Chapter 701: Floater

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

“I know that the whole process of forming this organization must have seemed silly to you, but from today onwards, we are all colleagues. Let’s have a good working relationship, got it?”

After ending the holographic call with Duanmu Xinqing, I led the girls back to the hotel we stayed in for a quick meeting.

Upon entering the familiar setting room 301, Floater disembarked from her battered exosuit… then everything got a little awkward.

Floater was a girl with silver hair that flowed down to her shoulders. Her head sported a pair of funnel-shaped detachable bits accessories, similar to a pair of cat ears. She looked to be eighteen years of age, slender, and roughly 170 cm tall. She was beautiful, but her face was mostly deadpan, and she mostly kept quiet unless necessary.

If I had to describe her, she had a natural aura of charisma, like an icy beauty that drew eyes wherever she went.

Her dressing was that of a pilot’s suit – blueish-white and form fitting… I think that’s at least a 35C. Maybe even 35D!

Her figure was perfect, to say the least. Her legs were slender and long. She was thin where it mattered, and fat where it should be. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that even a tiny bit either way would have taken away from the harmony that was her body!

It was precisely this perfection that had me ogling when she first stepped out of that exosuit. After all, there weren’t any girls around me with a figure like hers… Aunty Xinqing and Aunty Qiao weren’t that bad themselves, but they were more mature ladies… Ahem… Scientifically speaking, of course. All this was just in the name of science! I swear on my character!

However, because of that tiny bit of staring, Bitong was already glaring daggers into me. And once Bitong acted up, even the temperature in the room began to drop rapidly…

But I haven’t done anything yet… yikes…

The two girls immediately glared at each other, both staying deathly silent as they did so. As the seconds ticked by, it only seemed more likely that an all-out fight was about to erupt. In that case, I could only sacrifice little old me to divert the topic.

“We’re colleagues here, let’s not start a fight right away…”

I still had no idea how Aunty Xinqing ended up becoming the Bureau Chief of the Bureau of Enhanced Humans and Supernatural Ability User, but she decided to register Bitong, Lixiang and Qiaoqiao at the same time as she registered me. The whole reason was because the girls had been caught on camera firing off Flame Arrows. Since the Bureau was meant to counter any potential violent ability users, those who possessed such abilities had to register with the Bureau.

At least, this was so on Gaia…

Other than the girls, Aunty Xinqing also dragged Floater into the Bureau. Of the five of us, she was the only one who did not fit into either category of the Bureau. However, as an ace pilot of an exosuit, her own combat prowess was nothing to scoff at either. Furthermore, she was a seasoned soldier, she would undoubtedly prove useful for guiding me. Thus, she ended up getting special approval to join the Bureau.

As a benefit, her rank was bumped up half a notch.

“Hmph, I wasn’t trying to start anything. It’s just my way of saying hi is different from others.” Bitong eyed me intently then continued, “Ke, what’s our next plan of action?”

“Our plan, huh…”

Honestly speaking, I was having a little trouble with that question. Aunty Xinqing gave me the task of investigating this whole crisis while preventing it from worsening any further.

Because of the ghosts guarding the exits, we had no way of exiting the city, so investigating the crisis was unavoidable to begin with.

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Yet what truly had me concerned was whether or not we even had the power to finish this task. After all, Aunty Xinqing took the liberty of showing us more footage of the undead, and that included a powerful-looking bony monster hiding beneath the city.

From an initial glance, this monster seemed to be made up of countless bones patched together, kind of like an Abomination from certain games. That was to say, if that certain Abomination was made of bones, rather than flesh.

Simply put, we now had to deal with the fact that there might be a giant monster lurking beneath us at any time.

“I think, gearing up first is always going to be correct. The entertainment exosuits aren’t going to cut it in future battles. We have to find better equipment for ourselves.”

I already had my Purple-winged Fallen Angel Bloodline so I was good for the time being, but Bitong and the girls were different. They were still normal humans, who just so happened to be able to fire off Flame Arrows.

Without a bloodline, their combat prowess was, at best, suitable to bully a zombie.

Honestly, a zombie was basically free food. In a one-on-one, even a moderately healthy human would be able to take on a zombie with a stick.

Hearing that I was going to search for more equipment, the girls immediately got excited. They unanimously turned towards the icy beauty lounging on the sofa with her legs over each other.

Her breasts are really big, I gotta say…

“Not too far away from here, there’s a weapons factory filled with unfinished exosuits.” Elegantly, Floater opened up a holographic map of Southern Plains and tapped on the location with her slender fingers. Immediately, a green circle appeared to mark the area. “It’s roughly ten kilometers from here.”

“What’s a weapons factory doing in the city?” Looking at where the circle was, Bitong immediately found something odd with the situation. “Wouldn’t such facilities be normally built in remote areas. It is a weapons factory, after all…”

“That used to be a hidden factory used by terrorists. We took care of them not too long ago.” Floater coolly explained. “Because there were some interesting prototypes found there, some of the researchers requested clearance to study the machines before leaving. And I coincidentally became their guard… Who would’ve thought…”

Who would’ve thought that this would happen so… suddenly…

Hearing that there could be unique exosuits there, Qiaoqiao immediately perked up. “Then what’s the factory like now? There are custom exosuits in there, right?”

“I have no idea.” Floater blinked her almost gem-like silver eyes. “I was supposed to be guarding that factory, but I was preoccupied with fighting monsters since receiving that mission yesterday. I didn’t have the chance to return last night. But the researchers seemed to have cut off communications this morning. I fear they’ve most likely been compromised.”

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