Chapter 684: Midnight Hauntings

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

It’s all up to you now, Bitong! Use your big sister powers to tame these two problem girls!

“All right, all right. That’s enough fighting. The bathtub is large enough for all three of us to bathe at the same time.” Seeing as the two girls had no intentions of compromising, coupled with my pleading look, Bitong finally had to step in, grabbing onto each of them with her hands, before leading them into the bathroom. “See. The bathtub is huge!”

“Ermm… Big sis…” Brave, or perhaps bold would be more accurate, I decided to try my luck and ask, “Since the bathtub is so huge, how about adding me in as well?”

“Wooo, let’s do that. Qiaoqiao wants to have a bath with big brother!”

“Serving His Highness is a part of this one’s duty. Your Highness, please wait a moment as this one prepares the water.”

Seems like the two of them are fully on board. In that case, it won’t matter even if big sis doesn’t agree. After all, it’s the majority who decides, right?

At least… that was so for everyone else.

“Absolutely not!”

Bitong shoved the two girls into the bathroom, then slammed the door squarely shut behind the three of them.

Through the door, I could hear Bitong grumpily stating, “Ke, you stand guard outside. You’re not allowed to enter without my permission… otherwise you have to hello to Mr. Pointy!”

Mr. Pointy again… how about switching up your threats every now and then?

Sigh. I just knew it wouldn’t be easy trying to take a bath with the girls.

As I stood by my lonely self outside the door, I could clearly hear them frolicking inside. The sounds of their laughter, their splashing, all that only served to stir my blood even further!

“Uwah! Big sister Bitong’s breasts are even bigger than big sister Lixiang’s!”

“Hmph. This one just hasn’t started developing yet, but this one is definitely bigger than that runway over there!”

“Hey! I’m the one that is actually developing! Don’t try to find excuses for yourself, big sister Lixiang, it’s not like Qiaoqiao will make fun of you for that.”

“Divine Judgement!”

“Ahhh… don’t pull on Qiaoqiao’s face… Big sister Lixiang, you meanie…”

“Settle down over there!”

“Qiaoqiao isn’t going to listen to some big breast monster!”

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“Monster breasts!”

“Who are you calling big breasts? And who’s a monster?!”

“The mortal knows and yet she asks.”

“You two… Hey. Stop splashing the water!”

“Big sister Bitong, don’t grab Qiaoqiao down there… Ahahaha… it’s ticklish… Big sister Lixiang, save me…”

Sigh… why is it the three of them can bathe together, but I can’t? I thought we were supposed to be together forever? Whatever happened to one for all and all for one?

I want to take a bath… Maybe if I was a girl, they would let me in? But my ID says I’m a ‘female’, right? So I should be able to enter, right?

Hmm. But why does that sound like a slippery slope to take? It’s just becoming a girl in order to take a bath with the girls… Why does it feel like something is about to fall off me…

I gave my head a quick shake, then threw myself onto the cushy sofa near me.

For the time being, the entertainment exosuits were all parked outside our room; you could see them just by looking out the door. The hotel had already been cleaned out thoroughly, so there was no fear of any stray zombie suddenly causing trouble for us.

If there had to be a trouble to look out for, it would be those Scorpids. Those skeletons were predators, and could track their prey down like vicious hunters. They even had the ability to scale walls and hide.

But all that was for a later time. For now, it was time to rest and relax in the caresses of this soft sofa…

It didn’t take long before my eyelids grew heavy. This entire day was one of either fighting or fleeing. There was basically no time at all to rest till now -my nerves had long past their limits.

Unknowingly… I drifted off to sleep…

Amidst a pall of sleepiness, I heard a girl screaming, followed up by a bang.

What’s going on?

That last part had thoroughly woken me up from my slumber. I willed my sluggish body off the sofa, falling onto the ground with a thud right after. However, now wasn’t the time to care about the dull ache in my sides, nor the fact that I somehow had a blanket on me. I could feel an unusual heat in the air, clear signs of someone firing off fire magic.

From the looks of things, that bang was caused by the girls.

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Realising that something was amiss, I immediately waved my hand, summoning forth Icy Inferno. “Is everyone alright?”

I raised my voice and asked. However, none of them replied. Instead, I saw a green apparition slowly descend through the ceiling..

The ghost had the distorted visage of a woman. It clawed at me with its translucent green hands, as if meaning to rake my face off as well.

I swung my sword at her reflexively, slicing off its arm in a flash of anti-magic steel!

Separated, the arm dropped to the ground a thud, its otherwise ethereal body now a chunk of ice that promptly shattered upon impact. As for the ghost itself, the rest of its body burst into a massive pyre.

Trusty as always, Icy Inferno took care of that intruder in one fell swoop.

“Big brother!”

Having just taken care of that ghost, I was immediately assaulted by a soft warmness barreling into my arms as it ran down the stairs. Based on the scent, I knew it was Qiaoqiao…

“There, there… There’s nothing to be afraid of now. Your big brother is here.” I released Icy Inferno, then hugged the little girl to comfort her.

While she was still in her pink pyjamas, any such contact was mostly platonic. To begin with, her airport runway of a chest did not have much feel to it, so it wouldn’t have mattered.

Naturally, that wasn’t the issue now. The issue was that Bitong was glaring at me with a very pointed stare. Or rather, at the little girl burying her head in my chest…

Maybe she’s really trying to take advantage of the situation…

I pushed Qiaoqiao away firmly, then quickly followed up with the legendary head pat to silence her displeasure. “Okay. Okay. Now can you tell me what’s going on?”

“There were two ghosts who entered through the walls just now…” Lixiang explained as she descended the stairs with Bitong.

It turned out that earlier just now, the girls found me sound asleep on the sofa, so they decided not to wake me up, knowing that I was exhausted by this point. Bitong went to fetch a blanket for me, then went off to sleep with the rest of them. Because of the shock during the day, the girls decided to sleep together on the same bed. They chatted for a while, before the older girls slowly drifted off to sleep. However, Qiaoqiao was a little too traumatised, so she ended up awake throughout.

Sandwiched between the other two girls, she dared not move a muscle, lest she woke them up. Just like that, it became even harder for her to fall asleep.

Without much else to do, she started gazing out at the stars through the windows. Yet just as she was happily counting the stars, two ghosts suddenly entered their room through the hallway’s walls, bumping right into the insomniac little girl…

Qiaoqiao was terrified out of her wits and instinctively fired off a Flame Arrow in self-defense.

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Being a speedy spell with decent damage, it was able to hit one of the ghosts, killing it in an instant.

That was the source of the scream and explosion which woke everyone up. As for the other ghost, it was summarily executed by my sword.

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