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Chapter 528: Start of the Battle

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Countless lava spewing spikes pierced out of the ground, and right at the overlord death knight. His steed wasn’t able to fly, so evading such an indiscriminate attack was especially difficult. However, that was only the beginning of the attack. The body of the giant itself began to sprout spikes, turning into a rocky porcupine in mere seconds.

In order to avoid being skewered, the overlord death had no choice but to evacuate from the giant’s arm. However, the moment he tried to take a single jump forward, the spikes immediately dived at him, cutting him off. Still mid-air, he had no choice but to make the difficult sacrifice of abandoning his steed to protect himself. Using the skeletal horse as a springboard and shield, he leaped off its back, finally pulling himself away from the giant.

Unfortunately, his horse wasn’t so lucky. Not even given the chance to neigh, it was summarily turned to dust by the numerous spikes…

Yet just because he had avoided the wave of ground spikes, his troubles weren’t over either. Immediately after the ground spikes ended, the next attack came crashing down from the heavens!

The skies turned dark above him, but by the time he noticed this, his fate was sealed. With no way to maneuver mid-air, there was no avoiding the massive palm flying down on him…


Every action the Demonic Fire Igneous Giant took elicited a deafening groan from the earth. As the giant palm slammed down on the overlord death knight, both the skies and the earth shook from the massive shockwave. The surrounding lower-starred Purgatory creatures were all thrown off balance as well.

By the time the giant lifted up his palm, the overlord death knight beneath was an unrecognisable mess…


Victorious, the giant howled into the heavens. Around him, the other Purgatory creatures joined him in his howling, morale boosted by the easy defeat of one of the enemy’s generals.

With their leader dead, the death knight unit was like a toothless tiger. The overlord giant boldly strode forward, closing the gap between himself and the knights in a few steps. Like an elephant running rampant on the battlefield, wherever the giant went, a death knight would be found flattened beneath its feet…

As of right now, the remaining death knights numbered in the hundreds. Members of this elite cavalry unit were at least Seven-star, meaning that if the various clan leaders wanted to reduce their casualties, they had to at least send out Eight-stars. In just the span of a few seconds, a plethora of dazzling long-ranged attacks were thrown their way, swiftly backing the death knights into a corner to be harvested.

This entire opening phase barely lasted half an hour. Barring the scant survivors who managed to escape during the chaos, the vanguard of the Undead were completely wiped out.

Under the command of the various overlords, the souls of the death knights were handed over to Ferti’nier, including the overlord death knight’s soul, which was handed over personally by the overlord giant – a fact which had to be against the rules, to be honest. For her to be able to enthrall them this far with a glance was just unreasonable…

Naturally, she wasn’t one to stand on ceremony. She gulped down the majority of the souls in one go, leaving a small portion leftover sealed up in a soulstone. She then quietly stuffed it into Mo Na’s little backpack while she was still concentrating on mastering that new technique.

Ferti’nier required a massive amount of souls to upkeep herself due to the lack of her own body. Yet no matter how much she ate, she would never rise to the level of Demigod. As long as she stayed within Mo Ke’s body, the best she could achieve was the peak of the Overlord tier. A step might have separated the two levels, but that step was the difference between heaven and earth. When one entered the Demigod tier, they had transcended the mortal realm, they were truly in the realm of the divine at that point.

The most practical benefit of such an evolution was the lifespan of such individuals. A human overlord, even at its peak, only had a lifespan of five hundred to eight hundred years. Human demigods, however, could live over two thousand years!

Right this very instant, Karlston’s main army was about fifty kilometers away from the frontlines. The survivors from the death knight unit had just reported in, bringing with them news of their utter defeat. The sheer anger of learning about their disgrace was enough to send the soul flames in his eye sockets blazing. The news had also stirred up a wave of debate amongst the rest of the overlords gathered. Normally, the Undead would never consider matters such as morale, making them perfect soldiers of war. However, that was only for the mindless ones. Once an Undead gained intelligence, things weren’t so simple any longer.

For this expedition, Karlston had brought around twenty overlords with him, every one of them a proficient fighter with at least thirty meters to their Territories. Yet the moment they heard that their opponent was a massive giant with a seventy meter Territory, they were spooked.

A giant with a Territory of seventy meters… that was undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with -there was no need to look any further for an example than how he squashed the overlord death knight, who had fifty meters to his Territory. The fact that he was so massive also meant that he held an inherent advantage against those of his class…

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Then there was still the issue of the Fallen Angel who the Demonic Fire Igneous Giant willingly submitted himself to… Just because they had already died once did not mean they were more willing to die again this time…

Finally, Karlston snapped.

“Enough! I will give you all two choices: advance, or die right now!” Karlston yelled as best as a skeleton could. A moment later, he lifted up his skeletal staff and fired a dark green beam at an overlord zombie. The moment the overlord was hit by the beam, his flesh immediately started to fume and bubble as if hit by a potent acid. He fell to the ground groaning in pain, begging for forgiveness as he tumbled about.

Unfortunately, there was no mercy to be had for him. Out of those dissenting overlords just now, his fear was the most apparent. There was nothing Karlston hated more than cowardice, so who better than him to make an example out of?

Ten seconds later, the overlord zombie was reduced to a pool of black liquid. His exposed soul flew into Karlston’s hand upon a hand wave…

Gulp. He unceremoniously swallowed the soul of his former ally, his soul flame eyes burning ever so brighter. “Now, does anyone else have any objections?”

The gathered overlords fell silent. They had come to realise one thing: while they might have had a powerful enemy ahead, they also had an existence next to them who could slaughter them as well…

Not too long after the battlefield was swept clean of souls, the main army of the Undead arrived, led by the black-robed skeletal mage, Karlston. A sea of Undead, stretching off as far as the eye could see, filled the battlefield. While the Undead weren’t suited to the fiery environment of Purgatory, the Undead gathered here had been specifically chosen for their heat resistance. Tougher Undead like death knights, zombies, and skeletons made up the bulk of the army. There were also various zombified or skeletal versions of magical beasts. What there weren’t were wraiths and the like. They might be immune to physical attacks, but they were also famously vulnerable to the elements.

Even from a kilometer away, their sinister aura was made abundantly clear before Ferti’nier.

As always, she had her arms folded around her chest while she floated mid-air. Her charms held no sway over the Undead below. That wasn’t to say that she had those Purgatory overlords completely under her control either. A key factor to the charm she cast over them was that they already enjoyed a close relation to her in the form of being allies. Her charms were powerful, but they only had the effect of increasing their opinion of her to their utmost limits. Such a hold was tenuous at best. Other forms of emotions might have arisen as a result of this, but should she cross their interests, her charms would most likely fail.

Naturally, such tactics were viable because of how long Sable Radiance had been sealed. Their strongest forces weren’t even at the level of Demigod.

The two leaders of the armies exchanged a silent glance with each other. Neither spoke a word as a deafening silence fell over the battlefield. No one dared move a muscle or breath.

A strong foe! The two parties came to that conclusion at the same time. In order to avoid injuring Mo Na, who had just awoken from having that skill imparted to her, she placed the little devil onto Mournwraith’s back. She then muttered in his ears to take care of the little devil. This upcoming battle was one she had to take seriously. At that point, watching out for Mo Na was impossible. In that case, the wise move would be to have the girl leave the scene from the start.

At the same time as she handed over Mo Na to Mournwraith, Karlston coolly waved his skeletal hand: the Undead army was on the march!

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