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Chapter 527: Battle of Titans

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

The overlord death knight was barely an inch from the wall of nether flames. But he was still a Nine-star, at the end of the day. Even with a hair’s breadth, he managed to deploy his Territory.

Territory: Realm of the Abyss!

A circle of fifty meters burst to life, not only protecting its caster, but also the death knights near it.

With a barrier to protect him, the overlord death knight took the lead in charging into the wall, passing through it unharmed in an instant. The death knights under his protection managed to pass through without incident as well. Unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said for those who weren’t protected. The moment they came into contact with the wall, they turned into walking torches.

Yet even when faced with such a sudden turn of events, the death knights proved their mettle as elite riders. Having barely lost a hundred knights, those at the back managed to rein in their skeletal horses, in spite of their powerful momentum.

However, it was also a fact that their charge had been stopped. The wall only managed to kill off a fraction of their numbers, but its main purpose had been fulfilled. Chaos had been averted so far, and precious time was bought. Had it not been for the fact that these death knights were all unfeeling Undead, their morale would have also been affected.

“A Territory that can nullify magical harm?” Seeing that Territory counteract her fires so cleanly, even Ferti’nier was a little surprised. Such a degree of immunity was easily a disaster for a spellcaster due to their lack of physical capabilities. However, Ferti’nier was different. She had no such shortcomings, physical or otherwise.

But there was no need for Ferti’nier to dirty her hands this time. There were a pile of overlords clamoring by her side for a chance to prove their worth to her. For example, that shadow of the overlord nightmare steed who was already pressing his brother to join the battle.

However, there was already another quicker than those brothers. A giant, to be exact.

The skies suddenly darkened as a stifling pressure descended over the battlefield. Then, like a meteor falling from the sky, a black, gigantic figure slammed into the ground. The earth itself cried at his descent, warping as if it was a trampoline for the giant.

A statue-like colossus stood before the overlord death knight. Standing at over twenty meters tall, this hulking titan was the source of that earth-rending impact. As he moved, countless little rocks tumbled off his blackish-red body. So tall was he that even the horizon seemed small to those before him. Despair was the only way to describe his sheer size.

The Demonic Fire Igneous Giant swung his left arm, backhanding the overlord death knight, as if to remind the tiny Undead below how little he thought of him. The very incarnation of the ‘size is everything’ ideal, the overlord giant’s single backhand was powerful enough to stir up a gale force that even destabilized the ranks of the weaker Purgatory creatures around him…

Yet his slap failed to accomplish what he had set out to do. Even though the overlord death knight’s Territory did not have the ability to defend against physical attacks, that did not mean he was out of means either. The backhand might have easily smacked aside a few of the eight-star death knights who weren’t able to dodge in time, but the overlord death knight’s skeletal horse was able to nimbly leap onto the gigantic hand swinging its way. With a swing of his body, the overlord death knight leaned off to the right and slashed his sword down onto the giant’s arm as his steed continued running up the giant’s arm!

Compared to the lumbering elephant that was the Demonic Fire Igneous Giant, the overlord death knight was like an agile mouse, easily navigating its way around the behemoth’s body.

Clearly no one enjoyed having a pest scampering up their arm, and the overlord giant was no slouch either when angered. If his physical strike wasn’t going to work, then it was time for his abilities. The blackish-red veins throughout the giant’s body began to stir. A second later, lava erupted from hundreds of geysers throughout!

Faced with an all-around attack, escape was no longer possible for the overlord death knight. However, there was no need for the Undead knight to evade at all. After all, his Territory was able to nullify a certain degree of magical damage. What was magical damage? Basically, harm caused by energetic attacks like that giant’s ability. His Territory was even able to block a wall of nether flames from Ferti’nier, let alone lava that wasn’t at the level of a Territory attack.

Just like that, the spectacular fireworks display of lava fizzled out the moment it appeared, nullified by the Territory of the overlord death knight.


His fists had failed; now his lava ability had easily been thwarted as well. Not only that, the pest on his arm was still running amok on his own body… was there any bigger disgrace than this? In order to regain some modicum of respect in front of Ferti’nier, he finally deployed his vaunted Territory.

Territory: Lava Hellscape!

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The instant his Territory was deployed, a seventy meter radius around the overlord giant began to rumble. A series of rocky stalagmites pierced through the earth, bringing along with it a geyser of lava. Even though the lava wasn’t going to do much against the overlord death knight, the rocky stalagmites were a physical form of magic and could harm him. As time ticked by, the stalagmites continued rising up from beneath the ground, forming a veritable stone forest as they tried to skewer the overlord death knight. This indiscriminate style of attack was finally able to force the death knight into a corner. On the flip side, being pierced by rock was barely a scratch for the overlord giant.

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