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Chapter 474: A Round of Applause Please

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library


Nari stuck out her little pink tongue and smiled at Hayley, “Oh, then let’s get married together.”

What the heck…kids these days are scary… isn’t it a bit early for a three year old to be talking about marriage? Although… if I were to say yes now, wouldn’t that mean I instantly gain two more fiancees? I wonder if anyone will call me a scumbag if I do so? No way… my pee pee is still on vacation so any relationship between us can only be a pure one!

The more I considered the possibilities, the more I realised that this wasn’t a good idea at all. I threw Ancarin a flustered look as she continued chuckling at me from the sidelines. “Ancarin… aren’t the two of them rather mature for their age?”

She first nodded apologetically in my direction then explained, “Master… Lady Ferti’nier actually gave us a gift when she guided us to becoming your Demonesses. While you were asleep, Ferti’nier carved a dream array onto a Dreameater’s core. That array allows its owner to enter a dream simulation of life…”

“It simulates life?” Don’t tell me…

“That Dreameater’s core was originally meant for me and Regine, but roughly half a year ago, those two scamps suddenly barged into my arms while I was using it and… well, the three of us were…”

Let me guess… those two probably spent a fair amount of time in the dream… Blasted Ferti’nier, this is all your fault!

“Hey, your big sis is innocent. She only wanted her little brother’s Demonesses to be more prepared for their future advancements.” Ferti’nier immediately popped up to defend herself. “Who knew that it would end up like this…”

Sigh… I know it’s not her fault… but what have I inadvertently gotten myself into…

“That’s enough, you two.” Said Regine in her usual icy voice. The moment she noticed the predicament I was in, she quickly stepped in to intervene. “Can’t you see that master is feeling troubled?”

“But aunty Regine… Nari isn’t troubling mastah at all!”

“Me too, teacher…”

The two of them reacted differently to Regine’s admonishment. Nari seemed a lot closer to Regine, while Hayley seemed almost a little afraid of her. And while I hadn’t explicitly asked Ancarin yet, I could tell that she hadn’t told Hayley the truth about her origins.

Hayley’s greyish hair and matching tail and ears were the epitome of furry cuteness. But this furriness was also a grim reminder of the close battle I had with that bandit leader who also happened to be a Werewolf.

Either way, with Regine’s intervention, the two scamps finally quietened down while the rest were also done with their meals as well. Jezsere, Reyage and Zurnalin were all led down to their rooms by Ancarin in order to get some rest while I stayed behind to settle some matters.

“Everyone is ready now, please follow me, master.” Said Ancarin as she carried the children to the entrance. As she did so, she had on a brilliant smile. “This will be the first time our sisters have met you, master.”

Even though she did not say it, I could tell from her sparkling eyes that she was full of excitement for this long-awaited introduction.

Before we started our meal, Ancarin had sent word for the other women of Demoness Abode to gather in the great hall. By all accounts, they should be ready by now. In order to formalise their worship, it was important that everyone had a clear mental image of my being. In that case, I had better perform well.

“Off we go then.”

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Under the guidance of Ancarin and Regine, I slowly climbed down the stairs. With every step down the Abode’s wooden stairs, I could feel the number of eyes on me grow. There had to at least be four hundred of them gathered down there right now, and as I became increasingly visible to them, my body began to change as well.

The blue magical tattoos on the left of my face became clearer; the golden horn on my forehead started to appear; my purple hair started to dance in the air, following which my cloak started to rise up, revealing a set of resplendent purple wings beneath…

By the time I was at the podium in the great hall, my transformation had been completed. Before I had stepped into the Western Human Realms, I had already considered what would happen if I had to transform all of a sudden. The clothes that I was wearing right now were magical tools that had the ability to automatically alter themselves to fit me. It was because of this that my wings did not end up tearing apart my clothes.

Thanks to the grandeur of my little performance, I could hear the deafening silence of their bated breaths.

Very good. Exactly the reaction I was looking for.

I deliberately stayed silent for a while longer, then under the suspense-filled eyes of those present, I started with as much pomp as I could muster, “I am the master of this Abode, serving me is your honor. Do well and I will bestow unto you…”

Perhaps it was because of my awe-inspiring opening, those present were all shocked into silence. Suddenly, in the middle of my speech, a boy’s voice interrupted me, “Lady Mo Ke, is that really you?”

