Chapter 728: Attack of the Evolved Zombies

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

As if Anti-magic Blade wasn’t enough, the other skills of Icy Inferno were even more shocking.

Ravaging was clear enough in its description. Thanks to that skill, I hadn’t found a single foe I wasn’t able to slice through with Icy Inferno.

The last of my active skills, Ice Edge, was a powerful skill that I had often used in the past. In its basic form, its SP expenditure wasn’t much, but it boasted an impressive killing power.

Now that I could clearly evaluate Lion’s Majesty and Icy Inferno, I was feeling confident, to say the least. A little bloated on it, one might even say.

My three elementals continued clearing the path ahead for me, sweeping down the spiraling staircase with brutal efficiency. All it took was a pinpoint strike to the head and a zombie was down. With their aid, the points kept increasing at a rate I couldn’t even keep up with. It was then that I realised: this was points heaven!

While I might not have an exact standard to measure them against, their strength should be at the third or fourth level. Not exactly at the level of an exosuit, but more than enough for these zombies.

The road downwards required another fifty meters or so of slaughtering, at which point we arrived at the first floor of the park.

The entire park had five floors, each floor being a hundred or so meters tall. Every floor would feature different attractions, every one more entertainment than the previous. Such a pity that this park did not even make it past its fifth year before the zombie apocalypse happened.

The signal I received wasn’t from the first floor, meaning I still had another storey to descend to. But thanks to my fire elementals, it wasn’t a trip even worth mentioning. At the entrance to the second floor, I suddenly felt something was off. I raised my head up and found an observation elevator platform hanging above. It was suspended abruptly there, clearly in the middle of descending before tragedy struck. From outside, I could clearly see the claws swiping out towards me as a cacophony of zombie howls started filling the air. However, there were several dozen meters between us, so I chose to ignore that platform.

Unfortunately, this bit of laziness would soon come to bite me in the butt.

A massive zombie shoved aside the smaller zombies on the observation elevator. Because of my lower vantage point, he only appeared to be a slightly taller zombie. Oh… how wrong I was…

Still in the dark, I casually commanded the fire elementals to continue clearing up any zombies they encountered. I was completely undefended when suddenly the skies darkened and a massive zombie shadow came crashing down from the heavens, flattening one of the fire elementals and a bunch of smaller zombies in the process.


Its massive five meters tall body landed heavily on the spiralling stairway. Because of the sheer momentum behind its leap, and the relatively small landing point, it had to clutch onto the railways just to stop it from toppling over the edge.

Even so, the stairway wasn’t built to withstand such forces. Not long after the deafening crash, an ominous cracking sound could be heard. Numerous fissures began crawling their across the entire structure, built entirely out of what was supposed to be the strongest building material on Gaia. But that bit of sturdiness was no match for the zombie’s flamboyant entry… I had to admit, it was a shocking entry, indeed.

Just based on its destructive power, this giant zombie had to be at the sixth level -the first mini-boss of this theme park. If this was actually a dungeon in a game…

Armed with a new target, the remaining fire elementals immediately charged at the monster, their fists roaring with flames as they threw out the first blows of this fight.

Yet this massive zombie had long passed the stage of caring about a couple of punches from these little flames. With a mighty roar, it breathed a gust of icy white gas at the left fire elemental, instantly extinguishing that poor elemental into nothingness…

The other fire elemental had taken this opportunity to swing at the zombie once more, but its puny fists couldn’t penetrate the defenses of the new zombie. In fact, not only did it fail to land a decisive hit, it had placed itself in the position for a counterattack.

The zombie swung a mighty fist back at the elemental. Being a creature of elements, such physical attacks wouldn’t normally work against it, but this zombie was clearly imbued with some sort of ice element. Thus when its fist struck, the fire elemental was quickly relieved of its arm, snuffed out like its comrade…

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Just from that short exchange alone, I learnt that its breath and aura was a force to be reckoned with. Ice and Fire were both opposing elements. Fire was normally strong against Ice, but this zombie was clearly much stronger than those elementals, thus they were easily defeated.

Deprived of an arm, the giant zombie easily finished the elemental with a further couple of punches.

Victorious, the zombie let forth another sonorous howl. This time, it seemed to be challenging me to a fight… was it trying to figure out my strength? Did this zombie possess some degree of intelligence?

If someone were to say that a zombie could ever be smarter than a human… I would most likely call their bluff. However, now that these zombies were starting to raise their levels, having some degree of intelligence was no longer an impossibility. Perhaps this giant zombie was one such specimen.

The width of the spiralling stairway wasn’t even seven meters. With its massive girth, that zombie was able to block off the exit downwards just by standing there. Even the smaller zombies who were trying to squeeze their way through it from the second floor were summarily smacked aside by it.

Naturally, I could just fly over him and skip down to the next floor, but that would mean the end of my free-and-easy point farming.

Also, that was three of my summons he just took out. It would be remiss of me not to give him some payback.

In that case, we fight!

A swing of my left hand and a flash from Lion’s Majesty later, a massive flame wall roared to life underneath the zombie’s foot, threatening to swallow him whole in an instant.

However, the giant zombie merely clasped its hands together and bashed down on the rising flames. Its icy white aura collided with the flames, the two cancelling each other out instantly.

Now that the wall was gone, the zombie howled one last time before breaking into a deafening charge at it. With every lunge of its lumbering body, the stairs underneath it would groan in protest.

Because I had slain a number of zombies before this, it had to wade through a sea of corpses as it ran. Bits of zombie flesh and heads would fly about the stairway like trees behind a raging hurricane.

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