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Chapter 473: Young and Younger

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library


“Little brother, you can shove whatever you want down your throat, but you can’t spew whatever you want out of it.” Just when I thought I had latched onto the crux of the problem, Ferti’nier suddenly interrupted me. “Your big sis won’t try to harm you, believe her.”

She’s not wrong there. We are two souls in one body; if I die, she dies as well. But isn’t her hobby messing with me as well? Turning my body into one that is neither male nor female, and laughing at the whole situation from the sidelines, isn’t that just the perfect setup for her?

So it is her fault!

“Your big sis has already said it’s not her fault, she’s innocent.” Realising that her words weren’t having the effect she’d hope for, she rushed out to explain herself once more. “When Yi Yi decided to throw you into the Blood Sea, she had no mana at all. It was all thanks to your big sis that the dimensional barriers were even broken. Your big sis was originally an incomplete soul to begin with, she could only exist within the confines of the Chaos Crystal… you have no idea how hard your big sis tried in order to transport you to the Blood Sea. She could only fall into a dormant state after expanding all that mana…”

She does make a fair point… And if she were to really deny it all the way, there’s nothing I can do as well. Fine… I’ll let her off the hook this time.

“And the Faith Power?”

‘It’s yours. It’s all yours, happy now?’

“Heheh, our little brother is the best. Once your big sis over here gets her body back, she will definitely find a way to return our little brother’s manhood.”

‘Alright, alright. It’s not like my body won’t automatically regain its manhood once you leave. If you really want to repay my generosity, you need to find another way instead.’

“Deal. Your big sis is a Devil of her word.”

As my little banter with Ferti’nier came to a close, several young ladies came in bearing platters of food. For the most part, they held steaks, a variety of poultry and fish, and finally some pastries -your typical western meal.

To be honest, I did not dislike this style of food, I just wished there were also more oriental options.

Since its inception, the Demoness Abode had always made it its mission to provide refuge for homeless women, girls, abandoned infants and those forced into servitude.

As of right now, the members of Demoness Abode had already crossed the three hundred mark. All the gold we had salvaged from that scumbag Duran had all been invested into the infrastructure of the Demoness Abode. Naturally, the Abode couldn’t just survive on brick and mortar, so Ancarin began brewing potions to trade with Plateau Village.

Before Ancarin had become a Mage apprentice, she was a certified physician whose job was to tend to the ordinary folk. It wasn’t a very prestigious occupation in a world of magic and swords, but for the ordinary folk who needed them, physicians were highly respected. As for why they did not just seek out Priests, they just did not have the money to afford one.

Ancarin had kept all of Duran’s books, from which she combined her medical knowledge and those of alchemy to create some basic potions to treat ailments. These potions were then traded to the outside world via Plateau Village, gaining her huge sums of money in the process.

In a lot of ways, Plateau Village was able to prosper so quickly because of her unique potions.

While Ancarin was busy brewing potions, Regine wasn’t idle either. She had entered an Assassin’s guild and was often travelling the world. As she embarked on missions, she would always keep an eye out for those who needed help and bring the women and children back to Plateau Village.

Thanks to her efforts, the amount of street urchins in the cities had decreased noticeably. The boys whom she rescued would be left in Plateau Village where they would train to become Warriors. The girls would be sent to Demoness Abode where they would be groomed into my Demonesses.

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Because I wasn’t fully aware of the existence of the Demoness Abode, plus I did not have the attention to spare towards it anyway, Ancarin and Regine were the only true Demonesses in this place. The rest of the rescued women and girls were all just normal people who worshipped me.

Being Demonesses under my patronage, Ancarin and Regine did not receive much benefits initially. But ever since I evolved into a Fallen Angel, my noble bloodline had borne fruits for them. Both of their combat strengths had soared as a result, making them both Six-star… while I was still a measly Five-star… cough…

What I needed to do right now was to formally establish my worship in the Demoness Abode; I needed to let them know who it was they were worshipping. Following which, I would bless them with greater strength and our relationship would be formalised. The next step would then be to erect a statue of myself for the future residents to pray to.

As long as they were sincere in their worship, these newcomer Demonesses would be recognized by the statue and become a fully-fledged Demoness.

