66 Room Scramble

「Fufufu. Actually, this hotel is owned by my family!」

「Really? Did you perhaps wanted to contribute to your family’s fortune?」

「You are wrong! I won’t take your money! I’m actually making sacrifices!」

「I-Is that so…….I apologize…..」

「Don’t worry about that! I have three rooms prepared for you, two in each room. Let’s go inside!」


Cindy and Punyobaron went through the revolving door.

Following after her, the group saw the lobby furnished with a red carpet.

There was various high-quality furniture around them.

In the middle of this lobby, there was a statue of a pink slime.


The moment Iris asked that


Punyobaron stood next to the statue trying to show off.

「It looks very much alike. You won’t be able to tell the difference from afar!」


Punigami seems jealous. Never took him as a type that wanted a statue.

Stone is impossible, but I might be able to make something out of clay, thought Iris.

「Oh? There is 『Punyobaron, one of the Four Heavenly Kings』inscribed below. What is this all about?」

Sheryl tilted her head.

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Which caused Cindy and Punyobaron to assume smug expressions.

「Well asked! This city is the holy land of slime tamers! There are about a hundred slime tamers living here at all times! Those who aren’t slime tamers also like them a lot! Four strongest slimes acknowledged by the public as such……..are the Four Heavenly Kings!」


「I see! That’s amazing! The statue is a kind of award, right!?」

「Not at all. People like to stay in the same place as one of the heavenly kings, my dad made it to promote our hotel!」

「Ah, I see…..what an admirable commercial spirit!」

「I’m honored!」


Punyobaron wobbled in response. Since the statue didn’t move it was easy to distinguish between the two.

「Mm? Punigami defeated him though. Does that mean he’s stronger than the heavenly kings?」

Marion asked as she fondled Punigami with her hands.

「No such thing! The last battle was only meant to be a test for Punigami-san! Punyobaron isn’t so easily bested! Right, Punyobaron?」





「I won’t lose」 「I won’t lose either」they argued.

Only Iris could understand the precise wording, but everyone still understood the sentiment.

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Seeing the two slimes intensely glaring at each other, everyone assumed tense expressions.

「Aah! Aren’t slimes adorable!? They are wonderful! They make you want to lick them!」

Cindy screamed as she swayed left and right.

「Indeed…..no one licks anyone!」

「I thought Iris-san of anyone would understand me……」

Cindy easily had her expectations crushed.

While Iris was disappointed because of her expecting something like that in the first place.

「Well, everyone loves slimes in their own way. Anyway, let me guide you to your rooms. Follow me!」

They went up the stairs after Cindy.

Their rooms were on the fourth floor.

「Nice view!」

Sheryl immediately entered the first room and opened the window to intake the scenery of the city.

Peeking from the side, Iris saw a clock tower and a square with a fountain.

Rather impressively beautiful.

And many slimes all around.

「This room and the rooms at your sides are yours. About meals though…..I must apologize. Meals will be charged separately. You’ll have to settle with our dining hall or a nearby restaurant」

「It’s nothing much since we are staying here for free. No need to apologize」

Jessica nonchalantly said as she touched her cheek.

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「I appreciate that. It was difficult to convince the mother and father to let you stay for free……Punigami-san will achieve great things in slime sumo no doubt. Then we can advertise that we had a champion staying here! Or so I argued and somehow succeeded!」

「Champion…..if it’s Punigami he can certainly do it!」



「Puni! Punin!」


「I’m the champion!」the argument escalated even further.

So lovable you might want to lick them……no no, what am I thinking about? Iris shook her head with force.

Cindy’s infection isn’t to be underestimated.

「Well them, it’s time for me to depart!」


After the two left, the remaining people decided to discuss the room arrangement.

「I want to be in one room with Iris~」

「Sure. Eclipse and I are in the same room」

A natural development for sisters.

「Then it’s me and Marion, Sheryl and Muriel. Is everyone fine with that?」

A reasonable combination.

「Punigami is my and Eclipse’s hugging pillow as usual」

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Punigami bounced in agreement.

Now then.

Since the important stuff had been decided, it was time to laze about.

But the moment Iris was about to suggest that.

Marion preemptively raised her hand.

「T-This arrangement is rather dull……I’ve come all the way here, so how about changing some things?」

「Noja? What are you suggesting?」

「Emm……like me and Iris……?」

「No ja……..can’t you just honestly admit that you want to be in the same room as Iris without going around in circles?」

「Right. You should’ve said as such long ago. Why can’t you be honest?」

Sheryl said in exasperation.

「Arara. I’ve been negligent in your education. Well, not that I mind the result. Ufufu」

Jessica seemed happy for some reason.

「Mm? You want to take Iris? Unfair」

「Eclipse-chan. You are always monopolizing Iris-sama by yourself. Let’s be magnanimous for the duration of our stay here」

「Un. Alright. Marion really likes Iris after all. You can have this one~」

「T-Thank you….!」

Said Marion with her whole face a deep shade of red.

「W-Wait a second. Don’t casually advance the conversation without my input!」

「N? You don’t want to?」

「I don’t mind……I don’t mind but….」

「Then this room is for big sis Iris and Marion. Where should I go?~」

The room allocation debate entered its second phase.

Marion and Iris, who were left behind at this point, silently gazed at each other.

Marion’s redness spread all the way down her neck.

Most likely, Iris herself was exactly the same.

「Emm, best regards…….」Iris

「Ah, yes. Best regards……」Marion

「Punini」And Punigami.

It’s only about friends sharing a room, but how did it come to this?

Even if the subject was herself, Iris had no clue.

Maybe she caught a cold?

「This Mistress and Jessica. Eclipse and Sheryl. With that out of the way, let’s go out and play」

「Ah, wait. We might’ve caught a cold…..」

Marion said as she squirmed in place.

「Noja? Your whole face is red!」

「It’s alright, Muriel-chan. They are perfectly fine. Just embarrassed」

「I see. As expected of the mother. Mama Jessica sees through anything」

「Leaving the fun parts for the night, let’s go out somewhere. Starting from dinner!」

「Hey, Sheryl. Can I have some chocolate before dinner?」

「Sure, here you go」

「Yay munchmunch…..delicious」

Eclipse left the room with Sheryl as she munched on her chocolate.

Muriel and Jessica followed right after.


Punigami pushed Iris and Marion out without any considerations.

He pushed so hard, they almost sunk into him.

Iris and Marion quickly embraced each other due to surprise.

As a result, the turned red from head to toe like never before.

「Punipuni! Puninini!」

「I don’t like hor things and you know it. You are both scalding! Sit up at least!」Punigami complained.

However, both Iris and Marion couldn’t do much on their own will at that point.


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