68 Puniqueen Cafe

After having a manju each, the group embarked to find a place to eat.

Sheryl used her supreme social power to ask the passerby for recommendations.

「Apparently there is a place called Puniqueen Cafe that is both cheat and delicious! It’s right the next street!」

「Sheryl……I’m impressed with your social skills…….」

「Eh? It’s simple. Everyone can do this much except you, Iris-sama」

She answered with a straight face.

This sharp comment made Iris’ shoulders droop.

While completely true, she didn’t feel too great about it.

「You should hurry up and fix your sociophobia」

「Talking is fun, why is it so hard for you?~」

There came another two hits from Muriel and Eclipse.

Life is suffering.

However, a rescue ship appeared from an unexpected direction.

「Oh, I might be barely brave enough to capture some complete strangers and ask for a nice restaurant……」

Marion spoke while deep in thought and Jessica nodded in acknowledgment.

「Even though it would be fine to speak casually, it’s hard to ask strangers out of nowhere」

「Is that so?」

Sheryl tilted her head mystified.

「It’s plain and simple. There is nothing to hesitate about」

「Marion and Jessica are secretly asocial?~」

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Muriel and Eclipse said as they assumed caring smiles.

They didn’t try to poke a sore spot, but instead honestly thought so.

Carefree characters are to be feared, Iris trembled in fear.

「Compared to you three we might indeed be somewhat asocial」

「Mom, don’t use them as a reference point! I’m absolutely sure we are the normal ones!」

Marion answered in force.


If those two are normal, this means Iris herself is normal.

「Comrades! Normies Alliance!」

Iris stood between Marion and Jessica as she made a declaration.


「W-What about it? I’m on the normal side! Are you implying that you can easily ask strangers yourself?!」


「Ah……..I forgot, no one understands what you’re saying anyway…….welcome to the Normies Alliance!」

「Hold your horses. It makes sense for Punigami to belong to the Normies Alliance. But you aren’t the case. You’ll go awawaing long before you can ask for a restaurant」

Marion unleashed a sharp retort.

「But even Punigami can only 『punipuni』!」

「That’s beyond his control!」

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「Why…..because he’s a slime that’s why!」

「This is beyond my control too! I’m a shut-in! That’s normal! Normies Alliance!」

「…….Mm? Is it though……?」

Marion thought with her hands interlocked.

Iris for the win.

Flawless victory through overwhelming momentum!

From now on, Iris is normal.

Or so she thought….

「One way or another, your shut-in disposition is a fact. Not something to be proud of」

Marion briefly summarized the conversation.

The argument struck right into Iris’ heart.


As it was super effective, Iris immediately, collapsed on top of Punigami.


「You’re such a bother」Punigami grumbled.

However, Iris didn’t have the will to walk, so she stayed in place.


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Can’t be helped, he muttered and chose not to mind it.

Punigami is always the most reliable.

「Here it is! Here it is! Puniqueen Cafe!」

Sheryl shouted as she pointed at the signboard.

It had a spacious storefront, with about fifty customers already inside.

There was a substantial queue outside the place.

Perhaps it’s just that great of a place.

「Hearing its name I imagined something more humble…..an impressive establishment」

Sheryl nodded deeply impressed.

「There is a black slime depicted on the signboard. Looks strong」

「But Punigami is much more adorable. What is Puniqueen by the way?」

「Come to think of it, didn’t that man say he was going to defeat Puniqueen?…….I think we can learn more once inside!」

Sheryl clenched her fist in excitement.

「Mm? Not going to ask around for hints? Any employee should know a thing or two」

Iris casually asked.

「Non-non-non. Naive, Iris-sama! They’ll probably say something like『This is a cafe, not an information shop, little lady』. So let’s order a lot and eat a lot. This should loosen their tongues!」

「Fufu. Did you perhaps read one too many novels recently, Sheryl-chan?」


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As they spent time in silly conversations, it was finally their turn.

「A table for six and one slime. Am I correct?」


「Then please follow me to your seats」


As expected of the Holy Ground for slime tamers.

A conversation was somehow established between him and the employee.


Upon arrival, Punigami hopped on the deepest chair.

Iris sat next to him, and Marion next to her.

「Let’s look at the menu」

「Everything sound tasty. I want everything」

「That’s a bit too greedy. You won’t be able to eat all of it anyway」

「Unfortunate. But I’ll still eat as much as I can~」

「So is This Mistress!」

Muriel and Eclipse eagerly looked through the menu while letting out「pizza 」 or「hamburger」 on occasion.

「What do you want, Punigami?」


「Eh? Separate slime menu? Ah, I see, Slislan never fails to impress」

There was a slime exclusive section on the menu.

Apparently, it was developed by a top breeder with optimal temperature and nutrition value in mind.

