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Chapter 582: Epilogue (4)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

“I’ve organised today’s meeting because I have something important to announce to everyone.”

Numilia swept her eyes over the familiar faces gathered here, then coldly glanced at Evilin.

The evil eye nodded in response, his blubbery head jiggling a little, after which a telepathic message was sent to everyone.

“What? Lord Mo Ke is missing?!” Eugenia was the first to react to the transmitted message, her seat nearly toppling over when she stood up anxiously.

Elena lowered her head in silence.

Habona was equally quiet, though she tapped the table with her claws a few times, leaving a noticeable scratch on the otherwise black surface.

Violet Snow, on the other hand, tilted her adorable little head to the side and muttered, “I wonder where he’s off to this time.”

Julia, however, was chewing her lip in anxiety. “I’m sure Lord Mo Ke will be fine…”

“Everyone, I know you are all unsettled by this news, but Evilin is still alive. That’s proof that my beloved is alive and well, we just don’t know where he has gone off to.”

Numilia was the most composed of the attendants, mostly because she was the first one to be informed of this fact. As a citymaster, she had learnt to rein in her temper as well.

“That’s right, there’s no point worrying about that devil now. We should be more concerned about ourselves right now.” Violet Snow was the first to break the icy atmosphere with a pat of her little paws. “The Dark Frogfolk are quiet for now, but those Demonic Half-orcs seem to be busy of late. I think we should be discussing that next, lest a problem crops up in the future.”

“The Demonic Half-orcs are being handled by the Demonic Werewolves and the Lizardmen. I’m sure Sister Habona won’t let us down on that front.”

Numilia looked towards the werewolf and found that she wasn’t objecting, instead nodding in agreement. “As long as their overlord doesn’t join the battlefield, I should be fine holding that front.”

Even with her genius-like combat expertise, and her perchance for defeating those above her star-level, an overlord was still a warrior that had a foot into the supernatural.

Some time had gone by since they had established this city. Numilia had grown accustomed to her role as leader by now, and was only getting more proficient at the job. That was why Habona found no reason to object to the harpy at all. After all, she was a better leader than she probably would have been.

Numilia turned to look at Violet Snow. “Regarding those roaming Hellhound packs in the east, I’m hoping you can persuade them soon.”

“Got it. I’ll head over tomorrow.”

While Violet Snow herself might not be of a high level, her mixed bloodline was of a higher pedigree compared to ordinary Hellhounds. In her blood flowed the blood of the Gehenna Wolves and the Hellhounds. As her power increased, the sense of pressure she exerted would only grow to unimaginable heights. That was why she was the best choice to persuade those Hellhounds.

With Violet Snow’s acquiescence, Numilia continued on. “The scouts have also reported sightings of Harpy clans in the south. Eugenia, Elena, I’ll leave that to the two of you. If the reports are true, they must be persuaded to join us.”

“Mhm.” Eugenia nodded her head solemnly. “If they have a Harpy witch on their side, and that witch refuses?”

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Numilia considered for a couple of seconds then, with furrowed brows, answered, “It would be preferable for us to peacefully deal with them, but if that’s not possible…”

“Understood, I will kill their leader if it comes to that..” Elena coldly answered, having clearly felt Numilia’s decisiveness even after considering their common kinship with those Harpies.

“All right. Once you’ve done that, try your best to persuade the survivors.” Numilia sighed a little having said that. Sometimes, in the pursuit of their interests, such decisions were unavoidable. Even if Harpy witches were a rarity, her mercy did not extend to when they stood on the opposing side.

With a concrete plan laid out, the two Harpies nodded. “Understood.”

Numilia turned to Evilin next. “How are the Corvids we captured recently? Have they been causing trouble?”

“None, so far.” Evilin replied telepathically. “Ever since we killed their more vocal members, they have mostly been behaving themselves. Same with the Dogmen and the Abaddon Ratmen. Especially the Dogmen, they have been exceptionally obedient and hardworking. Strangely loyal, even.”

“Is that so?” Numilia paused in a thought for a moment. “Serving the strong is the nature of all living creatures… Since the Dogmen are so cooperative, then we will raise the status of their leaders. They can supervise some of the other clans in their work as well. I need the city walls fortified immediately, and I want the other buildings to be done on schedule as well. But do not go overboard either… My beloved always likes to talk about carrots and sticks.”

“Understood. I’ll be prudent.” Being once the shadow leader of an Abaddon Ratman clan, this telepathic monster was extremely experienced in matters such as control.

It was now Julia’s turn to be addressed. “Last is logistics. Julia, we need more weapons ready for our growing army.”

“But our department doesn’t have enough manpower already…” Julia answered with a grimace. “Our sisters have been giving their all, but the long work hours have stifled our evolutions as well. If we can’t raise our star-level, our work will be affected as well. If only Lord Mo Ke was here right now, I’m sure our levels would raise a lot quicker with him by our side.”

“I’m aware of the struggles the Logistics department is facing. For now, it’s fine if your evolutions is delayed a little, but the weapons must be of the highest standards.” Numilia swept her eyes over those gathered once more. “Everyone, I need the surrounding areas scoured, and any possible recruits recruited, especially the Lust Demons, we need them all.”


“Good. Then that’s all for now, you may all return to your posts.” Numilia ended the meeting in a booming manner, fitting of the queen-like leader that she was.

Abaddon: The Heavenly Gates of Sin

Yi Yi was in the midst of teatime with her father, Ancerl Lucifer. At the side were two female Fallen Angel attendants with black wings.

As she sipped her tea elegantly and looked over the garden filled with purple flora, her eyes seemed a little downcast.

Seeing his daughter in a daze, Ancerl, also the current Devil King of Pride, couldn’t help but get a little jealous. “My lovely daughter, haven’t I told you already? That brat is no longer in this world.”

“But Mo Ke is still alive.”

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The moment she uttered Mo Ke’s name, Ancerl reflexively crinkled his brows in disgust. “I still don’t understand what you see in that brat.”

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