Chapter 716: Searching for More Survivors

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Everyone had their own roles in the aftermath of this rescue mission. Floater, being not very sociable, was tasked with guarding the perimeter against any fleeing hoodlum.

Back when I first charged into the inn, a number of hoodlums tried to flee during the chaos while some chose to hide themselves. Regardless of what they chose, they were all killed, either by Floater’s detachable bits, or by me. Naturally, that tri-colored hoodlum wasn’t the last hostage situation I encountered while cleaning out the inn, but these dastardly fools all met their fate at the hands of my Shadow Demon.

Of the survivors we managed to rescue, the majority were young women, with a small minority being men. However, these men all shared one common trait in that they looked slender and submissive. The kind that would never raise a sound even if you hit them. And as if to prove that point, we found bruise marks all over them.

Amongst the survivors, we found a dozen or so students, some male and some female, all in bad shape. The female students were what the hoodlums considered “fresh goods”, while the more attractive looking male students weren’t spared as well…

Once we were done settling in the survivors, Bitong left Qiaoqiao behind to guard them, while she herself came up to me.

“Ke, we can’t keep them here forever, they have no way of defending themselves. We don’t have enough people to guarantee their safety either. And this inn is hard to defend as a shelter.”

Bitong continued, “The only reason those hoodlums chose this area was because of the luxurious setting. Their leader is able to control the undead, so no matter where they picked, they would be just as safe. But we don’t have that ability. Once the undead assault this inn, we can’t hold this inn. We need a plan soon.”

“I know we can’t stay here long. But finding a location to relocate to will take some time.” I fell silent for a long while. “How about we lead some of the surviving soldiers or policemen here first? We can find a new shelter once we’ve done that.”

Bitong thought about it as well. “Hmmm… that should work. It’s not like we have the numbers to safely escort them elsewhere anyway. But Ke… are you sure about that… thing?”

As she said that, she glanced in the direction of the bony giant the size of a hill. Even though the tri-colored hoodlum was dead, his little abomination was still there. Because of its grotesque appearance, it gave the entire courtyard a haunted look.

“It’s fine, I’ve already checked it for a Soul Flame.”

Despite what I said, I was a little perplexed by the giant as well. Why hadn’t it collapsed yet? Why didn’t the system give me a notification to slay it? Neither was there some notification to say that I had slain it. Even so, based on my observations, it was most likely dead.

“I see… Anyway, that giant gives me the creeps, I still think we should get out as soon as possible,” said Bitong.

“Mhm, I agree.” I nodded in agreement. “Floater.” I opened up the comms channel to contact Floater who had just left for the entrance to chase down an undead she spotted. “I’ll leave the safety of this area to you. I’m planning to gather up the nearby policemen and soldiers.”

“Roger.” She answered while still firing at the undead.

“I have the coordinates given to me by Aunty Xinqing, that should be enough to find them… I’m off then.”

“Be safe, and come back quickly.” Bitong waved her hands as if she was bidding farewell to her husband leaving for work. “We’ll be waiting for you right here.”

“I won’t be long.” Looking at that longing look in her eyes, I flashed a quick smile before taking to the skies with a flap of my wings. “Don’t forget to prepare some food and water for those survivors. I’ll leave them in your care…”

With that done, I flew off towards the west. According to the map, the closest group of Federation combatants were ten kilometers away from me. Not a far distance, even with Southern Plains in its current state.

As I continued flying along the shortest path to the survivors, I continuously observed the surroundings beneath me. Zombies filled every corner of the streets, peppered with some skeletal beasts. Due to their sheer size, they would often bump into the mindlessly wandering zombies, but they had no particular reason to avoid them, so they just squashed them.

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By now, most of the four million or so residents in the city were all dead, so the streets weren’t filled with screams of terror like yesterday. Neither were there any calls for help. Those who were still alive at this point, either had some sort of ability, or were protected themselves.

A short while later, I arrived at my destination: a towering building that was at least a couple dozen stories high. Before the crisis, it was known as Shamanta Trade Center, a giant supermarket that sold everything. Maybe not slaves… but in all honesty, Shamanta Trade Center was a famous supermarket that had branches spanning Gaia.

The Federation combatants I was searching for were located somewhere in that building. A logical choice, given how much supplies were in that single building. Yet with how high the human traffic must have been, especially since the virus struck in the day, the majority of customers probably never left the building at all…

I nosedived towards the rooftop, ignoring the screaming winds around me as I made a solid touch down. But before I had even stabilised myself, dozens of zombies came swarming towards me, eyes ravenous and teeth glistening.

Hmph. Mindless trash.

I beat my wings, launching a wave of energy feathers at the lowly monsters who dared to attack me. Each feather managed to pierce a zombie’s head before exploding in a flashy burst of blood and light.

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