Chapter 699: Epilogue (7)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Duanmu Xinqing’s last words were clearly meant for the dumbstruck Bear standing next to her. Faced with that question, the bald general nodded his head without even thinking. “Yes, yes. Whatever Lady Mo Ke says.”

Even though Southern Plains did not have many soldiers or policemen left, being awarded an official military status was a proposition that held zero demerits. For example, he could have access to those military-grade exosuits.

These military-grade exosuits were not like the entertainment exosuits at all; they required a corresponding identity in order to use them. In other words, without this officially-recognised status, Mo Ke couldn’t have used those exosuits even if he managed to obtain one.

“Oh, right. Aren’t you curious at all as to how I’m suddenly able to transform?”

“Well, the whole crisis has led to a slew of strange events in the city. Just like how it’s a once-in-a-thousand-years disaster, it’s also an opportunity for some. As a heads up, Southern Plains has seen a few cases of ability users already…” As Duanmu Xinqing said that, she opened up another holographic screen. “Have a look.”

The screen showed footage that looked to have been taken last evening. A man, roughly thirty years of age, stood in the middle of a ruined building, shouting into the air. Behind him, an ethereal looking silhouette, clad in pitch-black armor, appeared wielding a gigantic greatsword. The silhouette came in at over five meters tall, and easily swept away the ghosts swarming towards the man.

As the man stepped forward, the black silhouette behind him would follow suit as well, all the while cleaving through the ghosts that came their way. Yet just when it looked like the man would be able to cross the border, the ghosts flying in the clouds suddenly descended upon him, taking advantage of the fact that his silhouette was occupied to overwhelm the man.

Even if the man had been blessed with a strange ability, he was still a normal human being. Under their furious clawing, the man’s soul was ripped to shreds in two seconds…

With his death, the black silhouette dissipated within a few seconds like it had never existed to begin with…

However, that wasn’t the end of the footage either. More than one ability user had been caught on camera that night. In the span of just one day, Southern Plains seemed to have gained a bunch of ability users, resulting in the Federation having to create the Bureau of Enhanced Humans and Supernatural Ability Users.

Even so, their numbers were nothing compared to the undead…

The last person in the footage was a man dressed in a suspicious-looking mask that was painted ostentatiously with flowers. With that mask on, the only information that could be gleaned about him was that he was a male.

His speed was fast; more akin to a gale force than anything else. However, this man was a psychopath. He enjoyed killing people, tossing them into a pile of zombies while laughing maniacally.

“How many of them are there?” Mo Ke’s eyes went icy cold when he saw that last bit. “And where is that madman?”

“Not many. But each of them has a power that can’t be underestimated. Should they decide to do evil, an ordinary person could never hope to stop them. This is one of the main reasons why we decided to create this bureau.” Duanmu Xinqing answered in a solemn voice. “There’s no guarantee that these ability users are only limited to Southern Plains, so founding this bureau is a necessity. As for that psychopath, I can give you the coordinates later. But Ke… you will join the Bureau then?”

“I will.” Said Mo Ke, all the while trying to restrain the anger he felt. “It’s one thing to kill for the sake of survival, but to misuse your powers like that is unforgivable!”

“Good. Then, I hereby announce the creation of the Bureau of Enhanced Humans and Supernatural Ability Users. The first member will be Mo Ke, with the ability to transform into an angel…” As Duanmu Xinqing spoke, a young secretary-like female officer was rapidly taking down notes. Xinqing eyed the girl for a second before continuing, “The first Bureau Chief will be held by me, Duanmu Xinqing. As for Ke’s callsign…”

“The Goddess of Hope!” The General suddenly spoke up after a long while. “Lady Mo Ke is like a ray of light in the darkness, leading us mortals towards hope… Lady Mo Ke is the most perfect girl I’ve ever seen. There is no one else more suited for this title than her! I suggest the Goddess of Hope as her callsign!”

“Goddess of Hope? Pfft…” Duanmu Xinqing had to choke back a laugh when she heard that. After all, she was one of the few that knew of Mo Ke’s actual gender.

Seeing her chortle, the General scratched his non-existent hair. “Is there something wrong with that name?”

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“No… not at all… I just suddenly felt a little ticklish…” Duanmu Xinqing’s eyes were watering at this point from the effort it took to hold back. Smiling from ear to ear, she turned back to Mo Ke who was on the verge of a mental breakdownt. “Since the General has personally come up with a callsign for you, then Goddess of Hope it is.”

“No way! I don’t want to be called a Goddess of whatever! I’m a man! A man!”

“Ke, are you trying to talk back to your mum?”

“Big brother, Qiaoqiao thinks the name is good too.”

“Your Highness… this one finds the name adorable…”

“You traitors!”

——–Change of Scene——-

“We’ve reached the resting place of Infernus… Are you sure about this?” Standing before an endless cave of darkness, and despite knowing that the person he was asking had already hardened her heart, Aques Lumen still felt he should try to dissuade his pupil one last time. “There are many other ways as well…”

“It’s fine. Thank you, teacher.”

Having finally walked out from the shadow of harming Mo Ke with her own two hands, Nicole stood placidly before the cave system ahead, ready to face whatever monsters that lurked within. Her blade of fire and ice had been stolen by Ferti’nier; it was this loss that fully showed her how large the gap was between her and the disembodied soul residing in Mo Ke.

In Nicole’s eyes, Ferti’nier had stolen control of Mo Ke’s body from him, and it was her responsibility for causing this.

In order to allow her to wrestle this control back from the she-devil, or perhaps just as a form of penitence, she had embarked on this drastic course of action, all in a bid to gain strength.

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