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Chapter 515: Epilogue (6)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

With Ferti’nier’s Territory fully deployed, the Overlord Lich dared not tarry a moment longer. He swiftly deployed his own to counteract hers.

Territory: Wail of the Dead!

An instant later, countless wraiths swarmed out of his body, wailing horrifically in a fifty meter radius. Barring exceptions, this Overlord Lich was most likely more powerful than that Overlord Vampire and Overlord Werewolf. If only the opponent he was facing wasn’t Ferti’nier, a former Devil King who could easily crush him within seconds, had it not been for her playfulness.

Territories operated with the caster’s body as a focal point. Laws could be changed within the radius, but in a situation where multiple Territories overlapped, the stronger Territory took precedence, though not completely.

Over ten thousand wraiths had swarmed out of the Overlord Lich at this point. These summons, however, could only operate outside that fifty meter radius without dissipating. Yet even with this restriction, they were still a formidable killing force. These wraiths were innately immune to physical attacks, but had a negative resistance to magical ones.

The Overlord Lich knew he wasn’t a match for Ferti’nier to begin with. At the time as he summoned those wraiths, he struck his bone staff into the ground, causing the ground to split apart in a violent explosion. A black figure clawed its way out of the crevice and leapt straight for Ferti’nier!

Swift like lightning, it appeared behind Ferti’nier’s back within an instant. But just as it was about to swing its giant sword down on the interfering Fallen Angel, she suddenly smiled, back still faced towards it.


Before the words even left her mouth, a towering shield of Nether Flames roared to life, blocking off the giant sword. Thanks to the sheer momentum behind that swing, the black figure wasn’t able to pull back and could only collide head-first into the shield. Like a fly diving into a pool of lava, the giant sword instantly melted upon contact with the shield!

However, those who dared to pull a sneak attack on Ferti’nier couldn’t be weak themselves. At the very least, this black figure was an Overlord. Sword half-melted, it managed to break away and land on the ground.

But Ferti’nier was never a magnanimous Devil to begin with. In fact, she was very spiteful. If someone dared to attack her from the back, that person had better be prepared for retribution.

Before the black figure could even touch down, a five meter wide pit of flames sprouted right beneath his feet…

This was Ferti’nier’s vengeance. But this black figure was no slouch either. He quickly threw his giant sword down into the pit. As it spun through the air, it began to morph into a six meter wide round shield, blocking off the pit Ferti’nier summoned…

Ever one to fool around, Ferti’nier never had the intention of finishing off her opponent with that move. That was why this pit was merely full of ordinary flames, rather than Nether Flames. The giant sword was a powerful weapon in its own right and wouldn’t melt unless it was up against Nether Flames. That was the only reason why the black figure’s plan even worked. The black figure promptly hopped out of the shield, just in case the flames were able to suddenly penetrate its shield and roast it alive.

Now back on the ground once more, the identity of this black figure was finally revealed. It was a Death Knight clad in black, heavy armor. His Territory was a Unique Territory that could summon equipment.

Safely away from the fire now, he still did not dare to retrieve his shield, instead cancelling it with a wave of his hand before summoning another.

Territory: Soul Armory!

The Death Knight reached forth with his right hand and seemingly gripped down on thin air. Suddenly, a wolf’s howl could be heard echoing throughout his Territory. The air itself began to split asunder in multiple areas as countless vengeful souls came streaming out and into the Overlord Death Knight’s right hand… he was forging a weapon from souls!

Yet for Ferti’nier, who was more amused than threatened as she stood at that same exact spot from the very beginning, she merely snapped her fingers nonchalantly. The fiery pit below instantly disappeared, replaced by over a hundred humanoid shadows rushing at the Overlord Death Knight.

However, the Overlord Death Knight wasn’t fazed by the sudden attack. He continued focusing on his forging while the Overlord Lich took this opportunity to send aid from his own Territory. His wraiths and Ferti’nier’s own shadows quickly clashed with each other. Being both denizens of the dark and incorporeal, there was suddenly this strange sense of competitiveness between the minions.

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In truth, however, Ferti’nier could have summoned more shadows if she wanted to. But it had been so long since she got to play. Naturally, she wasn’t going to let her opponents get defeated by her so easily. Her opponents, even now, did not realise that she was still going easy on them, especially with how they seemed to be able to trade blows evenly.

Lest one forgot, Ferti’nier was not only dealing with the Overlord Lich and the Overlord Death Knight, the shadows she had summoned some time ago were still delaying the spirit wolves summoned by the Overlord Werewolf. In spite of that, she showed no signs of struggling at all.

Yet as Aques Lumen peered at the multi-front battle going on between them, he couldn’t help but wonder to himself. Whose side was she really on? Was she an ally? But she clearly attacked him just now. An enemy, then? But she’s clearly helping him now. The truth was that the answer did not matter. At the very least, three of the four Overlords had been delayed by her. There was just that Overlord Vampire to deal with. Time to get serious.

Amidst all that, he still had to worry about the other Demon Hunters he brought along with him. Thanks to Nicole’s signal, he knew that they would be dealing with a lot of enemies. That was why he not only brought the elites of the Demon Hunters, he also recruited some mercenaries as well. He was afraid for Nicole’s safety, so he rushed to the battlefield first. It shouldn’t be long before the experts he brought along arrived.

The problem was that these experts were just Eight-star at best. In the eyes of an Overlord, they weren’t even a threat. Naturally, that wasn’t to say that a single Overlord could take on a hundred Eight-stars. But an ordinary Overlord was still able to easily fend off eight, or even nine Eight-stars.

In order to avoid any casualties amongst his reinforcements, Aques Lumen knew he mustn’t hesitate any longer. Thus he gripped down hard on his sheath sword and rapidly retreated…

Opponent seemingly on the run, the Overlord Vampire clearly wasn’t going to allow that to happen. However, the moment he tried to catch up with the Demon Hunter in order to prevent him from deploying his Territory, a serpentine shadow creeped up from behind him and bound him. Unable to react in time, the Overlord Vampire was stuck fast. Yet that was about the extent of Ferti’nier’s interference. After all, it wasn’t her plan to deal with this Vampire, else he would be dead already.

Unfortunately, the Overlord Vampire had no way of knowing this. His first thought, upon seeing this lone serpentine shadow, was that his other three allies were pressuring Ferti’nier hard.

A foolish thought, to be sure. Why would she even interfere in this fight if she was truly in dire straits?

“Even now you wish to protect this Human? Just you wait. Once I’m done with him, I’m going to drain you of all your blood. I don’t think I’ve had a Fallen Angel’s blood yet…” The Overlord Vampire promptly shattered the serpentine shadow upon declaring so. He then rushed at Aques Lumen. At the same time, he cut his own wrists and scattered the blood in front of him.

“Face your baptism of blood, mortal!”

Territory: Blood River!

Previously, the amount of blood scattered in front of him was at most a liter. Yet the moment he deployed his Territory, the blood expanded several times over. Rather, it multiplied, to be exact. With the scattered blood as its core, the blood began to coalesce into a blood pool!

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