65 The City of Slislan

According to the flyer.

The Slime Festival has a history of more than a hundred years.

It lasts for three days and attracts many slime tamers.

There are other festivals for monster tamers, like Goblin Festival, Zombie, Festival, or Mongolian Death Worm Festival. However, the Slime Festival is the biggest of them all.

On the side note, the Dragon Festival is the smallest of all.

It was held once about fifty years ago, but, since they couldn’t gather even three participants, they had to give up on hosting another one.

「Huh? For an honorable dragon to befriend a human……isn’t unthinkable」

Marion was about to complain but turned back mid-sentence.

「Why were there so little participants?」

「Probably because it’s hard to make a dragon obey. We generally refuse to follow those weaker than us」

Muriel seemed convinced by Jessica’s explanation.

Speaking of which, Marion and Jessica only settled in the village after their defeat at the hands of Iris.

「The city of Slislan is about a week’s journey away. However, we have dragons! Marion-san, Jessica-san, please!」

「Haa……..you are definitely treating us as mounts……」

「Fufu. You might have what it takes to become a dragon tamer」

A day before the festival.

Iris and the rest headed towards Slislan on Marion and Jessica’s backs.

They landed some distance away from the city in the evening and proceeded on foot.

Because people tend to be freaked out by dragons above their heads.

Despite both being monsters, people are strangely fine around slimes.

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Perhaps the Dragon Festival was canceled not only because of the lack of participants but also because of lack of the proper venue.

There is an option of having dragons move around in their human forms, but that won’t be much of a dragon festival.

「Amazing. Everyone is in a festive mood!」

「Look, look. So many slimes. Amazing~」

As Muriel and Eclipse said, they encountered a slime the moment they entered the city.

Green and yellow. White and black. Their size ranging from watermelon to that above Punigami.

Each slime had a human accompanying it. Mysteriously, no one around them considered this scenery unusual.

It wouldn’t have been surprising had they started discussing slimes all of a sudden.

「T-That’s bad……they’ll try to talk to me……what should I do?!」

Iris muttered as she rolled on top of Punigami.

Fondling Punigami was the only way she could calm down a little.

「Can’t you just talk about Punigami?」

Marion says as if it’s natural.

「Talking about Punigami…..but I don’t even know what slime tamers usually talk about!」

「Just follow the flow」

「H-How do you do that!?」

「If someone compliments your slime’s color compliment back or something like that」

「I-Isn’t it too advanced for me?!」

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「It’s not particularly advanced……but it’s you we are talking about」

「Hieeee……I wanna go home」

「It’s alright! You can do it!」

「Really? I’m feeling insecure so let’s practice……with Eclipse. Try talking to me as if you are a slime tamer」

「Okay~. Muriel is my slime then」

「This Mistress!? That is not an easy task」

With a light step, Eclipse moved in front Iris and Punigami.

Muriel tried to imitate Punigami’s voice from behind her, but it was hard to tell how similar it was.

「You have a pretty slime~」

「T-Thanks. Your slime is rather nice too……」

「Right?~ You can call her Nojapuni. Say hi, Nojapuni」

「Pu-Punii……na no ja」

「Y-You’re so polite……my slime is called Punigami…..」

Despite talking with her little sister, Iris was strangely tense.

「Punigami? He looks tasty. Can I have a lick?」

「Y-Yes? What are you talking about?」

「It’ll be over in a moment lick


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Punigami struggled to escape the sudden tingly sensation.

「No ja! You shouldn’t do something like this! You’ll turn into a pervert!」

「Eh? I am pretending to be a slime tamer. Cindy licked Punigami before. I’m simply imitating」

「She did indeed do something along those lines……but doesn’t mean you should go that far!」

Muriel grabbed Eclipse and pried her of Punigami.

Which made her rather sulky.

「Look around, Eclipse-chan. There are so many slime tamers but no one does that」

Having heard Jessica, Eclipse briefly surveyed her surroundings.

「They don’t~」

「Right? Normal slime tamers don’t lick their slimes. Cindy must’ve been a special kind of pervert. You don’t want to become a pervert, right?」

「Don’t wanna. Won’t lick anymore~」

「Ufufu. Good girl」

Jessica patted her head.

Eclipse has been saved from turning into a pervert.

Cindy is a source of bad influence, Iris thought to herself.

If we happen to see her here, let’s avoid conversation at all costs.

The moment she thought that……

「Iris-san, Punigami-san! As well as the rest of you! Welcome to the city of Slislan!」

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Cindy and Punyobaron were running their way.

「What a coincidence」said Sheryl as she waved at them.

Eclipse wanted to wave too, but Iris immediately stopped her.

「Why? Why can’t I wave?」

「You should stay away from Cindy as much as possible. You’ll catch her perverseness!」

「Is it contagious? It’s not a cold though~」

「It does spread! Didn’t you lick Punigami a while ago?!」

「I won’t do that anymore. Have faith~」

「Uu…..don’t look at me with those innocent eyes of yours…….」

「Yay, You believe in me~」

Eclipse happily jumped and ran towards Cindy.

「Hey, Iris, is that okay? Cindy isn’t a bad person…..but she’s definitely a pervert!」

Marion muttered in worry.

「But……she says it’s okay…..」

「You are really weak to pressure. Well, even if it rubs off, Punigami would be the only one in danger」


「Noooo!」Punigami bellowed.

「It’s okay, Punigami. You can use magic now. You can just fight her if she ever tries to lick you again,」

「Puni? Puni!」

I see, that’s an option. Punigami was struck with a realization.

He apparently forgot Eclipse could extinguish his magical power.

Punigami was supposed to be levelheaded one, but the recent events put him on the edge.

「Cindy said she’ll introduce us to a hotel. Lucky~」

Eclipse returned in no time.

「I have a proper reservation too! After all, it’s hard to find decent accommodations in Slislan at the moment. Some slime tamers even have to stay in tents outside the city. Well, living in a tent is a lot of fun…..but I recommend this particular hotel! Follow me!」


Cindy beckoned Iris to follow her.

Punyobaron, being a slime, didn’t have any hands, so he morphed a part of his body to imitate the motion. He seemed rather skillful at it too.

「Such a considerate pervert」

「I would very much like to camp outside with others, but we didn’t bring any tools~~ A hotel is a lifesaver! Great idea for a lickorist pervert」1

Muriel and Sheryl expressed their questionable admiration.

Perhaps due to her deliberately selective hearing, Cindy puffed her chest in pride.

「We’ll take you up on that offer. Even so, how did you find us so quickly, Cindy-chan?」

「I’ve been visiting the entrance to the city many times! At one point I felt going back became rather bothersome, so I stayed in the nearby cafe and observed through the window! Then I finally saw you! What a coincidental coincidence!」

「Oh, I see….」

Even Jessica felt at a loss after her speech, as she stood there with a weird smile.

By the looks of it, it was more of an inevitability than coincidence. Or so one would retort, but since the person in question believed it was a coincidence, there was no need to disillusion her.

「Hey, big sis. If she was on the constant lookout for us does that mean……」

「Eclipse. Cindy wants to believe it was a coincidence. Let her be」

「Is that so? I don’t understand but okay~」

As they were having such a conversation, they finally reached the hotel.

A fine four-story building.


  1. Terrorist+lick, sounds awkward, I know.

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