Chapter 698: Epilogue (6)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

The piercing glare he felt on his back right now belonged to Duan Bitong. This was her way of silently protesting someone’s pack of lies. After all, how could a beautiful girl like her ever make a mistake?!

In response to that, Mo Ke’s expression could only be described as hilarious.

“Lady Mo Ke?” Even if the old general wasn’t too familiar with negotiations, the expression on Mo Ke’s face was too obvious not to notice. “Is there something wrong, Lady Mo Ke?”

“If you didn’t bring up my gender, we could have had a productive conversation.” Even though Mo Ke was still sore from having his gender wrongly filled out, he had no way of voicing that displeasure out loud. Smile crooked as broken glass, he said, “Sometimes, what our eyes see can be deceiving.”

Yet what was supposed to be a pointed reminder at how annoyed he was right now ended up having an unexpected result. As the bald general was slowly drawn in by Mo Ke’s smile, his eyes suddenly glazed over as a single thought overwhelmed him.

Perhaps what we see could be deceiving, but what did it matter when she was this beautiful? Rather than face the harsh realities, why not drown in this sweet dream. A dream where a girl called Mo Ke existed. Beautiful, charming, confident and powerful…

As his head began to distort the meaning of that smile, his heart started pounding furiously. He was in love again… with a young girl, no less!

If Mo Ke knew what this bald old man was thinking right now, he would have undoubtedly called him crazy! Or perhaps just told him to go kill himself. Three times!

Never in Mo Ke’s wildest dreams did he expect some old general to have such improper thoughts about him. But as the saying went, reality was a lot stranger than fiction. Either way, the general was now infatuated with him.

“I understand, I will respect your wishes, Lady Mo Ke.” The Raging Bear had now turned into the Stupid Bear…

“I said I’m not a lady! I’m a guy. 100%, a male!”

“Alright, I got it, Lady Mo Ke.”



Qiaoqiao and Bitong burst out laughing, clearly amused by Mo Ke’s misery. Only Lixiang was as expressionless as before. But given how her lips were already trembling, she was probably dying to laugh as well. Honestly, she should just laugh. Holding it in for too long would only cause an injury.

Realising that any talk about his gender was now pointless, Mo Ke could only let go of this issue for now. It wasn’t like this was his first time being mistaken for a girl.

“Let’s just start with what kind of benefits I get by joining this new bureau of yours.”

Seeing that Mo Ke had acquiesced, Rodenas silently breathed a sigh of relief.

The bald man cleared his throat, then immediately went into PR mode. “Lady Mo Ke, by joining the Bureau of Enhanced Human and Supernatural Ability Users, you will immediately be granted the rank of Major, and will have the resources of the entire Federation at your disposal…”

“But as long as I am unable to leave this city, even the rank of General is useless, let alone that Major rank of yours.” Now that the talk had finally turned serious, Duanmu Bitong couldn’t help but intervene on Mo Ke’s behalf, all in a bid to get more benefits for him. “As for the Federation’s help… I don’t think that’s useful either… You guys aren’t even able to enter the city! These are clearly empty promises!”

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Bitong’s words were forceful and firm, as if she already had something in mind.

Rodenas was left speechless by the girl. In truth, Bitong had cut straight to the crux of the problem: they were empty promises. If it was possible, he would have liked nothing more than to help out his goddess. But his army couldn’t even enter the city…

Until they could take care of those ghosts, or that skeletal monster lurking beneath the ground, there was no way for any outside reinforcements to enter. Not unless they were willing to take drastic measures! However, that wasn’t possible, especially not after he laid eyes on Mo Ke himself. The old Raging Bear would have probably taken to the battlefield himself, if he could…

Looking at the old man’s bloodshot eyes, Bitong had her own guesses. “The masses must be really giving you a hard time, huh?”


Rodenas’s pained expression proved that she was right on the mark once more.

In that case, there was no reason for her not to state more conditions.

Yet just when it looked like victory was at hand, the bald man finally broke into a defeated smile. “Seems like I’m truly bad at negotiating. How about I let the professionals take over instead…”

Having said that, the General adjusted the monitor, turning it towards a green-haired female researcher in white robes.


“Auntie Xinqing?”
“Auntie Xinqing?”

“Who is that old hag?”

Just like that, Duanmu Xinqing had finally made her entrance amidst a wave of gasping.

Straight to the point, she said, “Ke, listen to your aunty, enter the Bureau.”

“Auntie Xinqing…”

“There’s no need to hesitate, your aunty would never hurt you.” She immediately played the family card before Mo Ke could consider any further. “Your aunty has been so worried these few days. Even if the soldiers outside can’t enter the city, by entering the Bureau, you will have the authority to deploy the remaining soldiers and policemen in the city. Am I right, General?”

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