Before leaving however, she quietly winked in my direction, as if to tell me she had something to say as well.

As instructed, she brought us two spoons to eat with. The moment Yamabe saw that, he knew what was up as well and smiled even wider.

“So good, Goddess, would you like some?”

Having said that, he brought a spoonful of fluffy white shaved ice up to me.

Are you trying to feed me? Sorry, but I do not accept being fed by a man, especially not you, that just makes me want to puke…

Naturally, I wasn’t going to say that outloud. But that happy smile on his face really made it hard for me to reject it otherwise.

Up till now, I saw no reason to get rid of him. In fact, his ability was quite useful. Even though he had a screw loose, with his help, it would be much easier to bring peace back to Southern Plains.

Just that ability to put zombies and people to sleep made him invaluable for the cause. With his help, ordinary survivors would no longer have to fear zombies. As for those he couldn’t put to sleep, I could deal with them.

Which means… our abilities are actually made for each other? Blegh! Like hell, I don’t want that! He can be my underling, that’s right, an underling.

Before that, the biggest problem is how to deal with his spoon feeding. I don’t want to be spoon fed by anyone other than a beautiful girl.

If I’m going to avoid that horrific fate, I need to act fast. Yup. That waitress was trying to tell me something just now, wasn’t she? Now’s as good a time as any.

With that in mind, I ducked the impending spoonful of shaved ice, all the while holding back the bile in my throat. I forced out a smile and asked, “I’m feeling a little uncomfortable, is it alright if I visit the washroom?”

“Huh? Does a goddess even need to use the washroom?”

“Why shouldn’t I? What the hell do you think I am, some kind of doll?”

“Well, a goddess like you is in a different realm from us mortals…”

“Thank you, I guess. For that compliment…”


“You’re welcome, this is only to be expected. Goddess, the washroom is that way, let me accompany you.” He had completely mistaken my disgust for praise, and was even about to stand up to lead the way. “This way.”

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“It’s alright, this cafe isn’t that big. I don’t think I’ve gotten so bad at directions that I would get lost here.” Biting down on my teeth, I managed to force out another smile, “Besides, I’m the one going to the toilet, why do you have to accompany me?”

“To guard the door, of course!”

Guard the door? Do you think the washroom is some kind of a goalpost or something? Are you the goalkeeper? Do you think this is a soccer match?! This is just a toilet break, why do I need someone to guard the door for me.


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