Chapter 697: Epilogue (5)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

The reason why Rodenas would seek out Mo Ke was very simple, or complicated, depending on how you looked at it. Southern Plains was basically a city of over four million dead at this point -the very definition of a disaster. Humans, being social creatures, naturally had ties all over the planet. With a death count in the millions, that four million dead wasn’t just a number anymore. Especially when communications were cut off for the ordinary folk.

To make matters worse, the Federation wasn’t able to provide timely aid in this whole affair. In fact, they still had problems entering. By now, almost ninety percent of the population was estimated to be dead. This was news on a scale that couldn’t be covered up anymore.

In the face of the Federation’s apparent inaptitude, the other planets were more than happy to make their opinions known. The ordinary civilians already had their pitchforks and torches out in protest. This was an existential crisis for the Federation. And the cause of it was Southern Plains!

They had to give the masses an answer, and quickly. And that’s where the army had a brilliant idea: if they couldn’t enter, maybe they could get someone on the inside to help instead?

That was the background for how a certain strategist in the command room had the idea to recruit Mo Ke as a distraction. General Rodenas immediately began hashing out this plan with the others, no matter how ridiculous this plan would have sounded under ordinary circumstances…

But seeing as everyone agreed to it, maybe it wasn’t so ridiculous…

After hearing that whole chunk of backstory, Mo Ke had a bemused expression. “So you’re looking to recruit me then?”

“Not recruit.” Through the holographic display, Rodenas’s expression was serious, even for his standards. “Lady Mo Ke, you are one of the members of our Bureau of Enhanced Humans and Supernatural Ability Users!”

He said it as if this was a known fact. And ordinary folk would have probably believed him too… Unfortunately, Mo Ke wasn’t so gullible.

“Huh? What the heck are you even talking about?” Mo Ke still couldn’t wrap his head around the assertion the general just made. “When have I ever joined this so-called Bureau of yours?”

“The Bureau of Enhanced Humans and Supernatural Ability Users.:

“Too long. Can’t remember.” Mo Ke rolled his eyes.

Rodenas could only flash a resigned smile to that flat-out refusal. “It has already been two yeas since you’ve joined the Bureau of Enhanced Humans and Supernatural Ability Users. The Bureau was a secret ops division in the past, and you were one of its elders. An ace of the Bureau!”

“Two years?” Mo Ke eyes went wide with realization, after which he raised his voice at the holographic screen. “So you were the ones who captured me for experimentation and wiped my memories!”

“It’s not us…” Seeing Mo Ke suddenly lose his temper like that, Rodenas was stunned. Feeling that things were about to go awry quickly, he immediately explained, “That’s just an official cover story… Mrs Duanmu Xinqing has already given her consent.”

“Oh, so it’s fake….”

Duanmu Xinqing was Bitong’s mother, and was currently working as a researcher with the Federation. Seeing as Mo Ke’s name and basic information were already known, it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that the other party knew of the Duanmus as well. That was why when Rodenas suddenly brought up Bitong’s mother, he wasn’t all that surprised. It even lent credence to the General’s words.

Mo Ke wordlessly stared at the General’s wrinkled face. “Well why didn’t you say so earlier! You already know I went missing, don’t say something so misleading, geez!”

“Regarding that matter, the Federation will investigate thoroughly. We promise to bring that criminal to justice!”

“But it’s precisely because of Lady Mo Ke’s disappearance that we decided to use that cover story. That period can be written off as a training period. Rest assured, the Federation only has the best intentions in this matter. Lady Mo Ke, joining us is for the best.”

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“Before that, General, there’s something I need to tell you.”

The moment Rodenas heard that Mo Ke said that, his eyes lit up. It sounded like Mo Ke was going to give his terms. And if someone was willing to give an offer, that meant there was hope.

“Please, go ahead.”

“I’m a guy. Stop calling me lady!”


Looking at that expression of absolute seriousness as he stated his gender, Rodenas was taken aback once more. However, being the battle-hardened bear that he was, he quickly recovered, pulling up a holographic profile in the process.

Within that profile was a purple haired girl dressed in a white dress. That girl was Mo Ke. Beside that picture were several rows of words. Naturally, that was the profile of Mo Ke the Federation had. And on that profile was the word ‘female’.

Having confirmed that, a strange smile crossed his lips. “But Lady Mo Ke, maybe it’s just my eyes playing tricks on me, but your profile does state ‘female’.”


“Then it’s wrong! I’m clearly a male!”

Staring at that incensed look on Mo Ke’s face, Rodenas couldn’t help but find him adorable all of a sudden. Smiling, he continued, “I don’t think the person filling out this form would be so careless as to put down the wrong gender.”

“That person clearly was so careless!”

However, the moment he said that, he felt a piercing stare sweep over his back…

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