Chapter 700: Epilogue (8)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Nicole sought power, and her teacher, Aques Lumen, was who she deemed able to help her in this quest.

As his student, she had access to all the Demon Hunters’ records and tomes. And somehow, she managed to flip her way to the whereabouts of Infernus. Having confirmed her determination at least three times already, he had no choice but to bring her to the resting place of this fabled sword.

At the very least, this suicidal quest had a one-in-a-million chance of her surviving, should she manage to successfully communicate with that sword. If he were to let her continue stewing in her own negative emotions, she might just do something irreparable…

Infernus was said to be a Divine-grade longsword. According to legends, this was once the weapon of the Goddess of Life. In a fight with Lucifer, it was subsequently lost in the mortal realm.

In actuality, this sword wasn’t even the Goddess’s weapon at all. It was actually a feather that fell off her wings. As a weapon that contained the primal essence of a deity, a person without divinity had no chance of wielding it.

Life was a domain that governed over many aspects of the world. As a feather of the Goddess of Life, Infernus gave its wielder powers mere mortals couldn’t even imagine. However, it had been tens of thousands of years since Infernus fell into the mortal realm – it had never met a suitable owner yet.

Anyone foolish enough to seek out this sword was met with a one-way trip…

As time passed by, the location of Infernus became forbidden knowledge. Regardless of their alignment, and regardless of whether they were dead or alive, none dared approach this sword.

“Teacher, you may return first, if you wish. The Branch can’t do without you.” Nicole did not immediately try to enter the cave, instead she tried to persuade her teacher to leave. At the end of the day, the man held an executive position in Azure City’s Demon Hunters’ Branch. His authority was unquestionable and his duties many.

“That’s true, I can’t wait here for you. Seeing as…”

He left it hanging there. After all, there was no point in trying to dissuade her any further. This plan was basically just a step removed from the worst case scenario, but he had no choice -he couldn’t very well keep her under constant surveillance, just to stop her from killing herself…

“Don’t worry, Neneth will be here to keep Sis Nicole company.” Neneth slung her giant backpack onto the ground as she said that. Satisfied, she gave her hands a clap before saying, “Sis Nicole has to spend some time in there, right? Even though Neneth can’t go in to help her, Neneth can take the time to build a hut outside. As long as Sis Nicole is still inside, Neneth will stand watch outside, till Sis Nicole returns.”

Neither Nicole nor Aques Lumen told the girl a very key piece of information. It was that Nicole had chosen a road that led to death nine out of ten times.

Looking at the innocent smile on the girl’s face, Nicole couldn’t help but feel the despair in her heart lessen.

“I’ll be back soon.” She rubbed the girl’s head before steadfastly walking into the dark depths ahead.

“See you soon~~~” Neneth excitedly waved her hands while hopping on her toes. “Neneth will be waiting for you outside!”

Hearing that, Nicole didn’t turn around but instead waved her hand back at the girl as a form of farewell.

“Sis is just the coolest!”

As Aques Lumen watched his student’s silhouette vanish into the darkness so suavely, even he couldn’t help marvel to himself, “I’ve really gotten more indecisive with age. Sigh…” Aques Lumen laughed at himself. “Neneth, I’m counting on you to watch this area. I will have people send you food periodically.”

“Tell them to bring more meat buns, please!” The moment the topic turned to food, the girl immediately beamed. “Oh, don’t forget to refrigerate them, Neneth doesn’t like rotten food!”

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“Hmph, glutton.”

“Neneth isn’t a glutton, Neneth just likes eating, that’s all!”

“Then make sure to guard this area. Hopefully, your devil’s luck will rub off on Nicole.”

“Devil’s luck?”

“Nothing. Just don’t leave this area.”

“Got it, Neneth will keep this area safe. But Neneth doesn’t know how to build a hut…

An Aques Lumen who was about to suavely leave as well: …

Puppy dog-eyed Nenth: …

“Fine, fine. Can you at least chop some wood?”

“Yup! Neneth can do that. She might not know much, but Neneth is strong!”

“Then get to it!”


————–Change of Scene————-

Purgatory – Sable Radiance

“Bring that good-for-nothing pair of ***** over here!”

A short while later, a pair of lust demons escorted Jeerah up to Mo Na. Even though Jeerah wasn’t bound, she was unable to resist in the slightest before the little devil.

Arms folded around her chest, Mo Na, the ever-adorable little scamp, stared at the not too distant magical array and said, “See that array? That’s a dimensional array. Mo Na had it checked already; Mama disappeared at that very spot. Mo Na believes it’s a tunnel connecting to another dimension.”

While it was true that Jeerah was inferior to the little girl, both in authority and prowess, that didn’t mean she had to take such treatment lying down.

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Thus, she resisted, in the only way she could. “Hey, flat chest, what’s the point of telling me all that?”

Strangely, Mo Na did not immediately retort. “Mama has gone missing, and Mo Na wants you to find Mama.”

“I am just as upset as you are about Master’s disappearance, but I know that Master is doing fine. I have a soul pact with the Master. If something were to ever happen to the Master, I would immediately feel it.” Hearing that this was about her master, Jeerah relaxed her hostility significantly.

She and Mo Na had always been at loggerheads, mostly because Jeerah wanted Mo Ke for herself. Mo Na just so happened to have this goal as well.

Naturally, there was only one Mo Ke, so the two were natural foes.

“Then Mo Na won’t waste anymore words. Get in.”


“You’ve signed a soul pact with Mama, that means you can sense Mama as well.” Arms still folded, Mo Na stared down the visibly confused devil. “Understand?”

“Understand what?” Asked a genuinely confused Jeerah.

“Shove her in!” With nothing left to say, Mo Na casually waved her hands, after which the two lust demons pushed Jeerah into the array.

“This array was crafted by an Overlord nightmare steed, so you don’t have to worry about the formulation causing any accidents. Don’t worry, the worst that can happen is you get transported to some strange dimension. You won’t die… so… goodbye forever… I mean, remember to bring Mama back with you!”

“Wait, you’re serious… Mo Na you bit–”

Before Jeerah could finish that last bit, she entered the array. The moment she crossed the circular boundary, the array lit up like a light show, whisking her away in an instant.

“Even though Mo Na hates you, Mo Na still hopes you can bring Mama back… If you succeed, maybe Mo Na will share Mama with you… or not…”

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