Who is that?! Who dares interrupt my opening speech?!

Turning in the direction of the voice, I found a red haired, moderately charming youth sporting a buzzcut standing at the door. The moment that youth laid eyes on me, his eyes went unbelievably wide. Most likely because of the drastic changes my body had undergone since I last returned, he hesitated for a moment before recognising me. Overwhelmed by excitement, he threw his arms wide open and hugged me tightly.

“Lady Mo Ke, you’re finally back… do you know how much I’ve missed you…”

“Who the heck are you?” I said as I casually waved my hands, summoning forth a short bone wall to separate myself from the buzzcut youth. As expected, he ended up tripping because of the wall and fell face first onto the ground. By the time he got back up to his feet, his previously dashing face was a bloodied mess.

A critical hit!

Now that he had come back to his senses, and also partly because of the shock of my actions, the youth anxiously explained himself to me with tears in his eyes, “It’s me, Dioh… don’t tell me you’ve already forgotten about me, lady Mo Ke?”

“I say, you’re still a man and all, so can you not give that forlorn look?!” For some inexplicable reason, I really wanted to punch this kid right now. “And let’s get something straight here, I’m a man!”

“Claiming to be a man like that… it has to be lady Mo Ke!” Even though I had just rejected him so callously, the buzzcut youth did not seem to be affected at all. In fact, he seemed even more excited now that he confirmed my identity. “But why doesn’t lady Mo Ke remember me? It’s me, Dioh!”

Having said that, he immediately pointed at his bloody nose which only had just stopped bleeding. Faced with such a comical act, even my unexplained fury died out in an instant, replaced by a bemused smile on my lips.

“Oh, it’s Dioh. Sorry about that, I didn’t recognise you there. It’s been so long after all, and we’ve all changed a fair bit as well. You know I have problems with faces…”

“So lady Mo Ke does remember me… that’s great! I heard the Demoness Abode was receiving a guest so I thought it might be you. That’s why I ran all the way here… it’s been three whole years… you’ve become even more beautiful…” As he said that, Dioh gazed smittenly at me.

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“That’s right. It’s been three years and you still look as dumb as before.”

Honestly speaking, the way he looked at me was a little off-putting. Naturally, I had no kind words for a person like that. I coldly harrumphed and continued, “It’s been three years and you still can’t even figure out that I’m a man!”

However, Dioh didn’t seem at all angered by my barbed words. He instead smiled back at me with a silly grin plastered on his lips. “Lady Mo Ke is always such a kidder. How can there be such a beautiful man in this world? If there is, wouldn’t all the girls have to commit suicide in despair?”

… How is it my fault that I’m so beautiful?!

At this point, I was about done with this airhead so I decided to change the topic. “That’s enough out of you. Can’t you see that I’m busy showing of– I mean, we are having an important discussion right now.”

“Oh. My apologies, I was just too excited so I did not see you talking just now. I’ll get out of your way then.” Thankfully, Dioh, while a complete airhead, still had the courtesy to know that he had interrupted something important so he quickly stepped to the side.

Alright, that’s that guy settled. Now, back to the show… Hold on, why is everyone giving me such a strange look all of a sudden? And what’s with that horrible attempt at holding back a laugh? Weren’t they all awed by me?!

I swept my eyes across the room to where that silly potato Dioh was and found the crux of the problem… That brat… he turned my grand introduction into a blasted comedy skit… Fudge! Do you think I’m a lousy late night comedian or something? I’m the man who will one day become the Devil King!

Unfortunately, whatever atmosphere I had built up with my entrance was all completely ruined by Dioh’s interruption. Everyone present only had a strange look to give me as they waited for me to continue.

“Lady Mo Ke, didn’t you have something to say?” Realising that the atmosphere was rather awkward as well, Dioh promptly stepped in to remind me of his annoying existence. “Don’t worry, everyone is listening. Please, let’s have a round of applause for Lady Mo Ke. Woooo!”

Clap… clap… clap… A wave of clapping started to fill the air under the guidance of Dioh. However, those clapping only had a bemused look on their faces while I had the face of someone who was out for blood… truly…

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