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Chapter 729: Yamabe Takuma

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

“Did you think that just by killing off three of my summons, you have the right to challenge me?” I coolly floated in the air, Icy Inferno in my right hand. “You must have some degree of intelligence. Perhaps you already remember some parts of your former life as a human… Or not, but that doesn’t matter now. Because you’re already dead!”

I focused a surge of SP into my weapon, ready to face his challenge with an equally forceful response of my own.

Ice Edge!

I swung my blade in the zombie’s direction, blasting out a wave of icy sword energy, so condensed that it almost appeared to be physical.

The giant zombie was still in the middle of a leaping strike when that happened, but with the sword wave’s unmatched sharpness, the wave bifurcated the zombie the instant it sliced into the zombie.

Just like that, the zombie fell to the sides with an unceremonious thud. On one half, the slice was perfectfully even, with the surface completely frozen over into a mirror surface. On the other, the flesh was already turning black from the flames that ate into it, filling the air with an acrid smell in the process.

I calmly smiled at my handiwork, not at all perturbed by the sight. “That’s the price for challenging me, idiot.”

I will give that bit of showboating a 99/100. Not a perfect hundred since I clearly overdid it just now with my SP expenditure. Speaking of which… time to replenish my SP.

I immediately purchased three bottles of SP Recovery and downed them.

A surge of energy filled my body in an instant. Taking advantage of this state, I promptly began the summoning process once more.

Given how many zombies there were in this theme park, hacking them one by one would be a chore without some help. I wasn’t some kind of butcher after all.

The following descent down the stairway was relatively uneventful. That giant zombie was the only mini-boss like character I encountered. The remaining zombies were no match for my elementals.

Yet the moment I reached the fifth floor, I was stunned by what greeted me.

Atop a nearly hundred meters tall mountain of zombies, a black-haired teen, roughly around my age with average looks, dressed in a black T-shirt and bluish-white jeans, sat atop the grisly hill in a pensive stance.

Right at the very summit of that mini hill was a bony throne on which he sat. But unlike the mountain of corpses below, this throne did not seem natural at all. It wasn’t just pieced together out of stacked bones, rather it seemed to be held together by some other force.

After all, there were no chains holding them together, nor were there any signs of the throne itself being carved from a single large piece of bone.

“Someone dares to… You… you’re the… Goddess?!” The black-haired teen first looked at the fire elementals, but his gaze was immediately torn away when I entered his view. He nearly jumped off his throne, finger shaking as he pointed at me. “Goddess… are you here to see me? I never thought that I would ever be able to see you in the flesh in this lifetime. I’ve always regretted not being able to visit Phoenix city… yet here you are now… I’m so touched… weeping.”

Well, someone is really getting into his character. Maybe I know him from somewhere? No, more like he knows me… but I don’t know him.

All the zombies in the last floor seemed to have been stacked up on that giant corpse hill over there. From a quick glance, I estimated at least a hundred thousand of them there. In fact, they didn’t seem to be dead at all. Rather, they were just silently lying there, neither growling or clawing, as if they were in a sweet slumber.

Had it not been for the fact that they were stacked up in a hill, and that teen appearing atop them was just too strange, I would have most likely started burning that hill right now.

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I quietly ordered my elementals to stand down. As I did so, I checked to see where the coordinates Aunty Xinqing led to, all the while keeping my eyes on the teen.

It’s beneath me… but there’s nothing here except for those zombies… so my target is that hill then?

Having been left with more questions than answers, there was only the option of asking that teen left. Assuming, of course, he was willing to answer them.

“Who are you?”

“My name is Yamabe (last name/surname) Takuma. I came here on a holiday with my parents. I’m also a member of the Goddess Ke Ke Cult. I’ve been following you since your early days at the cafe. Honestly, I wanted to visit Phoenix City to find you, but my parents were adamant about visiting this theme park. And that’s how I landed up here… I thought I would never get the chance to see the Goddess ever again, but fortune has smiled on me today! I must be the luckiest boy on the planet right now!”

As the teen continued blathering on, his face only grew more excited, distorted even.

While he seemed to be on my side on the surface, I dared not let my guard down. This whole scene was just too odd. From the way this whole scene was set up, to how there was suddenly no contact with the Federation, that teen had to have some hand in them.

Regardless, a smart move would always be to get him to leave his home grounds. In this area, I was clearly at a disadvantage…

And in a giant theme park of death, him being the only survivor was definitely suspicious. Even pigs flying would have been more believable.

Based on what he just said, this teen was an ardent fan of mine. In that case, starting from that angle should work out. After sorting out my emotions, I started talking in the most gentle manner possible. “Nice to meet you, Yamabe Takuma. If you don’t mind, I have a ton of questions to ask you… Perhaps we should find a more comfortable location to talk?”

“That’s perfect! I have so much to say to the Goddess as well. I’m just a normal cult member, but the bishops would always put up pictures and videos of the Goddess in our holy grounds. I have to look at them at least once before I can even sleep. Ah… how lucky I am to be able to be this close to the Goddess! I can just die right now… No, no… I can’t die yet.”

Clearly, the kid was out of his mind. His words were starting to get jumbled up. Even so, since he even knew about the holy grounds, he had to be a fan of mine.

As a side note, this so-called “holy grounds” was just the official Goddess Ke Ke Cult’s website. Everyday, that site would be updated with a ton of new information about me. Pictures, videos, etc. Sometimes, a fan would even upload a screenshot of my bio in Federation’s database…

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