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Chapter 529: Bonemelting Toxin

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

The war was finally in full swing, the overlords of the Undead kept a close eye on the Demonic Fire Igneous Giant’s movements, avoiding him as best as they could. Back when they first learnt of his existence through that death knight, there was nothing concrete to attach this enemy. Now that they had seen him first hand however, they knew they were in a world of pain. At that size, he was basically invincible within his own class. Other than a demigod, the only ally that could match that giant was the overlord bone dragon… Unfortunately, they did not bring along a bone dragon this time…

However, their obsession with the overlord giant was, in of itself, an error. The strongest enemy here was actually Ferti’nier.

The she-devil flew right into the densest gathering of Undead overlords, and upon entering within two hundred meters of them, she deployed her trusty ultimate technique…

Territory: Wraith of Purgatory!

Raging black flames burst to life, sealing off any avenue of escape for her enemies. Countless shadows, clad in nether flames, lunged at the unsuspecting overlords, each of them resolved to take down their enemies in a suicidal explosion…

Just like that, over ten overlords were taken down in mere seconds. Such was the power of her Territory, Wraith of Purgatory. As the name suggested, it burned like the flames of Purgatory, and was as stealthy and unpredictable as a wraith. Her Territory, in essence, was capable of summoning assassins to kill those unfortunate enough to be caught in her Territory.

At the end of the day, Ferti’nier used to be a demigod herself. Her powers might have dropped a tier, but the destruction she could bring wasn’t something a mere overlord could comprehend!

Immediately, the tables had turned on the Undead.

It was only when the souls of those overlords flew into the waiting palm of Ferti’nier that Karlston finally understood how powerful his enemy was… From the very beginning, she was the one who held the keys to this battle.

(TL: To be honest, I’m a little tilted by this author’s use of over ten blah blah blah. Over twenty blah blah blah. It reeks of poor planning. Sometimes, I do not know if he really means 10, 11-19, or 11-infinity, so I’m left guessing based on the next few paragraphs. There have been a few times where over ten just meant ten. This time, apparently, he meant anything under the sun that is above ten.)

Territory: Bone-melting Demise!

At the same time as he charged at Ferti’nier, he deployed his own Territory, a two hundred meter diameter Territory of sickly green fog. Anything that came into contact with the fumes were progressively dissolved, whether Undead or living. The speed of dissolution wasn’t particularly quick, but if one did not depart immediately, even an overlord would be reduced to a puddle of black goo within a minute!

Seeing Ferti’nier kill off over ten Undead overlords in one move, Karlston knew he had to pull out all his stocks. This Territory of his wasn’t just a walking acid fog, it also had the ability to focus the toxic fumes into a concentrated beam to target further targets. When focused as such, its dissolving speed was multiplied by at least a factor of ten.

With a wave of his skeletal staff, Karlston fired off the first volley at Ferti’nier. From the very beginning, Ferti’nier knew this black-robed mage was no simple overlord -who would have thought that he was at the peak of the Overlord tier as well. Warriors at this state were just a hair’s breadth away from being a demigod.

If an overlord’s defining trait was his understanding of the world’s laws, and the formation of a Territory, then a demigod could face the laws of the world itself with his physical body. The Demigod tier was about forging a divine body. The degree to which a demigod could withstand the laws of the world depended on the completeness of this divine body.

At the peak of the Demigod tier, the demigod would have the ability to match a lower-ranked deity. The difference between the two was that the former lacked a proper divinity. A deity’s divinity was like the keys to the system. An overlord only had the ability to temporarily rewrite the laws of the world, but even that was being generous; a more accurate description would be to influence. Those with divinity had the ability to rewrite the laws of the world on a long-term basis.

Even so, the world and its laws were set down by the Creator. Like where there was light, there would always be dark. Like how water extinguished fire, and how the earth nourished the plants. These were fundamental tenets of the world. Even if a deity were to evolve into a prime deity, he still couldn’t change such fundamental laws permanently. However, he could still change the laws for a long term, and at a large scale. He would just have to pay the corresponding price.

The moment that green beam was fired, Ferti’nier instincts told her that she must not allow that to hit her. Yet just when she was about to dodge, a gigantic figure suddenly stepped in front of her and blocked the beam for her – it was the Demonic Fire Igneous Giant!

With his impregnable defenses, he reached forth and blocked the beam with his right arm. He had thought it would burn him at most. However, the moment he blocked the beam, his entire right arm started to drip to the ground as black goo… The corrosive ability of the beam was just too strong. Not only had it dissolved his right arm, it was now trying to invade the other parts of his body as well!

There was hardly a match to be found anywhere for this overlord giant’s defenses under the tier of Demigod. Even the mighty pure-blooded blood drakes, known for their unstoppable physical strength, might not be able to break his defenses. But that only showed how truly deadly Karlston’s beam was. If this corrosion was allowed to continue, he would most likely lose half his body in the process, crippling him in the best scenario.

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Before the corrosive beam could spread past the giant’s right arm, Ferti’nier suddenly flew towards the giant, and upon reaching the area joining his shoulder to his arms, she pulled out Shadowfang and gave a decisive chop, severing what remained of his arm which fell to the ground with a deafening boom…

While Shadowfang might just be an Epic-grade weapon, it was forged from the fang of the first werewolf. As the former divine steed of the Moon Goddess, the first werewolf, Nightblade, was a divine beast himself. A fang from such a being was never going to lose to a mere overlord.

“That skeleton isn’t someone you can handle. I need you to take care of the other overlords instead.” Said Ferti’nier as she floated above the severed stump of the overlord giant, eyes glued to Karlston as he approached them. Without waiting for the giant to reply, she sped off in Karlston’s direction with a powerful kick off.

Met with such a fierce response, Karlston fired off a second beam at his opponent. Unfortunately, in her flying state, Ferti’nier was a lot nimbler: she easily avoided the beam with a twirl. In order to fire these beams, he had to concentrate the fumes from his territory, meaning that with each beam, the toxic fumes in his territory got thinner. Mighty as his attack was, even that had its own limitations.

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