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Chapter 516: Epilogue (7)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

The Overlord Vampire jumped into the blood pool, immersing himself halfway while the blood pool floated mid-air in a viscous vortex. Despite how slowly it seemed to travel, the pool merely took an instant to reach Aques Lumen…

“Katherina, seems like I have to borrow your power once again… I guess it’s our power now…” As he watched the pool of blood fly ominously towards him, Aques Lumen didn’t seem worried in the slightest, muttering to himself in a daze as if this whole matter did not concern him.

He reached into his clothes with his right hand. There hung a silvery pendant in the shape of a sword, which he took off and stabbed into his forehead without any hesitation…

An instant later, a wound opened up on his forehead, leaking a trail of blood. However, this blood wasn’t flowing as it normally would. It was a lot slower than one would expect. In fact, they were forming into scales, lining up the entirety of his face in an orderly fashion!

All it took was a second for his otherwise handsome face to be covered up. Yet from that instant forth, Aques Lumen was no longer a Human. Or rather, he wasn’t a pure Human. His body started to give off the distinctive aura of a Devil; his face started to have Devilish features as well.

A set of strange blue tattoos started to streak across his face. The kind normally found on Mo Ke’s left face. However, Aques Lumen’s tattoos extended down into his body as well, from the wound on his forehead down to to his toes!

As for that pendant, it was now fully embedded in his flesh like an accessory…

Territory: Phantasm of Love!

Just as his transformation finished, the Overlord Vampire reached his position. However, Aques Lumen did not show the slightest bit of anxiety. He neither drew his sword or even lifted a finger. He merely eyed the Overlord Vampire, crimson pupils glowing with a strange light.


An odd change came over the Overlord Vampire at that point. He was but a breath away from the Demon Hunter, yet all of a sudden, he flew past Aques Lumen and charged right at the Overlord Were who was still fighting with those shadows…

He rammed head first into the Overlord Werewolf, catching an unfortunate spirit wolf in his blood pool. The poor spirit only had time to whimper once before it was instantly reduced to bubbles in the blood pool like it had been dissolved by acid.

“Blasted Vampire, are you betraying us now?!” The Overlord Were was furious at having suddenly lost a major portion of his fighting force. He swiped at the oddly-behaving Vampire with the full force of an Overlord. With this level of power, even a simple claw swipe could interfere with the laws of the world. That was why when it came into contact with the blood pool, it did not dissolve like the spirit wolf. Yet at the same time, the Overlord Vampire wasn’t really affected either.

Attacked, the Overlord Vampire promptly broke free from the effect of Aques Lumen’s Territory. He rubbed his aching temples before explaining to the Overlord Werewolf, “Curses… I actually fell under his spell for a second there…”

“Hmph! Can you be any less moronic?” The Overlord Werewolf chided the Vampire, miffed but clearly accepting of his reason. After all, they had formally joined forces to achieve their shared goals. Not to mention the fact that there was still a third force consisting of that Death Knight and that Lich. The battle was still going favorably as well; there was no reason for the Vampire to turn on them now. His reason was honestly the only reason that made sense in this context.

“Mongrel! You dare insult the noble Bloodkin?!” Ever the haughty race in general, the Overlord Vampire couldn’t help but fall back into the trope of his race’s insufferable arrogance, even if he was the one at fault to begin with. The Vampires had always seen themselves as being nobler than every other race in this world, and that included the boorish Werewolves. The fact that their ancestor was even able to trick a bunch of Werewolves into serving them as Lycans just proved their point further.

“Hah. A scrawny coward like you wants to challenge the mighty Werewolves?”

“Stop standing so close to me already, foolish dog. It’s an insult just breathing in the same air as you. And could you do something about that awful odor coming off your fur?” Having said that, the Overlord Vampire retrieved a white handkerchief and covered his nose.

“You’re really asking for it, aren’t you?”

The Overlord Werewolf raised his claws as if ready to strike once more. The Overlord Vampire took up a combat stance as well. In the blink of an eye, the Overlord Werewolf and Overlord Vampire were suddenly at each other’s throats, both glaring at each other as if they were only waiting for a reason to rip each other apart.

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Aques Lumen couldn’t help but chuckle quietly to himself. This was the exact result he was looking for when sent that Vampire flying into the Werewolf. Given that both parties were so willing to cooperate with his machinations, he was more than happy to stand aside and reap the benefits after.

At the same time as the two rivals were threatening to have a go at each other, the Death Knight’s new weapon had just taken shape. It was a nearly two meter long, double-edged halberd. His first move was to ram straight at the shadows duking it out with the spirit wolves. With a mighty swing, he passed through the Werewolf’s spirit wolves and hacked the strange shadows summoned by Ferti’nier, hitting all of them in an arc!

Cleaved, the shadows immediately disintegrated into a pile of black goo that ultimately flowed back into Ferti’nier’s Territory. As for what the identity of this goo was, it was a mote of pure Darkness element… In other words, the Death Knight’s halberd had not only the ability to harm elemental constructs, but also had the frightening ability to pass through allies without causing harm!

Every Territory had its own quirk; there was no better proof of this than that Death Knight’s Unique Territory. His Territory was able to forge weapons on demand, but at the end of the day, this forging was also related to summoning. He bent the laws of the world to summon countless souls to power his actual forging, so one could say his Territory also exhibited traits of a Summoning Territory. A walking, tailor-made, armory of equipment – a perfect fit for a Death Knight like him!

Even so, the fact that both the Lich and the Death Knight were premier Overlords of the fifty meter tier, together, they still couldn’t hold a candle to Ferti’nier. Even those defeated shadows were defeated only with her permission. She allowed them to meld back into her Territory, simply because she was intrigued by Aques Lumen’s Territory. Naturally, this was seen by her enemies as a sign of weakness that she was finally cracking under the pressure of the Lich and Death Knight.

“Will you two stop arguing, we still have a battle to fight!” The Overlord Lich yelled in an annoyed voice. The fact that they were supposedly winning and yet those two loggerheads were trying to ruin it by fighting each other was incomprehensible to him. “Settle your opponent first, and if you are alive then, you can settle this feud after.”

The Lich was speaking the truth, though some of his assumptions were a little suspect. It did not make sense to tear at each other’s’ throats while there was still an enemy lurking about. Besides, the Lich was stronger than the both of them combined, so if even his words did not make sense, they had to comply.

“Together now, we will finish him off right this instant!” The Overlord Vampire roared triumphantly, clearly under the same mistaken assumption that Ferti’nier was somehow on the verge of breaking. Like the Lich said, they could settle their feud later…

“AWOOO!” Ever the forthright one, the Overlord Werewolf immediately leapt into battle the moment that Vampire suggested they work together.

Still half-submerged in his blood pool, the Overlord Vampire kept close distance with his companion, firing off blood daggers at Aques Lumen at the same time. Just like the blood pool, these daggers had a powerful corrosive effect that could easily dissolve anyone under Five-star. Even Overlord would not get off unscathed should these land a hit.

However, Aques Lumen merely maintained his cool, erecting a barrier to block off the daggers. With that plan to distract him foiled, the Overlord Vampire sped up further, in hopes of getting rid of this pesky Demon Hunter who had the gall to embarrass him.

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