67 Day Before the Festival

Thus, the party decided to walk around the city without any particular goal in mind.

They saw banners and posters about slime festival on every corner.

There were kids wearing slime masks running around, as well as slime manju sold in the stalls. The festive mood completely took over despite it being only a day before the actual festival.

munchmunch ……tasty!」

Eclipse jumped in joy after she’s got to taste one.

By the way, slime manju is a white slime-shaped manju. There is no actual slime used in its production.


「You barely avoided cannibalism, Punigami」


A slime manju inside Punigami gradually melted away.

Other slimes around them also ate those, not only Punigami.

Iris also had her own share.

There was cheese inside. A sudden but welcome surprise.

「Oh? What a beautiful slime. Is it yours?」

A sudden stranger initiated the conversation out of nowhere. The man had a green slime by his side, which identified him as a slime tamer.

His gentle expression gave off no malice. He seemed purely interested in Punigami.

Still, knowing that wasn’t enough to prevent Iris from feeling nervous.

「Eh, ah, yes, it’s my shlime…..awawawa」

「I see. Are you participating in the slime sumo?」

「Awawawa, awawawawa」

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She only wanted to acknowledge his praise, but her tongue refused to roll in her mouth.

However, her eyes spun just fine.

「You can’t even handle trivial conversations? Sorry, this child is prone to feel nervous. We are intending to participate. What about you?」

「Indeed. This time around, we will defeat Puniqueen and claim the champion title. You slime looks quite strong too. Let’s have an honest fight if we ever run into each other. Until then」

The man and the green slime disappeared into the crowd.

「Hiee…..that was intense…..」

「You are a total wreck. It’s embarrassing for us to be near」

「Even if you say that……he was a total stranger…..he was even a man…….Never leave my side, Marion. Your task is to intercept any conversations」

「D-Don’t ask for impossible! But…..yeah. Even if it’s impossible, I’ll try to stay close as much as possible……!」

「T-Thank you!」

Impressed by her reliability, Iris subconsciously hugged her.

「W-W-Wait! Don’t cling to me in public!」

「Ah, sorry….」

Realizing the extent of her actions, she hurriedly let go and clung to Punigami instead.


「Are you scary alone? It’s alright. I’m also here for you~」

「No ja! So is This Mistress! Fret not!」

「Fufufu. I’m also here, Iris-sama. As the Silverlight Baroness, I know how to handle deities!」

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「Oh my. In that case, I’ll also do my best as everyone’s mother」

「You are my mother only!」

Marion latched on Jessica in panic.

「You want both Iris and me for your exclusive use, Marion? How greedy of you」

「Exclusivity is inappropriate!」

「Right~ Marion is too spoiled~」

「Me!? No way that’s true!」

Marion shook her head and immediately denied the accusation.

However, Iris didn’t feel like defending her in this situation.

In the first place, the chain of events resulting in dragons settling in the village started from Marion losing to Iris and going home to cry to her mother.

Which only served to prove she’s spoiled.

「It’s nice for Marion……she has an actual mother」

Iris muttered to herself.

Iris and Eclipse are both biological weapons manufactured in a capsule. They have no mother. Although they have the father back on Kurifot continent, there isn’t much parenting being done.

Sheryl’s parents divorced a long time ago. She hasn’t been able to meet her mother for quite some time, while her father has already passed away.

As for Muriel, she is a deity born of people’s sentiments, she had no parents since the very beginning.

In that regard, only Marion has the luxury of staying by her mother’s side.

Iris felt a sudden surge of jealousy towards Marion.

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「Uu…….fine! I allow you to be spoiled by mother too!」

As Marion became aware of her position, she begrudgingly agreed.

However, when it comes to being spoiled, it is actually quite embarrassing to perform.

For starters, Iris tried clinging to Jessica.


Jessica happily patted her head.

「Yay, me too!~」

「No ja」

「Me as well!」

「Ara~ So many daughters I’m surrounded from all sides~」

Jessica put her hand on her cheeks while not looking inconvenienced in the slightest.


「Eh, you want to join too?……Then I’ll join too!」

「Ah, all of you together are a bit too much for me…….I’m going to get crushed」

Surrounded from all sides, Jessica displayed her weak side.

However, that was fun in its own way.


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