「Emm, slime-only roasted ginger set, slime-only omelet, slime-only stew. Slime-only udon!? The ways of Wagaka village spread far and wide…….」


「You want the slime udon? Then I’ll take the human udon」

Everyone ordered whatever they wanted. All that was left is to wait for them to be done.

Looking around the store, they saw many customers with their slimes.

Some of them hugged their slimes in front of them.

Iris tried imitating them by putting him on her lap and playing around.


「What was that for?」

「You know, too much free time」

「Sure. Don’t mind if I join」


Touched by them both, Punigami let out a voice of pleasure.

「You seem to be having fun. This Mistress shall join the fondling!」

「Me too~」

「Don’t mind if I do!」

Muriel, Eclipse, and Sheryl, who were across the table, bent over and stretched their hands Punigami’s direction.


Apparently, five people was a bit too much for him to handle, so he started complaining.

Jessica「Arara, ufufu」watched their antics from the side.

Is the food still not ready? They continued the fondling as they thought such.

In such a peaceful environment, there was a sudden angry outburst.

「My slime’s softness is unparalleled!」

「No, my slime is definitely softer!」

Looking closely, they saw two men angry glaring at each other and arguing.

The argument then escalated one step further as they grabbed on each other’s clothes.

「Wanna do it, huh!?」

「Yeah, you’re in for it!」

One step and it would be a fight.

The whole cafe stirred.

「Just when everyone is having a good time. Those guys have no manners」

「They look kind of drunk」

「Fights are no good. Gotta stop it~」

A sudden fight would indeed be bad. For the appetite.

However, Iris isn’t equipped with communication ability great enough to intervene.

Sheryl is the best in that regard, but she lacks in the strength department.

Muriel and Eclipse aren’t intimidating enough.

Jessica is a bit too nonchalant. She’ll twist their arms with a harmless smile on her face. Which is rather scary.

That means…..

「Marion. Good luck」

「Me!? I might as well…..」

Perhaps because she arrived at the same conclusion, Marion was about to reluctantly get up from her seat.

However, before that even happened.

A black slime jumped out of the kitchen and smashed into the two.



Both of them dramatically faceplanted into the table.

Their faces covered in soup, which looked rather hot.

However, the black slime took all of Iris’ attention and their fate didn’t register in her mind.

The reason being, the black slime looked exactly like the one on the signboard.

「Hmm. You sure have guts to be noisy in Puniqueen cafe. Forget about the payment and get out. People like you aren’t customers」

A blonde girl appeared out of the kitchen the next second.

She was in her mid-teens about the same as Cindy.

「Y-You’re the champion!」

「You think you can get away with hitting customers!?」

「As I’ve said, you aren’t customers. I’ll throw you out by force. Do it, Puniqueen」


The slime’s “eyes” glowed red greatly intimidating the men.

「Chi…..even Puniqueen won’t prevail two-on-one! Go, Slikichi!」

「Defeat Puniqueen, Slilis! We are the new champions!」

Their slimes pounced on the black slime.

Two-on-one is cowardly.


While Iris stayed silent, Punigami rushed to aid the black slime.

However, the worry was unnecessary.

The black slime easily sent them flying.

The two flew straight into their partner’s faces, which resulted in all of them rolling out of the cafe.

「This black slime is amazing…..maybe even stronger than Marion!」

「No, that’s too big of an exaggeration! However…..that speed and power is beyond any slime I’ve seen」

As Iris and the rest were busy admiring the slime’s strength, cheers rose within the audience.

「As expected of Punqueen, the champion of three consecutive years!」

「Win this time as well, champion! I’m your fan!」

「Puniqueen! Your dark vibes are the greatest!」

Apparently, the blonde girl and the black slime were a celebrity to those people.

According to them, they were the pair is the slime sumo champion.

For three years in a row.


Despite rushing to help, Punigami didn’t even get his turn and felt very depressed.

「……What? Want to try too?」

The blonde girl called champion glared at Punigami.


Punigami desperately denied the accusation.

「……Okay. Good for you」

Having said so, the girl went back to the kitchen.

「Puin, puin」

The black slime followed after.

The audience sent them off with grand ovation.

「Champion! Champion! Champion!」

「Puniqueen! Puniqueen! Puniqueen!」

She was awfully popular.

Cindy wasn’t wrong when she said that powerful slimes gather everyone’s respect.

However, Iris heard something this very champion muttered to herself.


Just her talking to herself.

Not intended to be overheard,

However, Iris’ transcendental hearing managed to pick it up.

Why does she sound so distant amidst the constant praise?

Perhaps she’s the same as Iris and hates to draw attention to herself.

However, that didn’t seem to be the case.

Perhaps Cindy knows a thing or two.

Let’s ask the next time we meet.


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