Chapter 730: Starry Infatuation

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

This widespread sharing of my bio was one of the reasons why, no matter how much I tried to explain that I was a male, no one would believe me; seeing as my bio page in the Federation listed me as female.

Or at the very least, those who were willing to believe me were probably those who would prefer I was a male…

I had attempted in the past to correct the data, but that required one year of processing. More importantly, this so-called error was made by sister Bitong… should she insist on this error… What else was a man to do? Sigh…

After a bit of random monologuing, I finally remembered that I actually had a job to do here and yanked my attention back from the abyss.

“This area is a disaster, at least for having a chat, how about we change locations instead? A cafe, maybe? A sweets shop – what do you think?”

The moment I said the word cafe, his words nearly lit up. “Cafe? Goddess, you want to go on a date with me?”

A date? As if! Who would want to go on a date with a nutjob? I just want to lure you away from this location, that’s all.

I waved my hands and profusely tried to deny that, “I won’t say it’s a “date” date, I’m just hoping we can understand each other better, that’s all.”

“I knew I was chosen by the heavens, haha! Even the Goddess wants to go on a date with me. Is this what they mean by a main character’s halo?” Yamabe Takuma confidently jumped off his throne, casually striding down the mountain of zombies with a light hop in his steps.

He beckoned in a certain direction as he continued, “Goddess, I know a decent location nearby, we can head there for a chat.”

Oh? He actually agreed. But why is it still in this theme park?

“About that… if it’s possible, I would rather we go up to the surface. This cave setting makes me a little uneasy.”

“Goddess, you prefer the surface? But the surface is noisy. Down here, it’s nice and quiet…” Yamabe Takuma paused for a second, clearly hesitating about something. “Goddess, I still think it would be better if we go to that little shop I mentioned. The environment’s great there. It has everything, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.”

He firmly rejected my surface suggestion. Because I still needed information from him, I acquiesced in the end.

“Alright, we’ll go with your plan then. Hopefully, it’s as good as you say.”

“Definitely,” he said with a pat to his chest. “The shops I recommend are all the best.”

As a show of goodwill, I dismissed my three fire elementals and followed him to a nearby cafe called “Starry Infatuation”.

Like he said, the interior of the shop was excellent. It had a mostly black theme. Its ceiling was decorated after a night sky, giving the impression of a soothing outdoor dinner for its patrons. Assuming of course, you ignored the cowering girls in the corner over there…

The moment we entered the shop, I spotted a dozen or so young, beautiful girls huddled up in a corner. Their heads were lowered, as if they did not even dare to look Yamabe in the eyes.

So there are other survivors… but they are all female, and they seem deathly afraid of the boy… Did he do something to them?

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Maybe, but before gathering some hard evidence, I can’t act yet.

“Waitresses! My Goddess is here, hurry up and get us some refreshments!” Yamabe started raising his voice the moment he stepped into the shop, as if this was his restaurant to begin with.

At his command, two beautiful waitresses in uniform stood up from the cowering group and approached us. They were clearly dragging their feet as they shuffled up to us. None of them wanted to do the job, but they were also afraid of what he would do to them if they didn’t.

“Master Yamabe, how may we serve you today?” The first waitress to speak up was a twenty or so red-headed girl. After tidying up her dress, she gently said, “The kitchens have all been sorted out, you may order whatever’s on the menu.”

Yamabe didn’t immediately answer her question. Instead, he pulled out one of the wooden chairs for me like a gentleman then proceeded to sit opposite me.

Seeing him seated, the other girl shakily laid down a menu onto the table, her face as white as the surroundings were black.

“You’re afraid of me?” Yamabe nonchalantly asked without picking up the menu. He tapped ominously on the menu while giving her a sharp look.

“No… not at all… master Yamabe has always treated us very well. I’m not afraid… ” Even though she said that, her lips were already quivering and her eyes were clearly saying otherwise.

It was precisely her quivering that caused Yamabe to raise an eyebrow. “Not afraid? So you’re saying I’m a pushover then?”

“No… no… master Yamabe is a kind man who would never harm us…” Crushed by the overbearing pressure he emanated, the black-haired waitress slumped to the floor in a shaking mess. It took her utmost just to stop herself from crying right there and then.

Exactly what did he do to her to cause such a violent response? Regardless of what he did, she needed help now.

I pointed at one of the pictures on the menu. “I will have the Taro Shaved Ice, extra ice, and the biggest bowl you have. Take your time, but make it good.”

Hearing my order, the black-haired waitress woodenly turned her head towards me, clearly scared out of her wits by Yamabe.

“You dare to ignore the Goddess? What’s the point of even keeping you then!” Yamabe immediately lost his temper when the waitress did not respond. He raised his hand, ready to deal the girl a resounding blow.

Thankfully, even if I did not expect him to hit her like that, I was still able to react in time. I activated the fire-controlling abilities of Lion’s Majesty, firing off an arrow of fire between the two of them, blocking his right hand in the process.

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