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Chapter 581: Epilogue (3)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

(TL Remarks

Note for posterity: Volume 12 to 13 are slice-of-life chapters intended as a “break for Mo Ke”, according to the author. These two volumes can be viewed as an “entirely new book”, according to the author. In light of that, and the fact that the author himself provided an abbreviated summary of volume 12/13, because everyone hated it on the original site, I held a poll on Patreon to decide what to do. According to the poll, of which translate fully, summarize, skip, and drop were choices, skip was the option most voted on.

These are the essential, non-skippable chapters. Do not be alarmed if the chapter numbers do not come out in running order. It’s intentional. If I receive comments about this, I will ignore them completely. It was voted upon, then talked about, and further talked about. Matter is closed. Like leaving a supranational union, deal with it. If someone wishes to translate the missing chapters, go ahead. Just don’t bother me.

End of remarks.)

Purgatory. In the ruined kingdom of Sable Radiance…

“Lady Mo Na, may we inquire as to the whereabouts of your venerable mother?”

Having slaughtered all the invading Undead, the various overlords were gathered once more in the same area. In their main camp built at the base of a mountain, they surrounded the little devil and waited with bated breath. Rather, they were watching her every move. Every one of them wanted to know where Mo Ke, who was actually Ferti’nier, went.

Such was the power of her charms that even once she was gone, they were still held in her grip.

However, Mo Na did not know the whereabouts of Mo Ke either, but she did know that he was alive, just not in this world at the moment… Were there even other worlds? Unfortunately, no matter how much she asked the Grimoire of the Dead about that possibility, she never got an answer from the big sister inside.

Either way, her job now was to reassure everyone that Mo Ke was alive and would return. That was it. Before that however… she had to do a little something as well…

She glanced to the side and conjured up a bony stool for herself to sit on. Then with her both hands on her little chin, she smiled innocently and said out of the blue, “So… who wants to be Mo Na’s daddy?”

Now… if there was anyone who would doubt the pureness of such a request from an innocent-looking girl like that… clearly, they were the ones that were indecent, not her deceptively suggestive words…

“Me! Me!”

“I’ll look after Lady Mo Ke and Sister Mo Na as well!”

“Little Mo Na, as long as you call me daddy, I’ll immediately give you a nine-star magical core.”

“Little Mo Na, have this nine-star magical crystal for yourself. I don’t need you to call me daddy at all. I just hope that you will put in a good word when Lady Mo Ke gets back. I can even get you a better one!”

“Bah. I don’t need little Mo Na to help me do anything at all. Take this nine-star magical core and have all the fun you want with it. Just don’t forget my name, that’s all.”

One after another, Ferti’nier’s diehard fans rushed to appeal themselves to her little sister-like companion. If there was anyone, not including themselves, of course, who knew how cool these overlords acted normally, they would be shocked at the scene today…

“Hehehe, don’t worry, there’s no one mama loves more than Mo Na. If you all want to be Mo Na’s daddy, you’d better work hard.”

Just like that, Sable Radiance had a new mistress…

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Abaddon. The city of Mo Ke’s Trail… (TL: Original name was supposed to be Xunmo city. The xun means to search. )

Mo Ke’s Trail was the city set up by Numilia and the others; the meaning was naturally to search for Mo Ke.

At the moment, Mo Ke’s Trail was still in its construction stage. The only finished sections were the outer walls and the main tower in the center.

The city itself was made out of a mishmash of local materials, hewn and stacked. The outer walls were made out of squarish, black rocks that were layered neatly into a fifty meter wall. From a distance, it almost looked like it was part of a mountain range.

As for the rest of the structures in the city, they used whatever rocky material they could find. From time to time, one could even spot a house or two made out of wood or bone.

The fort of this city was a gigantic black tower that was several hundreds of meters high. Its outer walls were adorned with countless red vines that snaked across its craggy surface.

In order to fend off invasions which were common in this region, the defense of the city was already pre-planned. The four corners would host an encampment that would constantly be stationed with troops and strong warriors, including commanders.

The city was a veritable fortress city, impregnable to normal means. Naturally, normal did not include warriors above the realm of Overlord…

Because of Mo Ke’s stumbling into Purgatory, the faction he had forged through blood nearly crumbled in his absence. Had it not been for Numilia obtaining Flametail, boosting her own prowess significantly, she definitely would not have been able to suppress the mighty Habona to become the leader.

Should that happen, this faction today would not have existed at all. After all, this faction was centered around Mo Ke to begin with, something which Habona, who wasn’t Mo Ke’s fiancee, might not have agreed with.

As a leader, Numilia was an aggressive expansionist. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that all creatures of hell were just aggressive in general. Their faction made swift work of the nearby clans within a fifty kilometer radius of themselves. While they were doing so, they even had to fend off two clans that were headed by overlords.
From the west, the demonic half-ors often launched raids against Mo Ke’s Trail. From the north, there was the Dark Frogfolk, a clan which had suddenly risen to prominence and had intentions of expanding southward through Mo Ke’s Trail.

Fortunately, while both clans had their own overlords, their resources weren’t vast enough to afford them epic-grade weapons, resulting in them being unable to suppress Mo Ke’s Trail.

Armed with an epic-grade fire tool, plus the fact that she was finally unrestrained by the chains placed on her by the Prison of the Dead, she quickly rose to the Seven-star tier. If it was just a matter of holding off an overlord, she could easily manage. However, that was only limited to holding off the overlord, she still couldn’t defeat them, being just a seven-star and all.

At this very moment, Numilia and the others were holding a meeting of the top brass. In attendance were the three Harpy sisters, Numilia, Elena and Eugenia, the little white puppy, Violet Snow, the Demonic Werewolf, Habona, Evilin the evil eye, and finally Julia, Mo En’s wife.

It was worth noting now that everyone present was seated on chairs around a stony conference table, with the exception of Violet Snow, who sat atop the table itself because sitting on a chair would render her invisible to others…

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