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Chapter 727: The True Power of an Epic Accessory

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Because of the sheer amount of zombies loitering around, the cavernous theme park entrance seemed almost claustrophobic. Even with my wings, I would most likely end up bumping into some of them while flying.

“Just a gentle reminder, our valued host may consider using his Epic-grade Lion’s Majesty to summon fire elementals to clear out these zombies.”

Now that she said that, I suddenly remembered that I had shoved a certain piece of high-jewellery into my inventory. The reason being that it was too… girly for me!

It featured a silver chain, three smaller red jewels arranged into a triangle, with a larger red jewel right in the center of this bejeweled web. The chain hooked around my wrist before extending up to my middle finger and my ring finger.

A great design… just too girly for me…

Even after the system told me that this was an Epic-grade piece of accessory, and even after the system told me that it had already been bound to me, it was still too girly for me!

Some things are so important, they have to be repeated thrice!

That was why when the system first suggested using Lion’s Majesty, I immediately rejected her proposal. After all, I was the host here, not her. Just because she said I should use it, didn’t mean I would. What kind of host listens to his tenant like that? At the very least, I should voice my displeasure…

I looked down at the spiraling staircase, filled to the brim with clutching zombie hands… and decided to use it…

The moment I came to that decision, the system suddenly said, “Hold on a moment. In order to avoid such a situation in the future, and better explain the advantages of using the system’s tools, your system has decided to implement an emergency patch. The patch should only take a short while.”

As the system said, the entire patching only took ten seconds. And there was nothing to “inject” into me as well…

“Valued host, you now merely have to tap on the item, mentally say the words “display info”, and the system will bring up a menu with all the relevant details.”

I tapped on Lion’s Majesty as instructed, then recited the phrase…

Name: Lion’s Majesty
Grade: Epic
Status: Bound (Mo Ke)
Greatly increase the user’s SP recovery rate.
Increase the user’s control over fire.
Decrease the user’s SP consumption when using Fire magic
Increase the user’s resistance to fire.

Summon Fire Elementals, Active Skill: expend SP to summon three fire elementals.
Summon Inferno Lion, Active Skill: expend SP to summon an elemental lion. (Sealed. Automatically unsealed when Max SP reaches 500.)

Those effects are… insane!

I immediately put on Lion’s Majesty using my left hand. The moment I did so, the knowledge of how to operate it seeped into me mentally, as naturally as if I had already known it.

“O Emissary of the Inferno, I command thee, burn all that stands before me to nothingness!”

As the words left my mouth, I could feel all the SP within my body rapidly leave me. Despite that, there were no signs of any fire elementals forming. Thus, I bit the bullet and spent 50 points to purchase a Medium SP Recovery Potion. The mysterious liquid immediately transformed into a dense concentration of SP, filling every crevice of my body with SP, only to be sucked out a moment later to feed the fire elementals.

By the time the second potion was about to run its course, the summoning finally ended.

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Three humanoid-shaped fire beings burst to life out of thin air in front of me. The temperature immediately soared amidst an ominous backdrop of crackling fires in a sea of pitch-black silence.

The three of them maintained a stable shape. Their features were clearly defined, easily recognisable as being a human face. However, the surface of their bodies would crackle and dance from time to time from the raging flames that made their bodies.

“Do it.”

At my command, the three elementals whom I had summoned through blood, sweat and points -mostly points- dove into the zombie horde and began burning down everything they saw.

Nothing could stand in the way of their hellish flames. As more and more targets caught fire, they were able to leech the very energy off these new flames, all the while absorbing SP from the surrounding air as well.

Technically, these three elementals could exist forever unless some external force destroyed them. A fact I only discovered after I summoned them.

Their bodies burned at a frightening 3000 degrees celsius. Every strike they threw melted their targets before they could even catch fire. Even if the zombies couldn’t feel pain, that didn’t stop them from being burnt to a blackened crisp.

Yet that wasn’t the end of their astonishing abilities either. These three elementals seemed to be able to learn from their battles. Not long after they were summoned, they started to aim the zombies’ heads, a clear indication that they knew this was their weak point. Their rampaging attack style quickly shifted to more pinpointed attacks where only the heads were targeted. In the process, their monster hunting efficiency rose dramatically.

While the elementals continued slaughtering their way down the stairs, I pulled Icy Inferno for a quick look. Once more, I was shocked…

Name: Icy Inferno
Grade: Epic
Status: Bound (Mo Ke)
Increase the power of the user’s Fire magic.
Increase the power of the user’s Ice magic.

Anti-magic Blade, Passive Skill: deals double damage to creatures of darkness
Ravaging, Passive Skill: causes extra destruction due to its dual nature of Fire and Ice.
Ice Edge, Active Skill: expend a small amount of SP to fire off an ice sword energy projectile. The more SP expended, the greater the power of the projectiles.

Woah… No wonder they are called Epic.

Creatures of darkness naturally referred to beings like the undead, devils, monsters. Even vampires, werewolves -essentially the bad monsters you hear about in fairy tales would be included. Zombies were included as well, but these zombies were so low level, doubling the damage done to them made no difference at all. Their numbers were what made them a headache to deal with.

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