Chapter 717: More Survivors

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

A cacophony of explosions and thuds filled the air as the now headless zombies slid to the floor. The large presence of zombies on the rooftop clearly indicated that there were no survivors here, meaning it was time to descend.

Several meters away from the exit, I broke into a running jump kick to bust open the locked door. Despite being over a couple hundred kilograms, the heavy metal door easily buckled like wood, flipping over noisily in the cavernous stairwell as it bashed into an unfortunate zombie who was mostly minding its own business behind the door.

However, the force of my kick had exceeded my own expectations. Even now the metal door was still tumbling down the stairwell, smashing into several zombies without ever slowing down until it hit flat ground. Even so, the zombies waiting at the lower floor immediately swarmed into the empty stairwell, replenishing those few zombies cleared by the door.

It was at that point that I realised something: these zombies could climb stairs? Is this building full of the elite students of the zombie world? They are even using their legs and hands normally.

Given how many zombies were now in the stairwell, I knew I had no choice but to fight my way down.

Bottle of SP Recovery Potion in hand, I summoned Shadow Demon again. This time, I was more than prepared for the long slog ahead.

Just like that, I slaughtered my way down the floors, chugging those potions whenever I ran out of SP. Finally, at the twentieth floor, I discovered traces of survivors.

Stepping over the bloodbath left by my Shadow Demon, I found myself facing a walled-off zone barricaded with beds and tables. Naturally, such a hastily constructed barrier wouldn’t stop a living person, but against those brainless zombies, they were the perfect defense. It was fortunate that those Scorpids did not invade this building, else this barrier would become a hindrance instead.

Naturally, only a human would think of stacking a barrier like this. And a normal person would never be able to gather up the materials to do so while being attacked by so many zombies. Thus, the people here couldn’t be civilians at all.

Wings still extended, I bypassed the barrier easily while stepping on thin air. From my vantage point, I could already see a bloodied white exosuit taking cover in a corner behind another barrier. It was clear that this exosuit had undergone countless gruelling battles, and this same exosuit was now aiming its gun right at me.

“Halt! Identify yourself.” A young man’s voice rang out from the battered exosuit. It was firm, but there was an undeniable sense of fatigue in it. “Don’t come any closer or I will shoot!”
“Relax, I’m on your side. I’m here to find you guys.” I immediately stopped at where I was. “Shadow Demon, return to me; the battle is over.”

Upon receiving the command, my Shadow Demon dissipated in a puff of smoke, returning once more as my shadow.

Unfortunately, what was supposed to be a show of goodwill ended up spooking the fragile young exosuit pilot. “What was that just now? Why did it disappear? And why are you floating in the air? Are you a ghost or a human?”

“I’m a human. Just trust me, I won’t harm you.” I popped open another SP Recovery Potion and downed it like beer.

“As if I’m going to do that… what are you plotting here?”

“I’m just trying to find you guys, that’s all.” As I said that, I casually tossed the empty potion bottle at an approaching zombie, cracking open its head in the process.

“Gulp…” The pilot audibly swallowed for a second, clearly startled by that attack I just performed. Unlike the Shadow Demon, I was a very real and very present threat. After all, not just anybody could kill a zombie with a bottle toss like that. At the end of the day, Gaia was still a world of science, not a world of swords and magic. Even the evolving situation in Southern Plains couldn’t change this ingrained mindset.

“You-you-you… are you some sort of demon?” At this point, even his exosuit was starting to shake -exactly how scared of me was he?

“Of course, I’m a human. Do I look evil to you?”

“Then how do you explain those wings on your back? Why are you floating in the air?”

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“Oh right, I have a way to prove my identity.” I opened up a holographic screen without answering him, then tossed out an official-looking appointment letter his way. “You look like a policeman. As you can see, I’m from the Bureau of Enhanced Humans and Supernatural Ability Users. I’ve been granted the authority to mobilise all the forces within Southern Plains right now. Regardless of whether you are a policeman or a soldier, you have to listen to my command based on this appointment letter. If you refuse, the Federation has also given me the authority to execute you on the crime of betraying humanity.”

“The Bureau of Enhanced Humans and Supernatural Ability Users?!”

Hearing his surprised gasp, I couldn’t help but raise my chin a little. “That’s right. I have the rank of Major. My mission here is to gather up all the remaining forces…”

“Sorry, but I’ve never heard of such a shady-sounding bureau.” Having said that, the pilot focused his gun on me once more. “Now, stay away, or you will have to answer to my lasers.”


No way… Aunty Xinqing, didn’t you say I have the authority to mobilise all the forces in Southern Plains? How did I fail already in my first attempt at looking cool? Why has no one heard of this bureau with an inordinately long name?

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