Chapter 715: Shadow Demon

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

“Now. Let’s talk about our little game… What Uzel has below its palm is the suite I stayed in last night. There are three women inside who were… entertaining me. However, those harlots are nothing compared to you. And since you’re now here, their existence no longer matters.” Having said that, the tri-colored hoodlum lowered the giant skeleton’s hand, as if he actually wanted to smash the building.

“Wait!” I shouted reflexively out of panic. The moment I did so, the giant’s palm halted in mid-air, pausing a few feet away from the roof of the building in a pose like it was ready to deal the final blow at any moment.

Crap… he’s doing this on purpose. He’s just waiting for me to call out… he knows they are my weakness.

“Why? Do you have something to say to me?” The tri-colored hoodlum lifted his head to look at me, revealing a sickeningly wide grin on his face. “Don’t worry, that was just a demonstration. But if you do not want to play the game, maybe it won’t just be a simple demonstration anymore. I wonder how many will die if I smash the building now.”

“Wait. You want to play a game right? Alright, how do we play?” At this point, there wasn’t really much less I could say to this scumbag. I knew he was more than capable of following through with what he said, so I dared not move a single muscle more.

“Simple, really. You take off one piece of clothing, I’ll smash one less room.”

“Huh?” My clothes? Are you kidding me?

“Was I not clear enough? Fine.” The tri-colored hoodlum looked at my confused expression and smiled even wider. “For every piece of clothing you take off and throw at me, I will let the survivors of a single room go. You have ten seconds to consider, if I don’t see any clothes being taken off after ten seconds, SMASH!”

There’s so many rooms in the inn, how am I supposed to know which room even has survivors, and which do not? I don’t think I even have enough articles of clothing for every single room… Hold on… why am I even following his orders to strip?

How dare that scumbag try and humiliate me like that?! I’m going to kill him!

“Hah. Grinding your teeth isn’t going to do anything. So are you saving them, or not? If you don’t want to, I will just flatten them now. I take no responsibility for their deaths at that point. Because you were the one that judged them unworthy of even stripping.”

Looking at that smug expression on his face, I only wanted to beat him up and grind him into a pulp more!

“One… Two… Three… “ The tri-colored hoodlum nonchalantly started counting down, seemingly ready to kill those survivors at a moment’s notice. However, me stripping was never going to happen. But the survivors also had to be saved…

In that case, it’s time to go all in. There’s one more trump card I haven’t shown him yet, so there’s still hope…

Shadow Demon!

I activated the skill which I had gained after becoming a Fallen Angel. It was a terrifying skill which summoned a shadowy elemental being able to operate independently even after leaving my side.

Even though this was the first time I was activating this skill, I had this strange feeling that this skill was powerful; it was more than capable of killing that hoodlum in one strike.

“Eight… Nine… Ten… Since you won’t strip, then I guess I will have to bear with the thought of having to smash up those rooms. Even though they were truly enjoyable last night, it’s their fault for not being as beautiful as you are. Let’s hope their deaths won’t affect you too much. Don’t re–”

That last regret would never leave his lips, because the second he started speaking it, my shadow miraculously appeared behind him, bearing that same winged silhouette I had. Its arm transformed into a sickle shape immediately, then silently stabbed right through the back of his head…

Uzel’s arm was already raised up high but was now stuck there frozen awkwardly. Without that dead man’s command, that palm would never come crashing down. Even so, I did not feel secure enough. “Cut off his head!” I gave the command -no matter how much of a cockroach he was, there was no surviving a decapitation.

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Shadow Demon obediently swung its sickle as I had commanded, easily slicing through the hoodlum’s meaty neck in an instant. Even as his head rolled off his shoulders, his eyes stared blankly ahead, completely unaware of what it was that killed him. Finally, it landed on the ground with a thud, rolling ominously for a few more meters, as if it hadn’t come to terms with its untimely demise yet…

“Next time, try not to act so overconfident in front of me, idiot. But I guess there won’t be a next time.” I spat in the direction of his corpse. “Shadow Demon, return to me.”

Shadow Demon’s existence was a constant drain on my SP. In my current state, I could at most maintain it for ten seconds, after which my SP pool would be emptied.

At the same time as I recalled Shadow Demon, I gulped down a small bottle of SP Recovery Potion. It was an expensive skill, to be sure, but it was well worth its cost. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the flexibility and unpredictability it brought to my arsenal was more than enough to turn me into an expert assassin. If only my SP could support it for longer periods…

With the threat neutralised, I casually flew up to the giant’s cave of an eye socket to have a look. To astonishment, there was no Soul Flame inside. That could only mean one thing…

It’s not an undead? And why hasn’t it fallen apart even after that hoodlum’s death? Strange… there’s just so many unanswered questions today… but at least those survivors are safe.

Now that the hoodlum was confirmed dead, I flew back onto the ground, my mind only focused on the women he claimed were inside that suite. They were the only survivors he mentioned, and it only made sense to start from them. Yet the moment I stepped into the room, I realised how naive I had been…

I should have realised from the start how strange the whole atmosphere of the inn was from the moment I stepped in.

In a room filled with the smell of death, I found three pristine female corpses lying on a huge bed…

So it wouldn’t have made a difference if that giant had smashed the room or not…

“I’m sorry for not being able to rescue you three… But don’t worry, I’ve already taken revenge for you, so rest in peace…” With regret in my heart, I solemnly backed out of the room and closed it.

It was half an hour later that we finished saving the over hundred survivors in the inn. The girls and I had them gathered in one of the garden-esque public springs while Lixiang was in charge of reporting the mission details to Aunty Xinqing. Even if Lixiang wasn’t particularly comfortable talking to her, basic communication was still possible.

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