Before I arrived in the Demoness Abode, the women and children only had my broken horn to pray to. Even though it was possible to treat that as a medium to channel Faith Power, it wasn’t a likeness of me. Without a concrete image to worship, the resulting Faith Power would often get obstructed; a statue was absolutely necessary.

“Oh right. Mo Ning, my steed, requires food as well, have you sent her some?”

In the midst of our meal, I suddenly remembered that Mo Ning hadn’t eaten as well.

“We have. The best beans we could find.” Ancarin smiled as she answered. “I’m sure our master’s steed is no ordinary horse either.”

“Mhm, she’s one of my hidden trump cards.” Without a doubt, a Nightmare Steed was clearly a powerful weapon of mine. But given that Mo Ning had only fed on meat and souls in the past, would beans even be able to satisfy her? After giving it some thought, I decided to at least make sure she enjoyed some benefits as well. “How about this, she will eat whatever we eat from now on, and some eggs as well.”

“Understood. I’ll see to it that’s done right away.”

Roughly half an hour later, the door to the Abode opened up to reveal Regine, dressed in a cute blue dress and hair still slightly wet from her bath. She immediately spotted me and Ancarin chatting idly, at which point her lips broke into a smile and her eyes started to water.

Ever a frosty beauty, a smile from Regine was both a rarity and a sight to behold. At the side, the girls waiting on us couldn’t help but stare at her for a moment. Even though none of them said it, they were all probably shocked their Vice-leader could even smile. Perhaps the world was ending soon?


A slight fragrance wafting in the wind behind her, Regine swiftly plopped herself down onto my lap and snugly settled herself in. At this distance, the scent of her body, mixed with the freshness of a recent bath, creeped into my nose. I subconsciously wrapped my arms around her then gently whispered, “I’m home, Regine.”

“Welcome… home… master…”

I just knew Regine would never hate me. Who was the one who said I scared off Regine? Stand up right now and I promise I won’t hit you!

“Master seems very welcome here.” Jezsere commented as she nibbled on a small piece of bread while seated between Reyage and Zurnalin. Her eyes had never once strayed from Regine and I, watching our every move with interest, but not with jealousy -as if our resident timid girl was even capable of such negative emotions to begin with!

“Blast… there’s another one now…” Zurnalin had to forcefully suppress her desire to come in between Regine and me right this very instant. Being my bodyguard, she could only channel her inner jealousy into rage. A rage that she took out on the steak laying before her which she now named Regine…

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Our cool boy, Reyage, merely furrowed his brows a little but said nothing.

While I was busy catching up with Regine, Ancarin left the room for a brief moment, finally returning with a couple of kids in her arms.

“Master, these are my children. This is Nari and Hayley.” Ancarin took this opportunity to introduce the two girls of three and four years of age. She then gently told them, “This here is our master, you have to address him as master from now on as well.”

“Master.” The wolf-eared and wolf-tailed Hayley greeted me first with a clarion voice. Looking at the serious look on her face as she said that, I was immediately reminded of a miniature Regine… What’s the term for this again? A kid that keeps trying to act like an adult… gap moe!

“Mastahh~~” Next to greet me was a slightly nasally voice that wasn’t as clear as Hayley’s. However, the way Nari waved at me while saying that was the very definition of adorable…

“Mhm, hello to you two too…” Is that all I have to say to these two fine specimens…

Nari wiggled about in Ancarin’s arms for a second then flashed me a smile that must have descended from the heavens themselves. “Mastah, I’m Nari, the big sister.”

At that, I immediately saw Hayley wiggle her tail and ears in dissatisfaction. She began waving her hands about then sternly said, “Wrong. I’m the big sister!”

“Nari is the big sister here. She’s older than Hayley by one minute.”

“But Hayley is the one who came out first!”

“Mastah, it’s Nari who came out first, right?”

“Master, I’m the older one here, I’m the big sister!”

Hmm? How did I get dragged into this mess… still… they are just too adorable!

I know I said I like them young in the past, but you know what, I like them furry too!

“Mastah, mastah, since Nari is the bigger sister here, then Nari just has to let her younger sister have the honor of marrying you.” Nari batted her eyes at me then. “Mastah is okay with that, right?”

“Why am I the only one marrying?” Hayley immediately voiced her objection. “I thought we said we would both marry together.”

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