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Chapter 580: Epilogue (2)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

(TL Remarks

Note for posterity: Volume 12 to 13 are slice-of-life chapters intended as a “break for Mo Ke”, according to the author. These two volumes can be viewed as an “entirely new book”, according to the author. In light of that, and the fact that the author himself provided an abbreviated summary of volume 12/13, because everyone hated it on the original site, I held a poll on Patreon to decide what to do. According to the poll, of which translate fully, summarize, skip, and drop were choices, skip was the option most voted on.

These are the essential, non-skippable chapters. Do not be alarmed if the chapter numbers do not come out in running order. It’s intentional. If I receive comments about this, I will ignore them completely. It was voted upon, then talked about, and further talked about. Matter is closed. Like leaving a supranational union, deal with it. If someone wishes to translate the missing chapters, go ahead. Just don’t bother me.

End of remarks.)

Western Human Realms, Plateau Village, Demoness Abode.

Regine, Jill, and now back in her horse form Mo Ning were on their way back to the village.

Ancarin had managed to get news of their return before that, thus she had specially brought along a certain rambunctious pair to wait for Regine at the front entrance.

As a demoness serving Mo Ke, she naturally sensed when Mo Ke left the Western Human Realms. She just did not know why -that required an explanation from Regine. However, upon their meeting, the two sisters did not immediately speak to each other, merely exchanging a tacit glance with each other.

Seeing their teacher return, the little wolf girl, Hayley, stopped fighting with her equally little friend, Nari, and obediently walked up to Regine’s side.

With regards to this little student of hers, Regine held nothing but fondness for her. However, her personality was a little too much on the lively side. Without some temperance, it would be hard for her to tread the assassin’s path due to her lack of control over her emotions.

“Welcome back.” Ancarin said with a warm smile. “Master has already left the Western Human Realms?”

“Mhm.” Regine curtly nodded her head. Her expression was just as outwardly cold as always, but Ancarin had gone through thick and thin with the girl countless times and naturally knew the warmth hidden within that gaze.

Still in her horse form, Mo Ning unhappily griped from the side, “Dearest is just too much, leaving me behind like that. Don’t tell me he has already forgotten about me…” Normally, Mo Ke would not have wanted her to speak, but there were only trustworthy people here, thus there was no need for her to hide.

“Lady Mo Ning.” Regine couldn’t help but step in when she heard the horse gripe, even though she knew that she did not mean anything by her words. “The one in control at that time was mistress Ferti’nier.”

“I know. I know. I just have no way of returning home and I don’t know when dearest will call me back as well… sigh… guess I’ll be staying in the Western Human Realms for a while longer.” Mo Ning irritably swished her horse head. “I hope dearest calls me back soon, the fire elements in this region are just too little, not at all suitable for a creature of Purgatory.

“In that case, would lady Mo Ning like for us to gather some fire crystals or magical cores?” Ancarin suggested with a smile as she rubbed little Nari on the head.

She knew very well that while Mo Ke rode Mo Ning as a steed, the two of them actually shared an engagement pact, thus the two girls treated the horse with a respectful attitude.

“Magic crystals and cores?” Mo Ning gave the suggestion some thought. “That could work, but a better solution would be to create a volcanic environment.”

“Lady Mo Ning, I’m afraid that’s impossible… that would cause too much of a stir and attract unwanted attention from the other humans… we are normally shunned by the world after all…” Ancarin anxiously explained when she heard that Mo Ning wanted to terraform the village.

“Oh. What a bother.” Never a persistent one, Mo Ning answered as such, “In that case, it’s fine. Let’s just follow your suggestion then.”

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“Alright.” Ancarin quietly breathed a sigh of relief, having just placated one of her master’s future wives. “I’ll get to work on it shortly. Regine, we need to gather more intelligence as soon as possible. Even though the master was only here for a short while, I’m worried that even that might have repercussions. We also need to make preparations for the master’s next descent.”

“If it’s intelligence gathering and procurement, I’m more than able to handle that.” Previously silent, Jill suddenly interjected herself into the conversation. She batted her big eyes at Ancarin as she confidently declared, “I’m the best thief around, just leave it to me.”

“Then what do you want in return?” Ancarin turned around to face the confident girl. Based on what she knew from Regine, Jill was as capable as she claimed, and since she had followed them back to their home, that would mean she was willing to be a part of them now.

Everyone in the Abode was here for reasons that basically amounted to survival or revenge. Being such a competent thief, the former was most likely out of the question. So what were her motives?

Revenge, perhaps? Power? Eternal youth? Or was she a spy sent here from one of the other factions?

There was no definite answer to that question, but since Regine was willing to bring her back, it was worth trusting the girl once.

So what was it she wanted in return for her current services?

To that question, Jill answered decisively, “Power. I wish to gain power.”

“In that case, it’s a simple matter. Become a servant of the master, then you too will gain his blessing.”

“No. I wish to gain the power to destroy a kingdom.” As she said that, Jill’s eyes looked a little crestfallen. “Based on my own strength alone, that would be insufficient. Besides, if I were to become a demoness, I would have the scent of a devil on me, that would hinder my movements in human society.”

There were merits to what she had just raised. While Regine did travel about in the cities often, she had to avoid anyone with the ability to detect a devil’s aura. While such an aura wasn’t readily apparent, a more formidable opponent would still be able to detect it. If Jill was truly serious about joining the Demoness Abode, allowing her to retain her identity as a normal human would greatly benefit their operations. Assuming, of course, that she was trustworthy.

“But how can we trust you?”

Ancarin laid out her concerns explicitly. Yet the fact that she had done so meant that she was open to negotiations. Else she would have already killed the girl.

Suddenly, Regine stepped in and said, “I believe her. I know enough about her backstory, I’m sure she would never betray us.”

“Why?” Ancarin threw her sister a confused look.

“Because, in some sense, we share a common enemy.”

Underdepths: Halfmoon City

Little acid tongue, Aishael, was in the middle of supervising the half-elves daily training. Even though her role as the citymaster meant that she had plenty to do, she always made sure to maintain a tight control over the military.

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She knew very well that the Holy Daughter made her citymaster for a reason. What then could the half-elves offer to such a personage? Nothing but their unwavering loyalty and strength!

Ever since Mo Ke gathered all the half-elves into Halfmoon City, in the process turning into a guardian deity of sorts for them, these half-blood dark elves had formed an independent clan of their own. With their numbers, they had the power to stand up to a major dark elven clan.

By Mo Ke’s order, their city was given enough supplies by each clan to last them for a decade. Since it was Mo Ke who saved the dark elven half-blood, he was the one revered by them, not Lolthe. From the very beginning, her lofty gaze had never once graced them.

Suddenly, a dark elven half-blood descended from the ceiling atop a giant bat. “Lady citymaster, lady Jezsere, sir Reyage, along with lady Zurnalin have arrived.”

“What are the three of them doing here?” Aishael raised an eyebrow. “Have them enter the guesthall.”

“Understood.” Armed with orders, the messenger half-elf immediately departed.

These three dark elves were the same ones who accompanied Mo Ke to the Western Human Realms. Yet there was no mention of Mo Ke by the messenger. In other words, he wasn’t with them at all.

“Perhaps their visit has something to do with her holiness?” She quickly thought of that possibility, her heart immediately aflame with anxiety. If she had her way, she would grow wings and fly before them this instant…

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